Oracle Fusion Expenses - Mobile app for Oracle EBS R12

Oracle Fusion Expenses - Mobile App for Oracle EBS R12

Note: The views and opinions expressed in this post are the Author's personal views and opinions. They are not to be treated as commitments from the organization.

A new version of the app is available for download. This has additional features in addition to what is mentioned in this blog post. Please see  for details.

To adapt to the emerging ways in which mobile users work, Oracle offers another entry method for expense capture while on the go. Fusion Mobile Expenses is a comprehensive solution that supports common features such as photo capture of receipts, voice capture to record expenses, as well as multi-currency and location based on your GPS location. Other innovative features use your contacts and calendar on your smart phone to select attendees for a meal or other expense while capturing the receipt on the spot. No more paper receipts to track; no more sticky notes to remind you when you’ve paid in cash. It’s all in your smart phone so you can easily sync with Oracle Internet Expenses for expense reporting. 

No entry is the best entry with Fusion Mobile Expenses. 

This blog post provides some details on the functionality available on R12.

Fusion Expenses Mobile is available for download from Apple's App Store. To run the app against an existing R12 instance, there are some patches that have to be applied and a little bit of configuration.

Note 1625446.1 has details on the patches required. The app uses REST Based services, no additional setup is required apart from applying the patches recommended in the note.

After following note 1625446.1, download the app from the App Store. To download the app, open App Store on the device, search for Oracle Fusion Expenses, install the app. Note that the app is currently optimized for iPhone, but is installable on the iPad and iPod touch as well. On iPad when searching for Oracle Fusion Expenses, select iPhone/iPad apps.

After the app is installed, connect to VPN if required by your organization. The initial screen will show the Agreement, select I agree to continue.

Enter the Host URL in the format http(s)://<host>:<port>/OAR.

Enter a valid username and password. The user should have access to at least one iExpenses responsibility. Please see the troubleshooting section for further information.

Taping on Login will start the sync process. The sync process will bring down details like user preferences, expense templates and types, projects tasks and awards, currencies and rates, Approvals etc.


After the sync process is complete Expenses Springboard is displayed.

If the user logged in has approval notifications to respond to, the approval icon will show a badge with the number of items that need action.

The icons on the springboard can be re-arranged. Tap and hold for a while to see the icons jiggle, re-arrange the icons. Tap and hold to stop jiggle.


Next to the Fusion Expenses header is the settings icon. Tap on the settings icon to navigate to the settings view. Settings view will show the host and the user information entered on initial login. Sync frequency indicates the frequency at which the data from the server is fetched on to the device. The options available are Weekly (default), Monthly and Manual. Weekly sync will automatically start when it is one week since the last sync date. Monthly when it is a month after the last sync. Manual Sync requires users to select the sync button on the settings. When the automatic sync starts and the device is not connected to the network, sync fails and appropriate message is shown. This is done each time the app is used until the next sync. 

Expense template defaulted on the settings follows the same logic as that on the browser based application. User preferences set on the server will take priority. Template can be changed on settings. Once the default template is changed on the device next sync will not overwrite it. Reimbursement currency follows the same logic as the template, user preference or the functional currency, if the user preference is not present, is used.

Quick Entry:

Quick entry is the quickest form of manually entering an expense line. On the springboard tap on the quick entry pop-list to select an expense type, enter amount and tap add. An expense is created. View icon will show the count of expenses on the device in a badge. Quick entry pop-list will show the list of all expense types that are in the default template. See settings for information on default template.

Quick entry will default the location based on the current location of the device. No other data is defaulted. If there is required data missing, view expenses will show the violations and the expense will not be available for submission. See view expenses for details.

View / View Expenses:

View icon will list the number of expenses available on the device in a badge. Selecting the view icon will list all the expenses that are on the device.  Swipe to the left on an expense to quickly delete the expense. The list on view expenses also show the attachments on the expense, taping on the attachment icon will show the attachments preview screen. See Enter Expenses for details on the attachments preview.

Create option on the view expenses page will help create a report. See Submit Report section for details on report creation and submission.

If the expense has required fields missing, violations are listed under the expense. The expense cannot be submitted.

Submit / Submit Report:

Submit reports shows the list of all expenses that can be submitted. All expenses are selected by default, expenses can be deselected.

