Move your VMware and KVM applications to the cloud without making any changes

Evangelize products effectively with the Ravello Training Platform

Enterprises and Independent Software Vendors rely on training to evangelize products among customers and partners as well as to equip their sales force with the knowledge to help sell more efficiently.

Conducting training usually involves significant setup overhead and preparation. Organizations have to either contend with a sub-optimal training experience due to high latencies caused by accessing its own datacenters or have to undergo a potential logistical nightmare of shipping hardware to the training location and setting it up. They also have to overprovision resources to accommodate unpredictable spikes in training demand by late registrants. Organizations that choose to leverage public clouds to overcome latency and scale issues have to refactor and re-network their applications in order to run it natively in the cloud. This results in sub-optimal training, as well as the training environment, is no longer representative of the actual product the organization is looking to evangelize.

Enter Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Ravello. Ravello is an overlay cloud service that allows enterprises and ISVs to run their virtualized VMware and KVM environments in the cloud without making any changes to the VMs, networking, or storage. It is the quickest and the most reliable way to move VMware and KVM workloads to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.

VMware VMs can run natively on Ravello, so no re-platforming is required. Layer 2 networking is supported on Ravello, so no re-networking is needed. Applications that use third-party virtual appliances can move them to the cloud, so no reconfiguration with their cloud variants is required. Further, organizations can benefit from significant cost savings by conducting training on Ravello.

In order to support training organizations, Ravello is proud to introduce the Ravello Training Platform. With Ravello’s new Training Platform, organizations can plan, manage, and conduct training and hands-on labs efficiently. The platform can be used to educate large crowds at conferences and also supports distributed organizations.

The Training Platform incorporates the benefits of Ravello such native VMware/KVM deployments and L2 networking and is fully integrated with the Ravello service. It enables organizations to create, customize, and manage Courses, Classes, and Student labs efficiently, and help deliver instructor-based and self-paced training. It is available to all Ravello customers at no additional cost. 


 Ravello Training Platform offers many advantages –

  • Students learn on exact replicas of feature-rich on-premises environments. 
  • Trainees get a 'local user experience' and don't have to deal with latency issues that are inherent to remote training
  • There is no training set up overhead and sessions can be easily moved between cloud regions.
  • Organizations can dynamically scale resources to accommodate late registrations without over-provisioning.


The following video outlines how the Ravello Training Platform can be used to deliver training.


Visit the OCI Ravello page to learn more and click here to get started for free. 

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