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  • October 11, 2014

Continuous Integration with AWS, Jenkins and Ravello Systems

Continuous Integration and Deployment (CI/CD) pipelines are being adopted using tools such as Jenkins. We recently published a detailed blog on continuous integration and deployment using Jenkins in a hybrid VMware and AWS environment. When their production applications are deployed on-premises, enterprises quickly find that they need more capacity and automation to spin up multiple test and integration environments in parallel.  By using Ravello for the integration and system tests phases, and leveraging the scalability and elasticity of Amazon Web Services for their infrastructure, users gain the agility their businesses need without the cost of growing a physical data center

The 3 way CI trade-off

There is an inherent 3-way trade-off for testing complex on-premises applications. Typically you can fully optimize just two:

  • Test feedback time
  • Test coverage
  • Cost of a test cycle

Optimal development and testing is bursty by nature

As projects get closer to release dates, invariably the need for environments increases. However, there is fixed capacity in the data center causing the request for test environments to get queued up. At this point either the project slips due to delayed test cycles or some tests are dropped leading to lower software quality.

On-demand dev & test environments are a must

The public cloud’s on-demand consumption model is ideal for this kind of bursty requirement. The challenge is that the many existing complex applications may be running on-premises and it might be difficult to create development and test environments for them in the cloud.

Ravello Systems’ nested virtualization technology allows you to clone your existing VMware based environments in AWS using one API call. Jenkins can easily trigger multiple of these test environments in AWS and run the automated tests in parallel. In fact you can also run Android CI in AWS using Ravello. You can try Ravello for two weeks for free if you are curious.

The full picture

  • Use a CI tool like Jenkins as the engine which drives the workflows.
  • Use the build flow plugin to define workflows with parallel job runs
  • Use Ravello for automated test infrastructure
  • To spin up your production clones on demand in AWS

Upcoming webinar: Continuous integration with AWS & Ravello

Amazon Web Services is hosting a live webinar on Oct 14th on the topic of continuous integration with AWS & Ravello, featuring how a customer, Deutsche Telekom, enhanced their testing process with this solution.

Register now to attend this live webinar on October 14 >>

Key take-aways from this webinar include:

  • Understand key considerations for running multi-tier applications in the cloud
  • Gain overview on how Continuous Integration and Deployment (CI/CD) pipelines are increasingly being adopted
  • Learn how Deutsche Telekom was able to overcome IT problems using the combined technologies of AWS and Ravello Systems


  • Kyle Lichtenberg, Solutions Architect, Amazon Web Services
  • Shruti Bhat, Director Product Marketing, Ravello Systems
  • Ram Akuka, Director of DevOps, Deutsche Telekom

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