Tuesday Oct 05, 2010

Access Manager Session in Bangalore

Below is the batch photograph taken on the concluding day of a five day session on Sun Java System Access Manager at Bangalore, which began on 27 August 2010. Thanks again to David Goldsmith for the wonderful course that he developed around this product, my job was rather easy and we had good fun and great learning (I hope so).

On the last day of the program, on my request, we had a thorough revision of the whole program, in the form of a good solid 'teach back' from each of the participant. May be, that was the highlight of the whole session and I thank each of them for putting in so much of effort to help me feel satisfied and proud.

For those who are looking for details about the evolved version of the above product, I suggest going here.

Saturday Jan 31, 2009

Four More Folks in the IDM 345 Club

Today I concluded a small batch on IDM 345 here in Bangalore. Published below is the batch photograph:

To know more details on Sun Java System Identity Manager, click here. In case, if you are looking for details on Identity Manager Certification, this is the place to go.

Sunday Dec 07, 2008

Sun IDM Training No. ... Don't Know!

It has been frequent, it has been popular and it has been well received as one of the best offerings from SLS - the course on Sun Java System Identity Manager. Ask me for a count and I'd disappoint you because I've lost track of it, for IDM 345 happened aplenty in this part of the world. All the same, let me put up the batch photograph of last weeks IDM class in here:

Through a teach back session, in a matter of an hour, I got to hear from them, all that they learned in five days time. Their performance was captured and that's what you see below:

I'm certain, some day or the other, there'll be a part 2 for this story.

Sunday Nov 23, 2008

A Small IDM Batch

Last week I completed the smallest ever batch on Sun's provisioning tool, course coded IDM 345. My Master at times says words along these following lines: it doesn't matter how many people come to listen to you, you have to speak what you have to speak. And so I spoke, to an audience of three, whom you see in the photo below:

Good week ahead to all of you.

Thursday Oct 23, 2008

Identity Compliance Manager

I'm already late in talking about this product. Without further ado let me help you navigate to the relevant press release: It's here. More details about the product here.

Sunday Sep 28, 2008

Access Manager Training @ Hyderabad

With only another couple of days more in FY09Q1, it's safe to assume that I would have on my record an Access Manager session as the last one this quarter. It happened at Hyderabad and the folks who came in for it are in the picture below.

I would hope that very soon all of 'em would subscribe for the free OpenSSO training available at OpenSSO website, which no doubt would compliment the ILT on AM 3480 course they attended, especially to gain insights on topics like Session Failover and protecting J2EE Applications(Module 3 and Module 5 respectively in OpenSSO Training).

Before I take leave, let me also publish below their teach back sessions. I must say, they did a fantastic job in reviewing the whole course all over again on the final day.

Wishing you all a grand week ahead

Sunday Sep 21, 2008

I ain't a Software Instructor

Sun isn't a software company, neither a mere hardware vendor; it's a Systems Company, where equal importance and attention is given to the Research & Development of components in both hardware (Servers and Storages) and Software portfolio. For rather a long period of time, my sessions have been more oriented on the Sun Software stack, obviously running myself into the danger of losing touch with the developments in the field of Sun Systems. Just when it seemed to me that I would be out of touch with Sun Hardware offerings, the folks in the published picture below came to my rescue by dropping in to Sun classroom for a discussion about Sun Fire HES. It was fun! Thank you all for some great time.

This evening I'm off to Hyderabad for an Access Manager training, a product which isn't certainly a piece of hardware . But clearly, I ain't a Software Instructor either!

Saturday Sep 06, 2008

The New IDM Batch

It's only today that I completed my third batch this quarter on IDM 345 training.

Thursday Aug 21, 2008

IDM 345 - The Noida Batch

Though I wrote about my entry to Noida in my earlier post, I haven't yet talked about my exit. Reached Bangalore at late night on the day forward to the India Independence Day. Things went well. With only a half an hour lunch break on all days, with absolutely no tea breaks in between and with only five members from an organization sitting through the training (see them in the snap below), it was quite obvious that the sessions would end quite smoothly, well in time. Thus on the day of Raksha bandhan, the day next to the India Independence Day, we closed our discussion on IDM well before 3:00 in the evening. Now, that doesn't happen often for an IDM 345 course.

Monday Aug 11, 2008

After Chennai, it's IDM in Noida this week

Having a back to back sesssion on Sun's Provisioning Tool isn't a new affair. If it was Chennai that hosted an IDM training last week, it's in Noida - the other end of India - that the same training is happening this week. In a few minutes time I would start my new batch on IDM 345 training. Before I get introduced to the folks sitting through the training this week, let me complete an all familiar task of introducing my previous training batch to you all:

Have a great week ahead, all of you.

