Saturday Nov 15, 2008

Sun Portal Server Training at Chennai

I just got back to Bangalore last night, after concluding a training session on Sun Java System Portal Server at Chennai. Though we do have a standard five day course on Sun Portal Server, based on an old version, the customer had an urgent need to gear up their skill sets on newer version of the product, prompting us to customize our standard program by introducing an approximate two day content on Portal Server 7.2, the most recent Sun Portal Server version, developed based on OpenPortal project.

For me, it was engaging to first discuss the fundamentals of Portal Server using the standard course materials and then use a handout, prepared locally, to discuss the installation and configuration of Portal Server 7.2 on Glassfish v2, introduce the audience to the OpenPortlet Portlet Container project as well as the PortletPack used as plugins in Nebeans 6.1 IDE and finally concluding the discussion by installing WebSynergy Milestone 3 the next generation Portal Server from Sun, released on 31st October 2008. I sincerely hope that the discussions help all folks in picture below to go out and execute their project with minimal roadblocks.

Preparing the hand out for this session was tiring, time consuming, but was enriching. I express my heart-felt gratitude to all the bloggers on Portal technology, whose blog posts came in very handy for me in completing the process just in time. I know there must be someone out there who would be wanting to get a text book installation of Portal Server 7.2 done on Glassfish and might be wandering around the world of Internet trying to fetch detailed note on the installation procedure. For all of such souls, I have uploaded an extract from my handout that details on the installation and configuration procedure of Portal 7.2 on Glassfish. If interested, download it from here.

Sunday Nov 02, 2008

Solaris 10 10/08

If you haven't read about Solaris 10 10/08, this is the place to go. What's the big deal about this new release? Well, the big deal is:

"ZFS File System Enhancements: The ZFS file system has been enhanced with recent work from the OpenSolaris community, providing ease of data management with no additional cost for acquisition or support. The new version of Solaris ZFS file system offers increased data integrity and fully integrated disaster recovery capabilities. ZFS file system can be used as the sole file system for any class of system, with support for booting and/or for use as a root file system."

To learn about all new features/enhancements in Solaris 10 10/08, watch a video here

In case someone asks you for a copy of the same, please guide them to the Solaris 10 download location.

Sunday Oct 19, 2008

Solaris Cluster 3.2 Training @ Orange

Published below is the batch photograph of my ES 345 session at Orange. Can't wait to hear from them about their success in Cluster Certification Exam. That's their promise to me.

Monday Oct 13, 2008

Sun Sparc Enterprise T5440 Server

Want to know more about T5440 Server, click here. It's being launched today!

Tuesday Oct 07, 2008

The Impact of Sun Certification

Sunday Sep 28, 2008

Access Manager Training @ Hyderabad

With only another couple of days more in FY09Q1, it's safe to assume that I would have on my record an Access Manager session as the last one this quarter. It happened at Hyderabad and the folks who came in for it are in the picture below.

I would hope that very soon all of 'em would subscribe for the free OpenSSO training available at OpenSSO website, which no doubt would compliment the ILT on AM 3480 course they attended, especially to gain insights on topics like Session Failover and protecting J2EE Applications(Module 3 and Module 5 respectively in OpenSSO Training).

Before I take leave, let me also publish below their teach back sessions. I must say, they did a fantastic job in reviewing the whole course all over again on the final day.

Wishing you all a grand week ahead

Sunday Sep 21, 2008

I ain't a Software Instructor

Sun isn't a software company, neither a mere hardware vendor; it's a Systems Company, where equal importance and attention is given to the Research & Development of components in both hardware (Servers and Storages) and Software portfolio. For rather a long period of time, my sessions have been more oriented on the Sun Software stack, obviously running myself into the danger of losing touch with the developments in the field of Sun Systems. Just when it seemed to me that I would be out of touch with Sun Hardware offerings, the folks in the published picture below came to my rescue by dropping in to Sun classroom for a discussion about Sun Fire HES. It was fun! Thank you all for some great time.

This evening I'm off to Hyderabad for an Access Manager training, a product which isn't certainly a piece of hardware . But clearly, I ain't a Software Instructor either!

Wednesday Sep 10, 2008

Sun xVM Virtualization Portfolio

Today Sun announced Sun xVM portfolio, a compelling set of internet scale virtualization solutions that provide a new level of choice for companies looking to simplify their IT infrastructure. Click right here to watch its web event.

The set of components in the Sun xVM portfolio include:
\* Sun xVM Server
\* Sun xVM Ops Center
\* Sun Virtual Desktop Infrastructure(VDI) Software
\* Sun xVM Virtual Box 2.0

Interested in taking a xVM virtual tour. This is the place to go!

