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Listen More. Engage in Active Conversations. This is the advice I received from an experienced blogger to newcomers. So, for a while, I have been watching, reading ( and hence listening ) to a large number of active conversations both inside and outside Sun. I must admit, it is exciting when you know the faces behind the words, such as Glenn Brunette discussing security in the real world, the xmlgrrl Eve Maler with her commentaries on standards, the morning snowman, our software CTO Hal Stern, the clingan zone John Clingan with his thousands of solaris zones, the software patterns experts Deepak Alur, Dan Malks and John Crupi, the studio architects Charles Beckham, Todd Fast and Chris Webster taking us on a SOA galaxy ride, SuperPat Pat Patterson and Planet Identity and Michelle Dennedy with her passionate thoughts on privacy ( and many others i failed to mention ). It has been exhilirating and .. motivational. Further there seem to be some interesting things afoot here. We celebrated ten years of java at JavaOne 2005, we just bought SeeBeyond, we just bought StorageTek, we open sourced Solaris, our app server , created an, open media commons initiative and announced some really sexy, performant, energy efficient and cheap x64 boxes!. Technology is becoming more and more interesting and so is the techno-world. So why not start blogging and sharing?. So, yes. here I am. Jumping with both feet in the blogosphere. So who am I, why should you care and what kind of blogs can you expect from me? I am a Senior Architect and technologist in the global CTO Office at Sun. Here, I work with some of our largest constituencies on their next generation architectures, across a range of our products and bring to market integrated offerings, product enhancements and advanced technologies and solutions. My current focus has been around web services, security, identity, compliance and on creating large scale architectures in the application and web services world. Some say I know a bit about SOA, web services security and identity technologies and products. So with this background, I hope to share my thoughts on: 1. SOA/ web services. 2. Java techologies 3. Security and Identity 3. Data center 4. Industry and technology directions As per a brief bio, over the past 5 years at Sun, I have worked in various capacities - as a java architect, security and identity architect. I have lead teams to build some really large scale architectures for Sun's premier Fortune 100 clients, scaling from a few thousand users to many millions. I have worked on enhancing ( and marketing ) our java enterprise system technologies and products and web services products. I have also have worked on our data center virtualization and automation efforts. Prior to Sun, in my fourteen plus years of technology career, I had the pleasure of working for AT&T Bell Labs/ Lucent Technologies, where I was a lead architect for their Total Network Management and Operational Support products and their multimedia messaging and voice response products. If you ever listened to voice mail and heard "welcome to audix", that was us! Before that, I helped the financial industry build large CORBA systems for their constituents. Outside of work, my recent claim to fame ( last week ) was to finish a 30 lap swim in under an hour, done without any performance enhancing drugs :) Living in silicon valley , in the heart of all things technology, I do tend to keep abreast of technology futures, which I hope to share with you. So without further adieu, hope to start sharing and participating right away.

Welcome Aboard. I look forward to reading your future posts and getting the perspective that you have from the global CTO's office. :)

Posted by Tim Kennedy on September 12, 2005 at 12:31 PM PDT #

Thanks Tim, It was very nice to get a welcome aboard from you. Welcome to Sun yourself! I enjoyed your blog and reading your post on Da Vinci Code. I read the book myself, finishing it in 3 days , rapt with the story. I also agree with your assessment that fundamentalists should give it a rest regarding fact vs fiction. The IP clearly states it in the front! I also watched a very interesting show on PBS: Beyond Da Vinci Code. It describes the history, factual and questionable parts both. If you liked the book, check it out, you will like this as well. See you soon in the blogosphere. Rafat

Posted by rafat alvi on September 13, 2005 at 03:50 AM PDT #

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