Thursday Jan 14, 2010

Sun Webcast Series - Identity Manager and Role Manager Product Update

Register for this free Webinar to learn more about the latest identity administration advancements for Identity Manager and Role Manager, including:

\* One-click enablement of compliant provisioning
\* Integrated role assignment
\* Preventative, real-time segregation of duties (SoD) policy enforcement

Topic: Sun Webcast Series - Identity Manager and Role Manager Product Update
Date: Wednesday, January 20, 2010
Time: 10:00 am PT / 1:00 pm ET / 19.00 CET (check my timezone)
Duration: 1 hour
Speaker: Sun Product Manager Mat Hamlin

Friday Jan 08, 2010

Express Scripts Accelerates Provisioning by up to 64% with Sun Identity Management

On the customer front -- Express Scripts has deployed Sun's Identity Management Portfolio to implement a centralized identity management solution that automates provisioning for more than 100 systems based on an employee’s job function or operational role. The solution has created a centralized identity directory that maps multiple corporate identities on disparate systems that are each associated with a single employee.

Here's a link to the customer success story

You can also read more identity customer success stories here.

Tuesday Nov 24, 2009

Sun Directory Server Enterprise Edition 7 and Role Manager 5 Now Shipping!

I'm happy to announce that Sun Role Manager 5 and Sun Directory Server Enterprise Edition 7 are now shipping!

Sun Role Manager 5.0 is the latest release of Sun's Enterprise Role Management and Access Governance solution. In this release, Sun is extending it's leadership in the market by driving innovation that will allow companies to move beyond answering the simple question of “who has access to what?,” and make available the information necessary to intelligently govern the definition, assignment, and enforcement of access within an organization.

Sun Directory Server Enterprise Edition 7.0 allows companies to grow faster and easier. The new release focuses on two key areas – improving performance and lowering total cost of ownership. This release boasts a 3x performance improvement over the previous version of the product. In addition, this release provides hardware optimization with up to 60% improvement in authentications and modifications. This allows customers to accelerate their applications without changing a line of code.

If you would like a recap of what's new, check out our press release and updated Role Manager and Directory Server EE product pages below.

1) Read Sun Role Manager 5 / Directory Server 7 Press Release
2) Visit the Sun Role Manager Product Page
3) Visit the Sun Directory Server Enterprise Edition Product Page

Also, you can watch a recap of our launch webinar by just clicking on the video below.

Thursday Oct 22, 2009

Sun Webcast - Improve Compliance, Access Controls, and Performance

Below is a great webcast put on by Nick Wooler and Neil Gandhi from the Sun Identity team. They discuss all the great new things in Role Manager 5 and Directory Server Enterprise Edition 7. I'm always struck by the hypnotic power of Wooler's voice. I'm convinced he has a bright future in Books-on-Tape. Check it out!

Friday Oct 09, 2009

Bookmarks for October 9th 2009

Links for the day . . .

  • Sun Microsystems Releases New Versions of Role Manager and Directory Server Enterprise Edition -- Sun Microsystems, Inc. (NASDAQ: JAVA) today announced new versions of Sun™ Role Manager software and Sun™ Directory Server Enterprise Edition, offering organizations updated tools to intelligently manage their identity portfolio. Customers will benefit from increased business transparency and compliance, simplified access controls, as well as better performance and scalability.

  • The OpenSSO REST Interfaces in Black / White – DocTeger gives a comprehensive explanation of OpenSSO's REST-like identity services, with the usual cool music video at the end.
  • Monday May 18, 2009

    IDM and Virtual Desktop Infrastructure

    Nice video by resident slacker / sales engineer Paul Walker on how the Sun Identity Management suite can complement Sun's Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI). The demo shows how Sun can provide the whole stack from the operating system, smartcards, SunRay thin client device, desktop delivery mechanism and Identity Management (IdM) to offer a complete and secure VDI solution. The products used in this demo include the following (in no particular order) . . .

    \* Sun OpenSSO Enteprise
    \* Sun Identity Manager
    \* Sun Directory Server Enterprise Edition
    \* SunRay Server
    \* Sun Secure Global Desktop
    \* Sun VirtualBox
    \* Sun VDI
    \* OpenSolaris 2008.11

    Saturday Apr 18, 2009

    Open Source Connectors for Sun Identity Manager

    In our ever expanding effort to grow our open source identity community, Sun now has an open source initiative to support Sun Identity Manager. That's right, you heard it. Sun Identity Manager (IDM) has moved closer to the world of open source by launching the Identity Connectors Project, a new open-source alternative to Identity Manager's proprietary resource adapters.

    The Identity Connector Project is an open source community focused solely on developing open source resource connectors to work with Sun Identity Manager. One of the biggest hurdles in the world of provisioning is keeping up with the endless cycle of new connectors needed to provision resources. The pipeline for creating new connectors is endless. The Identity Connectors Project eases this pain creating a strong community where Sun, system integrators, customers and even competitors can build open source connectors to work with Sun Identity Manager and other 3rd party products that choose to interoperate with the Identity Connector Framework.

    Sign-up for the new project and begin contributing today!

    Thursday Apr 16, 2009

    New Sun Identity Management Website

    Our Sun Identity Management website has a new look. Check it out at  Great job to all who pulled this together.

    Spreading the Love Across Identity

    Chief Muckity MuckIt's been a bit of a darkout period for me in the world of blogging, but I'm back now and better than ever.

    My role has changed at Sun so I be focused more on talking about all of identity now rather than just OpenSSO. I'm now Chief Identity Strategist at Sun (Chief Muckity Muck?, Chief Slacker?) and I focus on the strategy for all of identity products -- Identity Manager, Role Manager, OpenSSO, Directory Server and OpenDS Standard Edition. Don't get me wrong . . .  OpenSSO is my baby and my favorite product of all, but I will now be spreading the love across the entire portfolio.

    The part I struggled with most in writing this blog was how to communicate my new role without sounding like a total goof. I'm aware that titles that contain "Chief Anything" tend to lack humility and sound a little silly. So . . . feel free to let the jokes fly about my title (as the entire identity team has covered most of the jokes already). You can be assured, they will keep me humble. :-)

    At any rate, stay tuned for more blogs from me on the world of Sun Identity and where it's headed.

    Peace out!


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