Tuesday Sep 09, 2008

Sun's Multi-Million Dollar Deal

Referring to the title of this post, read the whole story here. By the way all through the article in the aforesaid link, you would read about two major Open Source projects of Sun. Click on each of the image above and you would get enough information about both of it.

Saturday Sep 06, 2008

The New IDM Batch

It's only today that I completed my third batch this quarter on IDM 345 training.

Thursday Aug 28, 2008

One More Cluster Training Concludes Today

Meet my new friends. Majority of them belong to Kenya. With India joining the Emerging Market, an announcement you can read in big boss's blogs, I might get to meet more such folks in the days ahead. They learned Cluster and taught me back some words in Swahili, their National Language. I ain't bad at picking up lessons, for you would now hear me say, "Siku njema"

Friday Jul 25, 2008

Solaris Cluster 3.2 Training in Bangalore

On a day, when a series of low intensity bomb blasts sent shocking waves in the city of Bangalore, all of us in the picture below were concluding our discussions on Solaris Cluster. For the wonderful time spent with such a huge batch and for the unprecedented serial blasts in Bangalore that shocked and disappointed all of us, this concluding day of ES 345 training wouldn't dissipate from my mind for long.

Wednesday Jul 23, 2008

Sun Announces OpenSSO Express Support

Click on the image here and you would be taken to a page full of information on world's largest open source, identity management project. A derivative of this project is Sun Java System Access Manager,a core identity infrastructure product offered by Sun Microsystems.

Today marks a significant day for the OpenSSO community as Sun announces comprehensive, enterprise-class support and indemnification for OpenSSO. More details about the same here.

If you are one of those folks, who keep track of the press coverages (just like me), you may want to read the press release of the announcement here.
So what are you waiting for, click on the button here, download OpenSSO, share it, get started and then learn more about it from the OpenSSO Resource Center.

If you are looking for a store full of OpenSSO goodies, this is the place to go.

Oh yeah, before I forget: we do have a Sun Learning Services course on Sun Access Manager, course coded AM 3480, details of which are published here. Enjoy this 'seamless access.'

Sun Java System Communication Suite 6 Released

Referring to the title of this blog, you may download this new release of Communication Suite from here. What more, you could even do a 'test drive.' For more details on that, visit this blog.

Thursday Jul 10, 2008

Sun Storage J4000 Array Family

Watch John Fowler, Sun EVP, introducing The New Sun Storage J4000 Array Family.

If you are unable to watch the embedded video above, please visit "The Sun Storage J4000 Array Family".

To know more about OpenStorage, click right here.

Tuesday Jul 01, 2008

An Article About Certification

Check out this article published in The Hindu newspaper.

Sunday Jun 22, 2008

It's Raining IDM 4485

As I write this note, I can hear the rain drops falling on the roof next door. It just finished raining in this part of the world where I live. It is also raining IDM 4485. Last week one batch concluded and another one starts tomorrow. Here is the photograph of the batch concluded last week:

Ask 'em, it isn't easy to survive IDM 4485 training. Deployment experience is a must.

Thursday Jun 12, 2008

cp "Project Blackbox" "Project Big Green"

Read about who's imitating Sun's idea of Virtualized data center - the first of its kind - viz Sun MD S20, project named Project Blackbox.

Monday Jun 09, 2008

Sun Java System Identity Manager 8.0 Released

The much talked about version of the Sun's Provisioning tool is released. To download Sun Java System Identity Manager 8.0, click here. Should you feel interested in accessing a complete set of documentation on IDM 8.0, you may want to visit this web location. Enjoy the new IDM experience.

Sunday Jun 01, 2008

IDM 345 is Not JAT

Exactly two days back, yet another IDM 345 training concluded here in Bangalore. Below this note, you would see my training participants. After sweating it out for five days, just about everyone in the group expressed to me that what they went through in five days were some real intriguing sessions on Sun Java System Identity Manager, quite unlike many other training programs that they previously attended. Of course, that's largely attributed to the very nature of this course, containing some exhaustive lab materials, requiring every attendee to focus hard for five continuous days, which may turn out to be taxing . Afterall, it's the first of two parts of a popular bootcamp program that existed on Sun's provisioning tool two years back or so. Know that the sequel to this course "Sun Java System Identity Manager: Deployment Fundamentals II" coded IDM 4485 is even tougher. For all the prospective IDM 345 candidates, please note that IDM 345 or its 'brother' IDM 4485 is not Just Another Training, but a marathon that's real energy sapping. But hey, it's worth it!

Wednesday May 28, 2008

Sun Microsystems declared a Business Superbrand

Read more on the title of this blog here, here, here, here and here.

Sunday May 25, 2008

Top Ten DTrace Scripts

Prefetch Technologies has listed what they consider as the Top Ten DTrace scripts on their website.

