Thursday Dec 30, 2010

New Year Wishes - Year 2011

In just a few hours time, one beautiful desktop calendar that served me for the past twelve months would find its way to trash. Thankfully, my memories wouldn't go accompanying it.

For those who know me for over a year now perhaps know I show up on this 'special day' every year, where ever I'm, to remind you that you're in my thoughts and that I'm so grateful for your significant influence on my makeup. I call this a 'special day' not because any of us expect the world to be any different, when Sun rises tomorrow, but because at least some consider this to be a day to draw the curtain down on a year long episode of life and start a new one, a better one, with greater vigour. Like every year, let time tell us if we were smart enough to keep our resolutions realistic. But I do hope that we develop and maintain the will to achieve all noble goals we have in our mind for the Year 2011.

With some hours left in Year 2010, maybe, it isn't futile to quickly look back at it, cherish all great moments once again, try and absorb the events that invoked negative emotions in us and forgive ourselves for all mistakes made and figure out corrective measures to fix it. With a hope that we all turn mature enough to accept all events in life with equanimity and make necessary changes in life, if,when and wherever required, to keep ourselves reasonably happy at least most part of the year, let's get ready to welcome the Year 2011.

On a personal note, I'm grateful to have been able to maintain positive relationship with most of the people whom I knew before the beginning of Year 2010 and more so for being able to connect with some more wonderful human beings in the year that's passing by, and for the great lessons of life they made me pick up from them. Thank you! Sorry, if I didn't live up to the expectations of some. Next year, I hope to reduce the degree of separation with the world citizens even further.

Before I leave you to let you enjoy the New Year Celebrations in your own way, I want to thank you again for all your support and wish you and yours a New Year full of purpose and meaning.

Celebrate the arrival of Year 2011.

Wednesday Dec 31, 2008

New Year Wishes!

Today being the last day of Year 2008, one would be pardoned to spend some portion of this day in recollections about the year that's passing by and for setting dreams and goal for the year that's coming by. It's not for the first time that we'd indulge in an exercise of this nature. Several New Years have come and gone, several resolutions made, several of them met, many ones broken. Life's giving us one more opportunity to correct our mistakes, celebrate yet another New Year, revise our goal to set it to a noble and the highest one, for which we shall always be thankful to the invisible power who has brought us all together in this third planet from Sun.

I'm certain, when we examine moments from our past (read Year 2008), we would have some that would bring smile on our face, some that would bring tears in our eyes, some that would disappoint us, some very frustrating moments and a few really promising ones. The very excitement in life lies perhaps in getting the taste of an equal measure of all dualities of existence. Naturally, it isn't wise to expect or hope for favourable events alone in the Year 2009 that we are about to welcome. We'd however wish that we get a fresh beginning for things that went awfully wrong in the past, gain a fresh momentum for our journey towards the desired destiny and a touch of freshness in our hope for a well balanced existence, devoid of terrible incidents as the ones that we witnessed in recent past. A New Year, without doubt, is one right occasion to produce such strong wishes and prayers.

Personally, I have had my share of success, failures, disappointments, excitements, joy and sorrow in the year that we are about to bid farewell to. But when I look back, the moments spent with my relatives, friends, colleagues,my training participants and all loved ones are the prominent memories that my mind generously throws up at me. To them, who have taken immense interest in me, I owe a lot and with a great sense of gratitude and affection, here is wishing them all a very happy, peaceful and prosperous Year 2009!


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