After selecting the required expenses, tap on create to create a new report. Purpose, if required by setup, will be a required field. To add attachments to the report, select Report Attachments. To add more lines to the report, select Action Menu and Add More. Action menu also provides an option to save the report instead of submitting it. Expenses in saved reports are not available for selection in subsequent reports. Deleting the saved report will make the expenses available for submission in subsequent reports.

Users are required to agree to expense policies before the report can be submitted. Once the report is submitted, the standard validations are performed on the report and the lines. If there are policy violations that prevent the report from being submitted or the report has required fields missing, like dff segment values or expense fields, the report is saved on the server. A proper message is shown on the device. The saved report has to be updated on the actual instance from a browser.

If the report is saved (by choosing save on the action menu) the spring board will show the saved report count on the submit icon.


Choose camera to quickly capture a receipt. A new expense is created and captured image is added as an attachment.


Oracle Fusion Expenses can create expenses from the calendar entries. Tap on Calendar icon to see the list of calendar entries. Select an entry and an expense is created, location and attendee information is defaulted from the calendar entry.

Enter / Enter Expense:

Enter provides the most exhaustive entry on Fusion Expenses Mobile. Based on the current location of the device, location and the currency are defaulted. Today's date is defaulted in the date field. Type pop-list will list all the expense types under the default template. To know more about the default template, see Settings section.

Tap on attendees to select attendees from the contacts, calendar or even create a new attendee.

Attachments can be added on the expense by selecting the attachments option. Attachment can be captured using the camera or picked from the library. Depending on the setup on the server, attendees entered on the device as stored as Non-Employee attendees. Work is currently in progress to improve the functionality..

If enabled and the expense type supports, project, task and award are shown the entry view. If the setup mandates them, a violation is shown on the view screen after the line is saved. Project, task and/or award combination used on the last expense will default on to the current expense.

If required by the setup, missing justification is shown as a warning on the view screen.


Approval view lists all the reports that require action from the user logged in. The list includes AME and regular reports. No other notifications are shown in this view.

To quickly approve a report, swipe left and select Approve.

If the device is connected to the network, approvals are fetched each time approval icon is chosen. To manually fetch approvals, pull down the approval list. Note: approvals are also fetched as a part of the sync process.

Select a report on the Approval list to see the report details including expenses and violations. All image attachments, both at header and line level, are available on the device. The quality of the attachment might differ; this is because of bandwidth restrictions. Other kind of attachments are not shown on the device. This is due to the bandwidth and display limitations. Work is in progress to improve this functionality.

The action menu on the report provides options to Request More Information, Reject report.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. There are two published notes out there, what is the difference, which one do I follow?

A. Both the notes 1625446.1 or 1586116.1 are currently supported, however, we recommend following note 1625446.1. 1586116.1 will be obsolete soon. The difference is in the services architecture, 1625446.1 is REST based and 1586116.1 is SOAP based.

Q. We have already implemented note 1586116.1 can I continue using the app ?

A. Yes, on 12.1.3 setup made for 1586116.1 can still be used. No new enhancements will be available on the SOAP based services. On 12.2 and above, an additional license is required to deploy and use SOAP services, it is recommended to uptake REST based services by following note 1625446.1.

. REST services do not require any additional licenses.

Q. Why can't I see all my projects on the device ?

A. To minimize the bandwidth and space utilization on the device, only the last 5 used Projects, Tasks and Awards are synced to the device. Users can manually enter the values.

Q. Is policy setup honored ?

A. Due to the limitations on the size of the device and to avoid a lot of data storage on the device not all policy violations are captured on the device. The app runs the required fields checks, Justification Required, Project Required etc. Policy violations are captured on the server.

Q. Fusion Expenses app on the App Store shows Voice and Scan options, I cannot see them on my device.

A. On R12 Voice and Scan options are on controlled availability.

Q. Can I use the app to submit Credit Card transactions ?

A. Planned for a future release.

Q. How about Mileage expenses ?

A. Planned for a future release.

Q. How do I know if an update is available, and what features does the update get me ?

A. App updates are notified automatically. The list of new features can be seen from the app description. 

Q. Do I need VPN always ?

A. VPN is required if you need to connect to your corporate network. If your organization allows external access, VPN is not required.

Q. Can I use the app over DMZ ?

A. Yes, the app can be accessed over DMZ.

Q. What about Single Sign On ?

A. Authentication and Authorization are taken care of automatically, SSO is supported. If your implementation stores passwords External (OID) and Internal (FND_USER), the passwords are expected to be in sync. If your implementation stores passwords External only, make sure that FND_USER.ENCRYPTED_USER_PASSWORD is set to 'EXTERNAL'.

