Tuesday Dec 08, 2009

OpenSSO & Layer 7: End-to-End Web Services Security

Last week I recorded a new Identity Buzz Podcast with K. Scott Morrison, Layer 7 CTO & Chief Architect. We discussed the Sun OpenSSO Enterprise / Layer 7 SecureSpan Gateway integration. The combined Sun / Layer 7 solution offers a powerful one-two punch when trying to conquer web services security.

Essentially, the solution allows you to deploy SecureSpan as a policy enforcement point and OpenSSO as a Policy Decision Point when abstracting and centralizing authentication and authorization for your company's web services. The SecureSpan Gateway is a nice complement to OpenSSO because it inserts an abstraction layer between the web service requesters and web service endpoints in order to govern and secure their transactions. Rather than having to deploy a local agent to protect every web service you can implement a gateway that acts as a broker to all your services.

To learn more about this integration listen to our latest Identity Buzz Podcast on the topic.

Listen Now

You can also subscribe to the feed and get episodes automatically. Here’s the iTunes friendly link and the Feedburner feed. There is also a nice article describing the integration on the Sun Developer Network titled "Delegating XML Gateway Runtime Authorization to OpenSSO." Enjoy!

Tuesday Sep 22, 2009

Announcing New OpenSSO Community Lead -- Hubert Le Van Gong

I wanted to update you on the news last week about Pat Patterson (aka SuperPat) moving on from Sun and our search for a new community lead.

As you all now know, Pat has moved on from Sun and thus has stepped down as the OpenSSO community lead. I want to wish Pat the best of luck in his future endeavors. He is not only an icon among the OpenSSO world, but he is also a great friend. I jokingly told Pat on his last day that he is "now dead to me," but the truth is I will miss him dearly and look forward to pestering him lots in the future.

That said, I am very happy to announce that our new OpenSSO community lead is Hubert Le Van Gong. Hubert has a long history with OpenSSO. He is an identity architect at Sun with strong expertise in IdM protocols as well as RESTful web services. He started working with OpenSSO in the context of interoperability with the Microsoft-backed web services stack. True to Sun's tradition of eating its own dog food, he then helped deploy OpenSSO and its OpenID extension as an Identity Provider for Sun employees. More recently Hubert has been working on new OpenSSO extensions like OAuth and OpenID 2.0. Check out Hubert's blog to read about OpenSSO community activity and feel free to ping him via IRC. His IRC handle is hubertlvg.

In addition to Hubert, you can always contact me directly at daniel.raskin@sun.com or Jamie Nelson, the Director of OpenSSO Engineering, at jamie.nelson@sun.com. We are also on IRC and our handles are draskin and jamiefnelson, respectively.

Please join me in welcoming Hubert to his new role and start pinging away with questions!

Monday May 18, 2009

IDM and Virtual Desktop Infrastructure

Nice video by resident slacker / sales engineer Paul Walker on how the Sun Identity Management suite can complement Sun's Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI). The demo shows how Sun can provide the whole stack from the operating system, smartcards, SunRay thin client device, desktop delivery mechanism and Identity Management (IdM) to offer a complete and secure VDI solution. The products used in this demo include the following (in no particular order) . . .

\* Sun OpenSSO Enteprise
\* Sun Identity Manager
\* Sun Directory Server Enterprise Edition
\* SunRay Server
\* Sun Secure Global Desktop
\* Sun VirtualBox
\* Sun VDI
\* OpenSolaris 2008.11

Saturday Apr 18, 2009

Open Source Connectors for Sun Identity Manager

In our ever expanding effort to grow our open source identity community, Sun now has an open source initiative to support Sun Identity Manager. That's right, you heard it. Sun Identity Manager (IDM) has moved closer to the world of open source by launching the Identity Connectors Project, a new open-source alternative to Identity Manager's proprietary resource adapters.

The Identity Connector Project is an open source community focused solely on developing open source resource connectors to work with Sun Identity Manager. One of the biggest hurdles in the world of provisioning is keeping up with the endless cycle of new connectors needed to provision resources. The pipeline for creating new connectors is endless. The Identity Connectors Project eases this pain creating a strong community where Sun, system integrators, customers and even competitors can build open source connectors to work with Sun Identity Manager and other 3rd party products that choose to interoperate with the Identity Connector Framework.

Sign-up for the new project and begin contributing today!

Thursday Apr 16, 2009

New Sun Identity Management Website

Our Sun Identity Management website has a new look. Check it out at www.sun.com/identity.  Great job to all who pulled this together.

Spreading the Love Across Identity

Chief Muckity MuckIt's been a bit of a darkout period for me in the world of blogging, but I'm back now and better than ever.

My role has changed at Sun so I be focused more on talking about all of identity now rather than just OpenSSO. I'm now Chief Identity Strategist at Sun (Chief Muckity Muck?, Chief Slacker?) and I focus on the strategy for all of identity products -- Identity Manager, Role Manager, OpenSSO, Directory Server and OpenDS Standard Edition. Don't get me wrong . . .  OpenSSO is my baby and my favorite product of all, but I will now be spreading the love across the entire portfolio.

The part I struggled with most in writing this blog was how to communicate my new role without sounding like a total goof. I'm aware that titles that contain "Chief Anything" tend to lack humility and sound a little silly. So . . . feel free to let the jokes fly about my title (as the entire identity team has covered most of the jokes already). You can be assured, they will keep me humble. :-)

At any rate, stay tuned for more blogs from me on the world of Sun Identity and where it's headed.

Peace out!


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