Wednesday Jul 23, 2008

Sun Announces OpenSSO Express Support

Click on the image here and you would be taken to a page full of information on world's largest open source, identity management project. A derivative of this project is Sun Java System Access Manager,a core identity infrastructure product offered by Sun Microsystems.

Today marks a significant day for the OpenSSO community as Sun announces comprehensive, enterprise-class support and indemnification for OpenSSO. More details about the same here.

If you are one of those folks, who keep track of the press coverages (just like me), you may want to read the press release of the announcement here.
So what are you waiting for, click on the button here, download OpenSSO, share it, get started and then learn more about it from the OpenSSO Resource Center.

If you are looking for a store full of OpenSSO goodies, this is the place to go.

Oh yeah, before I forget: we do have a Sun Learning Services course on Sun Access Manager, course coded AM 3480, details of which are published here. Enjoy this 'seamless access.'

Friday Jun 27, 2008

FY '08 Last Batch

In a couple of days time, we are entering a new Fiscal Year, which only means that the training that got over this evening was my last one in FY '08. I'm glad that things went well, and more so because of the fact that the final training this FY happened to one of the best offered from Sun and one of my favourites. I'm heading home tonight for a couple of days, before which I would want to complete the job of posting the snap of my IDM 4485 batch - the last one, this FY.

To all my kind readers, wish you all a restful weekend.

Sunday Jun 22, 2008

It's Raining IDM 4485

As I write this note, I can hear the rain drops falling on the roof next door. It just finished raining in this part of the world where I live. It is also raining IDM 4485. Last week one batch concluded and another one starts tomorrow. Here is the photograph of the batch concluded last week:

Ask 'em, it isn't easy to survive IDM 4485 training. Deployment experience is a must.

Monday Jun 09, 2008

Sun Java System Identity Manager 8.0 Released

The much talked about version of the Sun's Provisioning tool is released. To download Sun Java System Identity Manager 8.0, click here. Should you feel interested in accessing a complete set of documentation on IDM 8.0, you may want to visit this web location. Enjoy the new IDM experience.

Sunday Jun 01, 2008

IDM 345 is Not JAT

Exactly two days back, yet another IDM 345 training concluded here in Bangalore. Below this note, you would see my training participants. After sweating it out for five days, just about everyone in the group expressed to me that what they went through in five days were some real intriguing sessions on Sun Java System Identity Manager, quite unlike many other training programs that they previously attended. Of course, that's largely attributed to the very nature of this course, containing some exhaustive lab materials, requiring every attendee to focus hard for five continuous days, which may turn out to be taxing . Afterall, it's the first of two parts of a popular bootcamp program that existed on Sun's provisioning tool two years back or so. Know that the sequel to this course "Sun Java System Identity Manager: Deployment Fundamentals II" coded IDM 4485 is even tougher. For all the prospective IDM 345 candidates, please note that IDM 345 or its 'brother' IDM 4485 is not Just Another Training, but a marathon that's real energy sapping. But hey, it's worth it!

Sunday May 11, 2008

Back to IDM Lessons

After two weeks of back to back training on Solaris Cluster, I'm starting a training on Identity Manager tomorrow at our office here in Bangalore. But before that, as always, let me put up the batch photograph of my ES 345 class in here:

Good week ahead to all of you.

Sunday Mar 09, 2008

In My Own Backyard

No, I haven't started getting involved in Moby; neither did Joe Diffie's song influenced me this weekend for a walk down memory lane. To express better about a week, spent at Sun premise, talking to Sun Employees on a Sun product, I don't think I have any better one-liners in my dictionary: I really felt as if I was in my own backyard; everything about this training last week was so comfortable, especially the friendly nature of my friends in picture below.

With this short note let me sign off now, for tomorrow I've a training on IDM again and it's not happening 'in my own backyard.' I wouldn't know if I would take some time to get used to the environment at a client location, but what I know clearly is that if I don't get to sleep properly tonight, I would make a mess of my class tomorrow. So good night!

Thursday Mar 06, 2008

Sun Role Manager

There is a neat Sun Net Talk (~ 7 minutes) on Sun Role Manager. Watch it here.

Sunday Feb 10, 2008

What an Engaging Week!

