Sunday Aug 05, 2007

What is a Fully Qualified (Sun)Portal Server URI?

The format of a Fully Qualified Sun Portal Server URI is


(1) is the FQDN

(2) 8080 is the container port where the portal is deployed

(3) portal is the URI


Friday Jul 27, 2007

Did you know that you can use google's inurl feature to search for site URLs?

Take the example of Sun Portal Server. By default installation, you will be accessing the main page of the portal as "http://hostname:port/portal/dt".  The element "/portal/dt" is quite sun-ish and will be available for all sun portal server installation as long as you leave it untouched (of Course you can change /portal/dt to /myportal/mydt)

Now lets say that you want to know about all are the public sites hosted using sun portal server (assuming they have /portal/dt implentation) then you can use google's inurl features.  >> Type inurl:"/portal/dt" and search

You will be happy to see that search results shows publicly hosted sun portal server .  Google, hats off!!

Check out more google search operators

Thanks ajit kamble for this interesting observation !!

JSPWiki Serious Security Issue - Beware of Install.jsp and SecurityConfig.jsp files

Older versions of  JSPWiki (say JSPWiki v2.2.28) have some serious back door which if you are not aware will allow any users to cause serious damage to your wiki. Sun Portal Server 7.0 / 7.1 customers should be aware of this issue and make sure that portal server wiki portlet is secure . For sites hosted on independent JSPWiki system, they should make sure that external users cannot access the below files:

(a)/../wiki/Install.jsp     (b)/../wiki/admin/SecurityConfig.jsp

 In a portal server deployment scenario, if the wiki system is not made secure , any user can access the /wiki/Install.jsp web page directly and bring it down. Below is a worse case:

Suppose you set up a portal server as . Assuming its a default installation where you wont do much of a changes, now access the URL,
2. The Install.jsp file is a form which allows any user to update its contents (say users can change Application Name: , Base URL: , File storage: , Work directory: etc )
3. After updating this form, now click on configure button and restart the container. Try to access wiki within portalserver 

Issue :  You will now see that , wiki tab displays error
 (Update 23/aug/2007 : This issue is now fixed in the latest build) 

Friday Jul 06, 2007

One stop for portal server manuals

Just now found out that BigAdmin site has arranged a nice way and put up all the portal server manuals together in one place
For PortalServer 7.1, you can access this link and get all the details of portal server , right from planning to deployment!!

Tuesday Jul 03, 2007

Sun Java Portal Server selected Best Portal Platform

Good News!!!  Sun Java Portal Server is selected as Best Portal Platform by SYS-CON Media Announces 2007 SOA World Reader's Choice Awards ... More can be read here

Saturday Apr 21, 2007

InterPortlet Communication Event Generation and Listening - Some use cases

This note assumes you have a fair understanding of Sun Java Portal Server InterPortlet Communication. Pls see here for more information about IPC

 (1) IPC portlets generating a event and listening to the same event

For a IPC portlet to generate or listen an event , it should first register this information in sun-portlet.xml file . Say a portlet "HelloWorldPortlet" generates a event "event1" and listen to the same can have the entry as below in its sun-portlet.xml file.

Example 1: A IPC portlet "HelloWorldPortlet" generates a event "event1" and listens to the same event "event1" 


(2) IPC portlets generating a event and listening to all the events generated by other portlets (and its own events too)

Example 2:A IPC portlet "HelloWorldPortlet" generates a event "event1" and listens any events generated by other portlets


Note : If a portlet requests an event which has not been declared in the sun-portlet.xml file, an exception NotRegisteredException will be thrown. Wild cards can not be used for declaring the events that will be generated.


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