Sunday May 11, 2008

Back to IDM Lessons

After two weeks of back to back training on Solaris Cluster, I'm starting a training on Identity Manager tomorrow at our office here in Bangalore. But before that, as always, let me put up the batch photograph of my ES 345 class in here:

Good week ahead to all of you.

Saturday May 10, 2008

Sun Virtualization Technologies

A good friend of mine pointed me to a useful presentation on Sun Virtualization Technologies . You may have already seen it, if not, watch it right here.

Talking about Sun's Virtualization efforts, read also what big boss has to say about it on his blogs.

Saturday May 03, 2008

The 500,000th Sun Certified Professional is in India

January 30 2001, on a rather hot day, I walked out of a prometric center in Kochi, India, trying to digest a triumph that I had dreamt of for a reasonable period of time. My heart had pumped fast, when the score-sheet slowly rolled its way through the printer, exposing to me, for the first time, the taste of success in a vendor certification exam. It required a rather good effort from my friend to calm me down from a state of ecstasy that I was in on that day; I was still in college then. In retrospection, I'm convinced that what happened on 30th Jan 2001 was one defining moment in my career that finally ushered me to my dream company. I'm lucky!

Now if you want to hear the story of a more lucky SCP , you might want to get in touch with Ms Swathi Reddy Potu, employee of Cognizant Technology Solutions, Chennai, who turned out to be the most wanted for being the 500, 000th Sun Certified Professional, receiving special recognitions for being so. It happened at a NIIT Test Center in Chennai. The 'small gift' that this candidate would receive from Sun includes:

[\*] A Conference Pass to the 2008 JavaOne conference, which is held from May 6 to May 9, 2008.
[\*] A pass to Java University, which is held on May 5, 2008.
[\*] $1000 US prize money.
[\*] Return Airfare.

So one more milestone is hit and none would get another chance to be the 500,000th SCP. But one thing I assure you, every time you succeed in a certification test, there is some element of fortune, big or small, awaiting you somewhere in this planet. So don't hesitate; just go for it.

Let me leave you with an interesting video (~20 minutes) of an interview with the first java programmer, and hear him underscore the importance of Java certification. Look who makes a guest appearance in this video. Enjoy!

Thursday Mar 06, 2008

Sun Role Manager

There is a neat Sun Net Talk (~ 7 minutes) on Sun Role Manager. Watch it here.

Thursday Feb 28, 2008

SELECT keynotes FROM suntechdays08 WHERE day=02

Doesn't the title sound really weird? The gentleman in picture would disagree. Neither would he tolerate someone pronouncing MySQL as "My-See-Kwel" . Didn't Rich Green in his keynote make it clear that MySQL is actually "My-Ess-Kyew-Ell" and NOT "My-See-Kwel"? Most of us are used to say it the 'wrong way' and now It's hard to change, I know. But for this man and his mate, who opened up immense opportunities in the field of database, can't we extend at least this small favour of twisting our tongue slightly differently? Let's try it.

David Axmark walked quite unhurriedly on to the dais. He spoke very calmly and with minimal body movements. It was indeed a charm to watch the co-founder of MySQL speak about its history, Innovation by different means, the decision to make it freely available and finally joining Sun on Tuesday, February 26 2008. The story that David told this morning was a pleasure trip for all of us on the evolution of a popular database, used by some big names in the market. Here is a humble attempt to produce the summary of his keynote today at Sun Tech Days 2008 :

I captured the first slide that David used, titled MySQL History and I think I can safely INSERT (God I'm already influenced this db) that in here, undistorted:

\* 1982: First database code is written
\* 1995: First pure MySQL code
\* 1996: Public release & over 1000 downloads
\* 2001: 'Real' company started. First investment CEO joins
\* 2008: Sun acquires MySQL for 1 Billion USD

David then continued his story telling us how adamant they were to stick on to the '15 minutes rule.' Now in case if you wonder what this 15 minutes rule is all about, this is what David would say about it: "So we worked hard to make the installation and the first use as easy as possible. We came up with the 15 minutes rule: we wanted a user to be able to have MySQL up and running 15 minutes after he finished downloading it." [Read about it in an interview with David Axmark here].

Another one slide that David displayed during his keynote talked about the fact that Innovation in OpenSource tends to be a lots of small but very useful ideas. As an example he mentioned about how the SELECT statement made its way into MySQL, an idea came from the founder of PHP, which now has spread to other databases.

David admitted that he didn't know much of Java and when there was need to develop a JDBC driver for mysql, they looked at various drivers developed by the University students, picked up the best one and hired the guy who created it! He went on to say how open sourcing a product helps to easily identify the right talent (may be for hiring) as against the traditional method of going through the CV, a process that would take longer time for obvious reasons.

He recalled how difficult it was to convince the market on the advantages of giving away the product for free and that too in an era when open source wasn't a very popular affair. I felt excitement in his voice when he mentioned, because it was open source and free, they could find a lot of people using their database in a very in a very short span of time. And when such a free and open stuff works, then why think of another.

