Wednesday Jan 16, 2008

Sun's Acquiring MySQL

The title says it all. This is a great news. I don't want to spoil the party by writing a lengthy note about it. So hear it from THE MAN.

Saturday Nov 17, 2007

A Flying Visit

Alright; it's high time that I show up to tell you what I've been upto. I have enough work (I swear); and I am lazy. Together, these two factors kept me away from blogging. That's no excuse, but I couldn't resist the temptation to mention it here.

I was at Delhi last week, going through a training on Sun Java System Directory Server. It was a rather small batch. As a matter of fact, some of the folks who were nominated for this training pulled out at the last moment because of some urgent project requirements. So I ended up handling one of those small batches. You could see my DIR2337D friends below:

I must publicly apologize to one of the folks in the picture above for not being able to raise the standards of my training delivery to his expectations, as indicated by the Education Post Event Survey form. I would find out from him what went wrong this time and would certainly take corrective measures to improve upon my delivery skills. But otherwise, things went rather smoothly.

I had also taken up a T3 (Train The Trainer) program for our partner Instructors on Solaris Courses(SA 210 S10 & SA 230 S10) during the period 29/Oct/2007 - 02/Oct/2007. Wouldn't it be unfair if I don't post their snap here. So here it is:

Right then, this was a whistle-stop for me. I hope to be back soon, in a much better state of mind, and post something useful..

Tuesday Nov 13, 2007

Evolution of Sun Java System Access Manager

Having taken so many classes in India for Sun Java System Access Manager, I also share similar sentiments with my good friend David, on hearing the news about Access Manager's entry into Gartner's Leaders Quadrant. You may want to quickly glace through this article.

Monday Oct 08, 2007

I still bear a fat pocket. Thank you CEC!

By this time, it is known to my readers that the CEC is at Las Vegas, a place well-known for its casinos. There's gambling even at the Vegas airport! May be, there are some who turn rich in the process. Easy money! But elders say, refrain from gambling. And I wouldn't want to close my ears to their advice. So, no gambling.

Some say Sun Certification Exams aren't all that cheap. Should I disagree? May be, may be not. Each Sun exam could cost you USD 150. By Indian standards, that's some amount to be spent. At the same time, that's certainly not awfully high. And if you wish to pass two such exams, then it of course calls for some planning and more importantly savings.

At CEC, Sun Learning Services (SLS) offers free certification exams to its attendees. All the attendees can appear for most of the Sun Certification Exams, absolutely free of cost. I would call this a jackpot. So my dear friends, get out of the Casinos, step into the Testing center at the venues and try out your luck. But yeah, be prepared.

Well, in a matter of 120 minutes, I managed to get through two certification exams, the significant one being Sun Cluster 3.2 Administration exam. But $250 odd is still in my wallet . Thank you SLS. Thanks CEC.

Friday Oct 05, 2007


Last week, around this time, I was in a flight from Delhi to Bangalore after concludig a training program on Sun Java System Access manager. Before I flew from Delhi, I had promised my good friends that I would publish the batch photograph on my blogs. I prefer to do it late, than not doing it at all.

Friday Aug 17, 2007

Solaris Operating System on Select IBM Servers

Didn't you hear about the landmark agreement between Sun and IBM to distribute the Solaris operating system (OS) and Solaris Subscriptions for select x86-based IBM System x servers and Blade Center servers? I wish you take a few minutes to read through the official announcement on both Sun and IBM websites.

Thursday May 24, 2007

Report on Scott Mcnealy's visit to India & Japan

You may read Scott Mcnealy's report on his visit to India & Japan here. Enjoy reading the Sun Executive Perspectives.

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