When Java Meets SOA

Overview Typical composite applications involve integration amongst a variety of source and target systems, including but not limited to messaging systems such as AQ or MQ Series, Applications such as e-Business Suite or Siebel, Databases, Custom applications, B2B partners etc. Oracle SOA Suite 11g provides connectivity to variety of such sources, and at the same time, enables users to model complex business processes orchestrating messages amongst these systemsin an Agile...

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Spring Framework Samples

You can leverage Spring Framework to integrate components that use Java interfaces into SOA composite applications. Oracle SOA Suite uses the spring framework functionality provided by the WebLogic Service Component Architecture (SCA) of Oracle WebLogic Server.In this weblog entry, you can find a few Spring Component samples that you may find useful. Each of the given sample contains a README that provides step-by-step instructions for developing and testing the Composite,...

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Is Local Optimization kicking in your WS Binding?

As we know, WS bindings are local-optimized as long as the Server URL configuration for your soa-infra matches your invoked endpoint. To check if local optimization is actually kicking in, you can wither a) Chek your HTTP access log to see if calls are going over HTTP.b) Set the the logger for oracle.integration.platform.blocks.soap.WebServiceExternalBindingComponent to FINE (TRACE:32). If local optimization is kicking in, you should be able to see logging messages such as...

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Oracle SOA Suite and BPM Suite VM [Oracle Virtual Box]

Just in case you missed to notice, you do have this all-in-one Box that runs SOA Suite, BPM Suite, B2B and BAM, right on OTN. Click here for the download link. Take a look at this entry in Antony Reynold's blog for getting started on this. Enjoy!

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Oracle Enterprise Manager FMW Control versus Oracle Enterprise Manager Grid Control

I have had questions from customers on what comes extra within our EM Grid Control offering above and beyond our EM FMW Control. EM FMW Control 11g is for managing and monitoring one single FMW Farm/ WLS Domain. If your topology comprises of multiple FMW Farms/Weblogic domains, you cannot use a single FMW Control to manage all of them at one place. This is where EM GC 11g adss value. Apart from being a single management and monitoring portal for several FMW farms, EM GC...

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Neighboring Siblings?

Found an Interesting observation on C.M.Spielberg McQueen’s Blog – XPath 1.0 describes, amongst other axes, ones that allow access to immediate parent and immediate child nodes, as well as access to ancestor and descendant node-sets, but does not provide for immediate siblings – The only way to access these are via predicates – preceding-sibling::*[1] or following-sibling::*[1], and not explicit next-sibling and a previous-sibling axes.

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