Deploying static content and java web services to Weblogic 9.2

Ramkumar Menon
Director, Product Strategy

I had a simple BPEL on Weblogic install - and was looking for a place to host some static XML content on the server. On OC4J, it was simple - just dump the content in the appropriate directories under htdocs, and you are done.

In a simple WLS install like the one I have, it doesn't work that way.

So I created a simple Web Project, added all my XML contents into it, and deployed the ear file into WLS, just like any J2EE application. Here you go - you can now access all the hosted content at the contextURI that you specified at deployment time!

Well, I use JDeveloper - and needed to create and deploy a simple Java Web Service into WLS. I tried using the standard deploy-to-weblogic app server connection - but alas! - I ran into some deployment issues while deploying JWS from JDev to WLS 9.2. The same error repeats if I pick up the ear file and deploy it directly from the WLS admin console.

But hey, there was a simple way to get it done.

Just use the WLS service generation build scripts - it will do the job just as well.

Here is a snippet of the build script that I used to deploy my WS onto WLS.

<project name="BuildHelloWorldService" default="ear">

<target name="ear">

<servicegen destEar="ears/HelloWorldService.ear" warName="HelloWorldService.war" contextURI="hello">


<pathelement path="${java.class.path}" />

<pathelement location="D:\oraBPEL\bpel\lib\orabpel.jar"/>

<pathelement location="D:\oraBPEL\bpel\lib\xmlparserv2.jar"/>


<service targetNamespace="http://xmlns.hello.com/"










Note that servicegen is an 8.1 release ant task. WLS 9.2 has updated ant tasks that you can leverage to build services from your java classes. I used it only for my local testing.

You can find detailed information on useful ant tasks for service generation, client stub generation and others on the WLS 9.2 documentation page.


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