One another advantage of open sourcing a product, he says, is to have the code scrutinized by a number of Security organizations rather than one company certifying a product as secured, get instant feedbacks about the security flaws and fix it immediately. He mentioned that a large amount of code in MySQL was written by the community.

When David listed a number of programming languages that could connect to MySQL, I wished I could think of one language that I knew or heard of, which wasn't in the list. But I doubt, coz just about any programming language on this planet can connect to this database.

David concluded his keynote telling us all how excited he was to join Sun, but at the same time didn't conceal his anxiety of moving from a smaller firm to organization with well over 30,000 people. David's presentation was such an informative one.

Vijay Anand, Vice President in the Server Technologies Division at Oracle Corporation, India was the next keynote speaker this morning. Tell you what, I was quite impressed with his flawless presentation and his in depth knowledge on the topic that he was handling. He had two Senior Product Managers from Oracle showcasing a demonstration of their Middleware Fusion components.

I have seen Vijay Anand speaking at last year Sun Tech Days as well. Last year, it was as if he was stuck to the podium and maintained very minimal eye contact with the audience. But this year, he walked around the stage, made proper eye contacts with the audience, paused at the right spot to induce curiosity among the audience. He had broken his presentation into several logical sections, which made really good sense and more than that he injected the right amount of information, with appropriate examples everywhere and illustrations. Thanks to Vijay Anand, I got a much better clarity on SOA.

The first few slides in Vijay Anand's keynote talked about the Web 2.0 experience. He then discussed Mashup and the need to employ something similar even in Enterprise, which he called Enterprise 2.0. I enjoyed the way he displayed a slide building one component after the another in such an architecture and that included an ESB, BPEL, and CEP.

A demonstration of the shopping cart experience summarized the whole discussion. One of the Managers who was assisting Vijay Anand in his keynote, demonstrated the Oracle WebCenter and how an Administrator could login to it, check his E-mails, detect credit card frauds, review policies and perform so many activities which are otherwise performed in isolation. A damn neat and convenient way of brining in data from various sources to a single browser space; just the way Web 2.0 magic works. I thoroughly enjoyed what Vijay Anand spoke for about 40 minutes or so.

'Java Jacket Give Away' is a fun event at Sun Tech Days. A handful of delegates are given an opportunity to perform their weird talents on the stage and the audience would choose the weirdest of talent among them and winner gets to take a leather Java Jacket. I don't think this years 'Java Jacket Give Away' event was as good as the one last year. The Java Jacket was given to a girl who sang a classical song. Let me reveal the pattern here: last year also it happened the same way. So make sure that you fine tune your throat before the next Sun Tech Days so that you could give yourself a good chance to carry a leather Java Jacket. This event was followed by cutting a cake, marking tenth anniversary of Sun Tech Days in India.

To all the Sun Tech Days 2008 absentees, if only you wouldn't feel depressed, let me share with you this: the Sun Tech Days celebration this evening had some gorgeous models taking the ramp and walking in tune to the music of a DJ. It was exotic, to say the least. I know your next question, "Where are the photos?" Not answering .

Tuesday Jan 29, 2008

Sun MD a.k.a Project Blackbox

Sun MD (Modular Data Center) is being shipped to the customers, officially. Know more about this revolutionary datacenter here.

Sunday Jan 27, 2008

Oh, For a Hassle Free First Day!

You wouldn't have seen me smiling like this in the batch photograph of PTL 4310 class that happened last week in Mumbai, had the events on day 01 and day 02 sustained itself in the subsequent days of the training. I am kind of used to the first day problems in a classroom: be it a hardware issue or an incomplete OS install. Last Monday it was a combination of both. And the result: none could install the Portal Server on Day 01. I had all my participants looking at me with an expression of helplessness and a huge question mark which read 'what next?'

Cut to day 02: I spoke to them at length during the first half and sent them out for a walk after lunch, requesting them not to turn up for an hour or so. The technical support folks at Pragathi Software were kind enough to download and make a few set of Solaris 10 CDs, and I walked around the classroom performing a media installation of Solaris 10 OS on all machines. Why not Jumpstart? I felt very lazy to set up one. Moreover, it was only a matter of installing six boxes. And the ending of the whole story: well, it's a happy one.

Vikram, my PTL 4310 participant used his mobile to picture all of us while I demonstrated the first successful Portal Server Installation in the class. After all the hassles that we went through on the day 01 and part of day 02, this moment was certainly worth capturing.

Tomorrow it's another 'First Day' for me here at Hyderabad. Though I don't expect a replay of Mumbai events here at Hyderabad, I guess I'm prepared for those surprise elements on the first day of training.

You all have a good week ahead.


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