Sunday Oct 10, 2010

Four Engaging Days of Session On Directory Server

Feels so satisfied to have gone through an engaging four day session on Directory Server. Thanks to each of 'em in the photo below for pushing themselves to stay late on most of the evenings, including the concluding day to perform a neat 'teach back' session.

Special thanks to Ashish Adyanthaya for taking up the responsibility of capturing the 'teach back' session (most of it).

Click here for the download location of Directory Server and other related Identity Management products.

Friday Nov 28, 2008

Directory Server 6.x Training in Bangalore

Published below are the batch photograph and the photographs taken during the teach back sessions of DIR 2340 training, concluded on 27/11/2008, Thursday:

Saturday Dec 22, 2007

Season of Joy

A couple of days from now, it's Christmas, which many of us consider to be a festival that would invoke in all a feeling of great pleasure and happiness. No wonder, why even a theory oriented class like DIR 2217 turned out to be a fun-filled and pleasurable experience for me; much in contrast to my initial impression about its delivery. Let me get this straight across to you: this class is all about Analysis and Planning before deploying Sun's Directory Server, and the last thing an Instructor would expect in such a theory intensive session is a class full of emotionless faces.

But it's Christmas season and it brings joy and energy; or at least it brings you in the company of some bubbly folks, just the way it happened to me in the bygone week. And the four days of training, it just flew. Wouldn't you echo my thoughts about such a joyful class once you take a look at the photo below, which has a sense of joy painted all over it?

Well, in the process, if you ask me, if they learned something, I'll leave it to them to have the final say. But for me, barring a few fumbles here and there, this class clearly announced the arrival of yet another season of joy.

Happy Holidays

Saturday Nov 17, 2007

A Flying Visit

Alright; it's high time that I show up to tell you what I've been upto. I have enough work (I swear); and I am lazy. Together, these two factors kept me away from blogging. That's no excuse, but I couldn't resist the temptation to mention it here.

I was at Delhi last week, going through a training on Sun Java System Directory Server. It was a rather small batch. As a matter of fact, some of the folks who were nominated for this training pulled out at the last moment because of some urgent project requirements. So I ended up handling one of those small batches. You could see my DIR2337D friends below:

I must publicly apologize to one of the folks in the picture above for not being able to raise the standards of my training delivery to his expectations, as indicated by the Education Post Event Survey form. I would find out from him what went wrong this time and would certainly take corrective measures to improve upon my delivery skills. But otherwise, things went rather smoothly.

I had also taken up a T3 (Train The Trainer) program for our partner Instructors on Solaris Courses(SA 210 S10 & SA 230 S10) during the period 29/Oct/2007 - 02/Oct/2007. Wouldn't it be unfair if I don't post their snap here. So here it is:

Right then, this was a whistle-stop for me. I hope to be back soon, in a much better state of mind, and post something useful..

Sunday Aug 26, 2007

My New IDM Friends

I am convinced on the exciting prospects of Sun Softwares, especially the ones that falls in the Identity Management stack. So it is no surprise to me that I am spending most of my time in the Sun Learning Services Classrooms going through the training on the Identity Management components.

A couple of weeks back I could seize the opportunity to meet up with the Senior Product Manager of Access and Federation Manager and got to know from him the immense progress that the Engineering team is making in improving upon the features of the products. Frankly, it is a nice time to be a part of these positive developments in the software portfolio of Sun.

Last week I met up with some nice folks from various organizations, who had come down to Bangalore from different locations to learn IDM 345. Most of them have positive feedback about this course and some of them are in fact looking forward to take up the advanced training on IDM viz IDM 4484. As of this writing, the course IDM 4484 is based on 5.5 version of Sun Java System Identity Manager. I am told that the IDM 4484 course based on the 7.0 version of Identity Manager is in the pipeline and is likely to be released soon.

I am traveling to Mumbai this evening to start a training on Access Manager tomorrow. So let me get out from here and start preparing for my journey, but before that meet my new "IDM friends"


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