Friday Jul 25, 2008

OpenSSO Express Coverage

As you can see from the list of articles and blogs below, Sun's OpenSSO Express announcement caught a lot of eyes. We've been getting a lot of questions about the announcement and tremendous interest in the solution as an alternative to traditional approaches.

I think Redmonk's Michael Coté captured some of the key drivers and scenarios that initiatied our interest in creating this model.

"The idea is that companies can quicker access to new features in the OpenSSO build rather than waiting for the longer, full cycle. As a Sun watcher, I like this kind of thing because it’s a simple, straight forward implementation, if you will, of being an open source company. Developers are typically prone to download and start using open source components for projects, esp. small, “just trying this out, ooops, now it’s a big deal for us” types of projects. Providing support for scenarios like that - starting to use OpenSSO instead of Access Manager - is nice for both developers and operations people who have to support the end result."

A key factor to understand about the OpenSSO community is that it primarily consists of enterprises or large organizations that are implementing enterprise scale solutions. We were getting overwhelmed with requests from members to offer support and indemnification for these deployments. With regards to price they evaluated the solution by weighing the cost of buying an AM license versus the cost of hiring internal resources to manage the deployment on their own.

Take a look at the articles below and learn more about what people are saying.


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On the Record Blog Entry

Tuesday Jul 22, 2008

Sun Announces OpenSSO Express

If you are wondering why I've been so quiet for the last few weeks it's because my team has been heads-down working on the launch of OpenSSO Express, an early access version of the next release of Access Manager that is fully supported and indemnified by Sun. In short, customers that buy Sun Access Manager now also receive access to OpenSSO Express under a single license.

Customer can choose what they want to deploy. If our commercial builds have all the features you need and you want a traditional offering then use Sun Access Manager. If you are focused on innovation or key features that are not yet supported in our commercial release, but are available via OpenSSO then deploy OpenSSO Express. Regardless of what you choose you get a fully tested offering that includes Sun support and indemnification.

To help explain the benefits of this model I sat down with Redmonk's Michael Coté to discuss. Check out the podcast and let me know what you think!

Also, for more information on this announcement check out . . .

OpenSSO Express Feature Article

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OpenSSO Wiki

Sun Access Manager Product Page


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