Federated authentication is not supported. If your implementation uses an Active Directory along with OID and FND_USER, it is expected that the passwords are stored in OID as well. The above condition applies here again. Storing passwords only in Active Directory is not supported.

Q. What if I lose my device, what happens to my saved expenses ?

A. Apple provides remote erase on the device. There is nothing specific that Expenses does here.

Q. Not all patches mentioned in 1625446.1 are downloadable.

A. Some of the patches are on controlled availability, please approach your support representative to get a password to download the patches. Work is currently in progress to publish all the patches. 

Q. Enough about iPhone, when are the Android and other versions coming ?

A. Work is in progress to roll out an Android version of the app.  

Q. Ok, I have done all the required setup, installed patches, tried connecting, the app does not let me login or submit a report.

A. Please see the troubleshooting section. 


1. Cannot Login, Login failed, connecting to server failed.

Check if you need VPN to access your corporate network. If you are connected to VPN or you do not need to connect to VPN but still face the issue, check if the function "Expenses Mobile" is available to the user. See the troubleshooting section on note 1625446.1 for more details.

If you are using https, check if your ssl certificate on the server is valid. Login to the instance from a browser on your device to check if the ssl certificate on the server is valid.

If Single Sign On is enabled on the instance, the following have to be considered

  • Are the users stored in OID and FND_USER ? If yes, then use the credentials (both username and password) in your FND_USER to login to the app.
  • Are the users stored only in FND_USER ? Use your FND_USER credentials.
  • Are the users stored only in OID ? Use your Single Sign On credentials.
  • If a third party directory service is being used, it has to be configured with OID and External Authentication plugin. If passwords are stored in FND_USER or OID they will be used ahead of the password in the third party directory service.

2. I tried the above, still cannot login (applicable if Note : 1625446.1 is followed).

Download Expenses Mobile diagnostics archive from

Extract the archive to some location.

From the command prompt navigate to the location where the diagnostics archive is extracted

Run the command

java ExpenseMobileServiceTest

Make sure the current folder is accessible under java classpath.

When prompted for enter Host URL in the format http(s)://<fully qualified host>:<port if any>/OAR

For example

If there is no port

Enter the User Name and Password

The diagnostics test will show the results after connecting to the server.

3. I can login but cannot submit report, it is always saved.

A report is saved on the server if there are some required fields missing or policy violations. If you think the report is all fine, please generate an FND log using the instructions in Generating FND Log section in note 1625446.1.

3. For any other issues please contact Oracle Support.


Hi All,

Recently we have come across air-watch enterprise mobile platform used to manage enterprise apps. Is it possible to integrate Oracle fusion App in air-watch container to avoid authentication etc..

Can you guys please help me if their is a way to do this.

Thanks in advance.

Posted by guest on June 03, 2014 at 05:49 AM PDT #

Hi, This is a good article. I have installed the app and is fully functional. In the appstore description they claim this app can process credit card transactions and mileage expenses as well. The actual app does not.
Also the screen shots shown on app store shows more functionality than what is in the app. Like voice entry, upload etc.
I searched app store and found no updates. The current version is 3.0.1.
Any comments?

Posted by guest on July 17, 2014 at 07:04 AM PDT #

The app is common to both Fusion and EBS Expenses. The screen shots you see on the app store are from the Fusion Expenses functionality.
Credit Card Transactions, Mileage, Expense Fields and DFF will be available on the EBS app very soon. There will be an update on the app store.
Work is in progress for Voice.

Posted by guest on July 18, 2014 at 05:15 AM PDT #

How logout once I am able to login and sync.
I couldnt find any option to logout or login as a different user.


Posted by guest on August 20, 2014 at 04:37 AM PDT #

At this moment the app does not support logout. You need to delete and re-install the app to login as a new user. We are considering the option of introducing logout. I will update this blog with information when available.

Posted by Rajesh Velicheti on August 20, 2014 at 04:42 AM PDT #

Dear All,

following the instruction, we applied patch, and passed test scripts(java ExpenseMobileServiceTest),but when we log into the app, the following error message displayed: the operation couldn't be completed. ( error-1. and failed to continue to login. pls. help us at the end.

Posted by zhangda on September 12, 2014 at 08:16 PM PDT #


Submitted the expense report using mobile app and my supervisor rejected it but my app is not showing the status of the report as Rejected, it is still showing as Pending manager approval.
But from front end of oracle - I can see that it is rejected.


