Move your VMware and KVM applications to the cloud without making any changes

Introducing VCN Peering on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Ravello

Abhinav Gupta
Senior Director of Product Management, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

We are excited to announce the availability of Virtual Cloud Network (VCN) peering on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Ravello Service. VCN peering enables internal connectivity between Ravello based VMware VMs to OCI native PaaS and IaaS services.

Common Enterprise Scenario

Most enterprises run their multi-tier applications spread across VMware and physical hosts in their data-centers. As enterprises look to move these applications to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, they have multiple options:

  1. Keep all the application tiers (web, app, database) virtualized
  2. Keep web, app tiers virtualized and utilize PaaS (e.g. Database Cloud Service) for Database
  3. Keep web, app tiers virtualized and run Database on bare metal compute for higher performance

In all these scenarios, security, low latency and reliable connectivity between the web, app and database tiers is a key need.

VCN Peering to Rescue

Ravello enables enterprises to move their VMware applications to OCI 'as-is' without any modifications—saving them time, effort and costs. With VCN peering now available on Ravello, enterprises can utilize OCI’s high throughput, low latency network to connect their VMware VMs on Ravello to OCI native PaaS (DBCS) or IaaS (bare metal compute or virtual machines) services to utilize any of the flexible deployment options that meets their unique technical and operational needs.

Interested in trying VCN Peering? Sign up for a free Ravello trial, and follow these instructions to set it up on your account.

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