For a change, the flight took of at the exact time. While it landed, there were no announcements about traffic congestion in Bangalore; another rare occurrence. Mine was the very first luggage to show up at the baggage claim area; it never happened that way ever before. I felt very tranquil while I walked out of the Bangalore airport. This time, unlike many other occasions, it wasn't a hassle to spot my chauffer holding up a placard that had my name clearly written on it. Time then, just past 10:00 P.M. on 08th February 2008. It was a perfect ending to one of the engaging weeks in my life.

It takes time to 'tame' fourteen people in a batch. The job becomes even more difficult if the course is lab intensive. some hold an opinion that IDM 345 could include more topics. A mention about the same is here. But I don't think anyone in the picture below would agree to that point of view, for they spent their lovely evenings working on Identity Manager, Sun's provisioning tool.

Everyday the sessions went on well beyond 7:00 in the evening; everyday there were heated discussions on various topics revolved around Identity Manager; and everyday all I could do in the late evening was to get back to my room and crash. Boy, it was exhausting. On top of all this, an online test was conducted on the last day of the training followed by a 'teach back' session, an exercise that I had forgotten to carry out last week coz of a free lunch. This time I somehow managed to resist temptation to join them for a lunch on the final day and insisted them to take the platform to teach me back one module each from the IDM 345 course.

Tell you what, It was a very satisfying sight to see everyone flawlessly expressing their understanding on this product. I had not done this exercise of 'teach back' for some time now and how foolish of me to have neglected it.

For several reasons my stay at Hyderabad to deliver a back to back training on Sun's Identity Management Solution would stand as one of the exciting and memorable experiences.

Before I leave this space to get some sleep and gather some energy for ES 345 starting tomorrow, I must mention here my gratitude to the folks at Sun Learning Center, Hyderabad for offering me great hospitality and for taking me for lunch everyday at Malgudi.

Sunday Feb 03, 2008

Hyderabad Trainings

In a few minutes, the clock would strike 12, marking a new day. It's Monday again and it's all set for me to take the platform for another training here at Hyderabad. The venue remains unchanged. Some participants from the last week's training would turn up for this as well. The training is on Sun's provisioning tool.

But before all that, check out the batch photograph of AM 3480 class concluded on 01/Feb/2008, here at Hyderabad.

Thanks folks for the lunch on the final day; more so for choosing Sun. Wish you all good luck!

Tuesday Dec 18, 2007

AM 3480 Course - WW Schedule

My good friend David has taken the pain to put the World Wide Schedule for the AM 3480 (Sun Java System Access Manager course) up on his blogs. If interested in knowing the information about the Access Training Program in different locations across the globe, click here. Kudos to David for all his efforts to get the training information through to a larger audience out there.

Tuesday Nov 13, 2007

Evolution of Sun Java System Access Manager

Having taken so many classes in India for Sun Java System Access Manager, I also share similar sentiments with my good friend David, on hearing the news about Access Manager's entry into Gartner's Leaders Quadrant. You may want to quickly glace through this article.

Friday Oct 05, 2007


Last week, around this time, I was in a flight from Delhi to Bangalore after concludig a training program on Sun Java System Access manager. Before I flew from Delhi, I had promised my good friends that I would publish the batch photograph on my blogs. I prefer to do it late, than not doing it at all.

Monday Sep 17, 2007

Gartner's Magic Quadrant for User Provisioning Report

Sun's provisioning tool Sun Java System Identity Manager is once again a leader in Gartner's Magic Quadrant for User Provisioning. You may read the report here. But let me ask you this: does this surprise any of you? Good week ahead.

Sunday Aug 26, 2007

My New IDM Friends

I am convinced on the exciting prospects of Sun Softwares, especially the ones that falls in the Identity Management stack. So it is no surprise to me that I am spending most of my time in the Sun Learning Services Classrooms going through the training on the Identity Management components.

A couple of weeks back I could seize the opportunity to meet up with the Senior Product Manager of Access and Federation Manager and got to know from him the immense progress that the Engineering team is making in improving upon the features of the products. Frankly, it is a nice time to be a part of these positive developments in the software portfolio of Sun.

Last week I met up with some nice folks from various organizations, who had come down to Bangalore from different locations to learn IDM 345. Most of them have positive feedback about this course and some of them are in fact looking forward to take up the advanced training on IDM viz IDM 4484. As of this writing, the course IDM 4484 is based on 5.5 version of Sun Java System Identity Manager. I am told that the IDM 4484 course based on the 7.0 version of Identity Manager is in the pipeline and is likely to be released soon.

I am traveling to Mumbai this evening to start a training on Access Manager tomorrow. So let me get out from here and start preparing for my journey, but before that meet my new "IDM friends"


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