Posted by guest on September 19, 2014 at 05:27 PM PDT #


On the view where you see the status as pending manager approval, you can refresh the status by pulling down the view. The refresh process will start and the new status is shown.

Sync does not bring down report status, it will be too much of data to handle and we do not want user experience taking a hit.


Posted by Rajesh Velicheti on September 19, 2014 at 09:11 PM PDT #


Can you please follow the troubleshooting steps mentioned.

Posted by Rajesh Velicheti on September 19, 2014 at 09:13 PM PDT #

Thanks Rajesh,

I did that that is by pulling down view when the status was Submitted and it changed to Pending Manager approval and then my manager rejected it but after that whenever I am pulling down the view to refresh the status , it still shows Pending Manager and not getting refreshed but from front end I can see it is rejected.

Is it something I am missing in Mobile app settings?
Or this feature is still not tested?


Posted by guest on September 22, 2014 at 09:24 AM PDT #

Hi Rajesh,

I am unable to access SSO enabled tst environment using this app. I performed all the set ups as per metalink note # 1625446.1
Accessing the same SSO environment from browser on mobile device works fine and no issues there. We successfully tested our scenarios in dev environment which is non-SSO. I am getting below connection error from mobile app -> "the operation could not be completed. ( error -1)"

For diagnostic, I performed the java test and copied below is the log of the same. Can you please help and advise as we are hoping to have our business folks execute the test cases in few days.


c:\ExpApp>java ExpenseMobileServiceTest
Host URL: https://<host url>:<port number>/OAR
User Name: <my user id>
Password: <my pwd>
Host: https://<host url>:<port number>/OA_HTML/RF.jsp?function_id=
User: <my user id>
################# Begin Login Request ###################
Login Response code 401
java.lang.Exception: Login Service Response Status Code401 with message Unauthor
at ExpenseMobileServiceTest.login(
at ExpenseMobileServiceTest.main(

Posted by Amit on October 16, 2014 at 08:53 AM PDT #

Hi Amit,

It could be because of passwords. When you say you enabled SSO, are you storing the passwords in OID and FND_USER ? If yes there should be no problem but the passwords should be same. If you storing the passwords only in OID it should work as well.

If you are using any other third party directory service, then there is an Enhancement that the FND team is working on.


Posted by Rajesh Velicheti on October 17, 2014 at 05:25 AM PDT #

Hi Rajesh,

After disabling SSO, we are able to login. We use AD credentials service to authenticate the passwords and that prevented from logging in using app.
Based on your earlier inputs, looks like the Enhancement that FND team is working on, will help to resolve this issue. Am I correct? Please let us know if you have rough estimates on time line. It will help us to plan our schedules.


Posted by Amit on October 20, 2014 at 06:10 AM PDT #

Great helpful article. Logical explanation of how to use the functionality. Thanks.

Posted by guest on November 13, 2014 at 08:46 PM PST #

Thanks Kevin

Posted by Rajesh Velicheti on November 13, 2014 at 10:44 PM PST #

Does anyone have experience of using this product in an EBS environment with projects? I'm finding that LOV for project/tasks is empty - data only gets there after you have manually entered values (but first you need to know them!)

Posted by kevin davies on November 16, 2014 at 09:13 PM PST #


Because of the storage restrictions on the device, we only bring down the last 5 projects used by the preparer. If the user had used projects before using the app, 5 unique combinations of project and tasks used will be synced to the device.

Users can, however, enter the values manually. We are working on how best we could improve this.


Posted by Rajesh Velicheti on November 16, 2014 at 10:05 PM PST #

We have the same issue as Amit is having but only on ios. Android works fine. We use OID and only store passwords there;

"the operation could not be completed. ( error -1)"

Posted by guest on February 02, 2015 at 03:31 PM PST #

Hi Rajesh,

Do you have sample TE40 for mobile expenses?

Thanks, Bis

Posted by guest on February 24, 2015 at 01:20 AM PST #

Hi Rajesh,
The iexpenses app is giving us problems. We are using 12.2 ebusiness suite and have applied all the patches. It was working with an older version. When I reinstalled, since I wanted to log in as a new user, it is providing me 'the opertaion could'nt be completed ( error, -1). This is happening for iphone and ipad apps. Can you guide us, We are in the process of demonstrating this to our customers
sathya sundar

Posted by Sathya Sundar Seshadri on February 24, 2015 at 09:57 AM PST #

I'm trying to get Fusion Expenses running on a multi node test instance and have tried everything described in 1674593.1 with the exception of running AutoConfig again and am always hitting the "the operation could not be completed. ( error -1)" error when trying to log on.

