Thursday Nov 19, 2009

'kolkata Marathon' - Concluding Phase

Like I mentioned in my earlier post, my ten day 'marathon', kick started on 9th of this month at a client location Kolkata on Identity Management solution from Sun concluded last evening and I'm back in Bangalore. I'd believe that the program met its objective and I hope my friends in the picture below derive benefit out of the same.

Sunday Nov 23, 2008

A Small IDM Batch

Last week I completed the smallest ever batch on Sun's provisioning tool, course coded IDM 345. My Master at times says words along these following lines: it doesn't matter how many people come to listen to you, you have to speak what you have to speak. And so I spoke, to an audience of three, whom you see in the photo below:

Good week ahead to all of you.

Sunday Mar 09, 2008

In My Own Backyard

No, I haven't started getting involved in Moby; neither did Joe Diffie's song influenced me this weekend for a walk down memory lane. To express better about a week, spent at Sun premise, talking to Sun Employees on a Sun product, I don't think I have any better one-liners in my dictionary: I really felt as if I was in my own backyard; everything about this training last week was so comfortable, especially the friendly nature of my friends in picture below.

With this short note let me sign off now, for tomorrow I've a training on IDM again and it's not happening 'in my own backyard.' I wouldn't know if I would take some time to get used to the environment at a client location, but what I know clearly is that if I don't get to sleep properly tonight, I would make a mess of my class tomorrow. So good night!

Sunday Feb 10, 2008

What an Engaging Week!

For a change, the flight took of at the exact time. While it landed, there were no announcements about traffic congestion in Bangalore; another rare occurrence. Mine was the very first luggage to show up at the baggage claim area; it never happened that way ever before. I felt very tranquil while I walked out of the Bangalore airport. This time, unlike many other occasions, it wasn't a hassle to spot my chauffer holding up a placard that had my name clearly written on it. Time then, just past 10:00 P.M. on 08th February 2008. It was a perfect ending to one of the engaging weeks in my life.

It takes time to 'tame' fourteen people in a batch. The job becomes even more difficult if the course is lab intensive. some hold an opinion that IDM 345 could include more topics. A mention about the same is here. But I don't think anyone in the picture below would agree to that point of view, for they spent their lovely evenings working on Identity Manager, Sun's provisioning tool.

Everyday the sessions went on well beyond 7:00 in the evening; everyday there were heated discussions on various topics revolved around Identity Manager; and everyday all I could do in the late evening was to get back to my room and crash. Boy, it was exhausting. On top of all this, an online test was conducted on the last day of the training followed by a 'teach back' session, an exercise that I had forgotten to carry out last week coz of a free lunch. This time I somehow managed to resist temptation to join them for a lunch on the final day and insisted them to take the platform to teach me back one module each from the IDM 345 course.

Tell you what, It was a very satisfying sight to see everyone flawlessly expressing their understanding on this product. I had not done this exercise of 'teach back' for some time now and how foolish of me to have neglected it.

For several reasons my stay at Hyderabad to deliver a back to back training on Sun's Identity Management Solution would stand as one of the exciting and memorable experiences.

Before I leave this space to get some sleep and gather some energy for ES 345 starting tomorrow, I must mention here my gratitude to the folks at Sun Learning Center, Hyderabad for offering me great hospitality and for taking me for lunch everyday at Malgudi.

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