Tuesday May 25, 2010

Thank You!

I was inspired by Jim Weaver and Stephen Chin to start blogging. Jonathan Giles provided the launch pad via his "Java desktop links of the week". Philippe Lhoste (PhiLho in Forums, you cannot miss him!) inspired to write more. In less than one year this blog was made popular by all of you and was added to "Oracle's Java Bloggers" list. Feels great to see the name along with some of the greatest people in industry

None of these would have been possible without your encouragement and support. I would like to say to all of you. It was really nice interacting with you. Google-Analytics shows huge number of unique visitors, I hope this was of help to at-least few of them

Unfortunately today is my last day at Sun-Oracle. I had to take this difficult decision to end a decade long association with Sun. I'll continue to blog at WordPress


Hope to have your continued encouragement and support

Thursday Nov 26, 2009

JavaFX - ComboBox [Mobile]

JavaFX 1.3 introduces many new controls.
Please use ChoiceBox, MenuButton or SplitMenuButton

Its more almost 6 months since I implemented a sample ComboBox using Control and Skin interface. There is lot of interest for proper implementation of this control. This post is still among my top posts. So thought of enhancing the implementation a bit so as to make it work on real mobile!

<script src="http://dl.javafx.com/1.2/dtfx.js"></script> <script src="/rakeshmenonp/resource/ComboBox/ComboBox.js"></script>

For Applet mode, click on above image

For standalone mode

I could also run this sample on Sony-Ericsson XPERIA

Try this new version and let me know feedback

Monday Jul 27, 2009

JavaFX for Windows Mobile (EA)

Early access of JavaFX Mobile 1.2 for Windows CE OS is available. I have tried installing JavaFX applications on mobile before. Just thought of trying out the released binaries. The version is tested on HTC Diamond and LG Incite.

I tried to install on Sony Ericsson XPERIA. Given below is the set of steps to install JavaFX on Windows Mobile. I have taken the screenshots from desktop using - MyMobileR

Download and unzip JavaFX Mobile 1.2 for Windows Mobile. Connect mobile to desktop. Copy SUN_JAVAFX.CAB to storage card. Open storage card folder in "File Explorer". Double click on SUN_JAVAFX entry. It will launch the installer. Click "Yes" and continue with installation.
Choose the location to install. I selected "Storage". Click on "Install" to continue. Installing JavaFX..
Installation complete.. Open "Programs". It will have a new icon "JavaFX". Double click on icon to start JavaFX.
By default it shows a menu with pre-installed samples. Select and double click on "Calculator" sample. Its same as one available at http://javafx.com/samples/Calculator/ Launching Calculator sample...
Calculator launched
I also installed the animation sample. Just copy the \*.jad and \*.jar file to storage card. Double click on .jad file to install the application. Select the folder to install. Launch "JavaFX" from "Programs". Now the menu will have entry for new application. Double click to launch application. It runs fine as shown below (video is taken directly from mobile screen).

Please refer to Terrence Barr's Blog for screencast and deployment of Mosaic sample on mobile.

<script type="text/javascript">var dzone_style = '2';</script> <script language="javascript" src="/rakeshmenonp/resource/JavaFXMobile/zoneit.js"></script>

Friday Apr 10, 2009

JavaFX Mobile - Its Real !!

Please also refer to latest blog - JavaFX for Windows Mobile

I have developed many client side applications using AWT/Swing/2D for desktop. I have never developed any application for Mobile. With JavaFX I could develop applications using Common Profile APIs and deploy the application in JavaFX Emulator. JavaFX ensures that the same application runs fine on Mobile. But still I was a bit skeptical about this. Its not because I don't trust the mobile engineers, I guess its just human psychology! - Seeing Is Believing. Am I really a mobile application developer?

So I installed a JavaFX mobile runtime (internal build) on my phone and installed various JavaFX samples. VoilĂ !! I have the samples running perfectly fine the same way as it runs on Emulator!! I took some pictures of them so as to share with all of you.

Now I'm convinced JavaFX Mobile is real and I'm mobile developer! If still not convinced, you will have to wait for official release of runtime so that you can install it on your phone and try it for real!

You may have query regarding details of the phone...
That you can easily guess from the list of partners!

Friday Feb 13, 2009

JavaFX - Yahoo! Shopping

Shopping Service is a JavaFX application that search and displays products using Yahoo! Shopping Web Services API. It can search for product offerings using text string queries.

Visit JavaFX Samples website for source code.
<script src="http://dl.javafx.com/1.1/dtfx.js"></script><script src="/rakeshmenonp/resource/YahooShopping/YahooShopping.js"></script>

For Applet mode, click on above image

For standalone mode

For more JavaFX samples refer to http://www.javafx.com/samples/


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