Interestingly when I start up the app I get an Unable to Read Document message but I click I Agree and it takes me to the login screen. Also if I just hit Login without entering the Host URL, Username, Password I get the same "the operation could not be completed. ( error -1)" error message.



Posted by guest on March 11, 2015 at 10:52 AM PDT #

I'm trying to get Fusion Expenses running on a multi node test instance and have tried everything described in 1674593.1 with the exception of running AutoConfig again and am always hitting the "the operation could not be completed. ( error -1)" error when trying to log on.

Interestingly when I start up the app I get an Unable to Read Document message but I click I Agree and it takes me to the login screen. Also if I just hit Login without entering the Host URL, Username, Password I get the same "the operation could not be completed. ( error -1)" error message.



Posted by Darma on March 11, 2015 at 10:54 AM PDT #

I'm trying to get Fusion Expenses running on a multi node test instance and have tried everything described in 1674593.1 with the exception of running AutoConfig again and am always hitting the "the operation could not be completed. ( error -1)" error when trying to log on.

Interestingly when I start up the app I get an Unable to Read Document message but I click I Agree and it takes me to the login screen. Also if I just hit Login without entering the Host URL, Username, Password I get the same "the operation could not be completed. ( error -1)" error message.



Posted by Darma on March 11, 2015 at 10:57 AM PDT #

Hi Rajesh,

We are having same problem as few other users have reported. While signing in I see this message and login failed.

The operation couldn't be completed. ( error -1)


In my case I don't have SSO enabled in our non-prod instance.

Thank you


Posted by guest on March 17, 2015 at 01:03 PM PDT #

Hi Rajesh,

We are currently on 12.1.3 and latest version of fusion mobile app.
On login getting the following error.

( error-1. and failed to continue to login. pls. help us at the end.

please advice.

Thank you


Posted by Rohit on March 18, 2015 at 02:24 PM PDT #

Hello Rajesh,

Can you please let us know which API use to create the iExpenses? OeBS R12.1.3

To you make use of these APIs? AP_WEB_CUS_ACCTG_PKG ?

This is because we need to apply a custom validation on the projects being passed in the iExpenses

Thanks & Regards,

Posted by guest on March 19, 2015 at 01:17 AM PDT #


Any resolution or update on this error message gdataXML?

Thank you

Posted by Rohit on March 19, 2015 at 06:28 AM PDT #


Firstly, thank you for the testing tool - really helpful to find out what's coming back from the server. I fixed the first error I understood, which was with the setup, but I now get the following:

ORA-04063: package body "APPS.AP_WEB_MOBUTILS_PKG" has errorsORA-06508: PL/SQL: could not find program unit being called: "APPS.AP_WEB_MOBUTILS_PKG"ORA-06512: at line 1

Could you please explain what that means, so I can move forward with the resolution of the issue?

Many Thanks and Kind regards,

Posted by Dimitar on March 25, 2015 at 09:54 AM PDT #

How to troubleshoot issue from the DBA perspective, i.e if the user says the app is slow what connection/session should I check in the database ?

Posted by guest on April 08, 2015 at 01:03 PM PDT #

Is there any plans to allow multiple picture capture in expense app if a receipt is very long or multiple pages?

Posted by Chris_G on August 29, 2015 at 12:21 PM PDT #

Is it possible to set a variable for "REQUIRES_VPN" and coordinate the app to call an instance of Cisco mobility client VPN on demand?

Posted by Chris_G on August 29, 2015 at 12:22 PM PDT #

Is the app supposed to keep whatever screen you have open active when you hit the home button in iPhone?

Even if option for password saved is not checked shouldn't there be a server side setting for max timeout before re-entering password? There are tons of times when using the app as a user I have to look back at the image stored in phone or do something else and I don't want to lose partial entries in expense.

Is there a feature that can save what you were working on and display a banner saying your last active item is stored ... Go here to continue editing it?

Posted by chris_G on August 29, 2015 at 02:48 PM PDT #

I am getting an error when trying to agree to the license agreement. "Error invoking method 'handleAgree' in ''

Any idea on how to trouble shoot?


Posted by guest on January 07, 2016 at 10:25 AM PST #

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