Sunday Aug 24, 2014

Solaris Cluster Advanced Administration Training

Want to know how to build a custom data service agent in Solaris Cluster and also use the Geographic Edition of the product? Attend an Oracle University training program titled Solaris Cluster Advanced Administration, a lab intensive 5 day event based on the 4.x version of Solaris Cluster.

Have a look a rather huge batch who attended this program last week at Hyderabad.

Sunday Apr 14, 2013

Solaris Cluster Training in Noida

After a rather long gap, I got a chance again to take platform for delivering one of my favourite training programs around Solaris Cluster. Meet my new friends:

For a detailed list of training programs around Solaris Cluster, click here. Go here to get details around certification program around Solaris Cluster 3.2 version.

A neat article here might help you get started to bring up a two node Solaris cluster using Cluster 4.x.

Saturday Sep 08, 2012

From The OU Classrooms...

No excuses for not doing this systematically, and I'm trying my best to break this bad habit of bulk uploads of class photographs and do it regularly instead. But for the time being, please forgive my laziness and live by my mass introduction of all fun loving, yet talented folks whom I met in the OU classrooms during the last three months or so through these picture essay that follow. It's unfortunate, I don't get to do this for my Live Virtual Classes for obvious reason,but let me take a moment to thank them all as well for choosing OU programs on various products. Thanks again to each one for memorable moments in the OU classrooms:

Pillar Axiom MaxRep session at Bangkok. For detailed information on the OU course on Pillar Axiom Max Rep, access this page.

Pillar Axiom SAN Administration Session at Bangkok. Know more about the product here. Details on the Pillar Axiom training program from Oracle University can be found here.

Oracle Solaris ZFS Administration & Oracle Solaris Containers session at Hyderabad. Read more about ZFS here. Gain information on Solaris Containers by going here. Oracle University courses on Solaris 10 and its features can be viewed at this page.

Oracle Solaris Cluster program at Hyderabad. Here's the OU landing page for the training programs on Oracle Solaris Cluster.

Oracle Solaris 11 Administration Session at Bangalore. If you are interested to get trained on Solaris 11, get more details at this webpage.

Sun Identity Manager Deployment Fundamentals session at Bangalore. The product is n.k.a Oracle Waveset IDM. Click here to get detailed description on this fabulous hands on training program.

With Don Kawahigashi at Taipei for Pillar Axiom Storage training.

Tuesday Feb 01, 2011

A Month at Hyderabad

Remember writing this New Year Wishes to my friends and associates, and already one month has passed in Year 2011. Time flies! And when a month is spent in company of some good human beings, the concept of time seems so meaningless. A Shreya Ghoshal Concert and an absorbing light and sound show at Golkonda Fort was an extra topping to go with four weeks of Solaris Cluster, Sun Fire Midrange and High End Server and M-Series Server teaching sessions while at Hyderabad, the whole of January 2011. Thanks to each of the thirteen training participants for giving me a good engaging start to the Year 2011.

Thanks also to them for not turning down my request to share their 'top ten take-back' from the whole program.

Systems Training, Hyderabad 01/02/11 8:01 AM

Wednesday Dec 22, 2010

Solaris Cluster 3.2 Session in Bangalore

Guys, thank you so much for such a great time together, and for the free\* lunch.

Rest of the world, for more details on the course around Solaris Cluster, navigate to this location. And for the Certification exam on Solaris Cluster, details are here.

Thursday Apr 01, 2010

A Weekend Batch on Solaris Cluster 3.2

It's another weekend; long one this time. So before I get into a lazy mood, I thought I would show up and publish the batch photograph taken during a Solaris Cluster 3.2 training at Bangalore, last weekend. It was quite an engaging three days session on High Availability for the folks whom you see in the snap.

Thank you folks, for dropping in; more so for kinds words as this.

Friday Dec 11, 2009

New Product Releases

Just a week forward to the announcement about the release of Solaris Cluster 3.2 11/09, Sun also announced the hot new release of Java EE 6, Glassfish Enterprise Server v3 and Netbeans 6.8 IDE. It's raining new releases at Sun!

Friday Mar 06, 2009

Solaris Cluster 3.2 Training at Hyderabad

As I write this note, I am sitting at Hyderabad airport awaiting the boarding call for my flight to Bangalore. The flight is delayed by more than two hours. That leaves me with ample time to introduce my new friends, whom I met for Solaris Cluster 3.2 training (ES 345) here in Hyderabad They are all from Big Blue:

I'm tempted to remind all that there exist a certification exam for Solaris Cluster, the details of which can be found here. Good weekend to all.

Sunday Oct 19, 2008

Solaris Cluster 3.2 Training @ Orange

Published below is the batch photograph of my ES 345 session at Orange. Can't wait to hear from them about their success in Cluster Certification Exam. That's their promise to me.

Thursday Aug 28, 2008

One More Cluster Training Concludes Today

Meet my new friends. Majority of them belong to Kenya. With India joining the Emerging Market, an announcement you can read in big boss's blogs, I might get to meet more such folks in the days ahead. They learned Cluster and taught me back some words in Swahili, their National Language. I ain't bad at picking up lessons, for you would now hear me say, "Siku njema"

Friday Jul 25, 2008

Solaris Cluster 3.2 Training in Bangalore

On a day, when a series of low intensity bomb blasts sent shocking waves in the city of Bangalore, all of us in the picture below were concluding our discussions on Solaris Cluster. For the wonderful time spent with such a huge batch and for the unprecedented serial blasts in Bangalore that shocked and disappointed all of us, this concluding day of ES 345 training wouldn't dissipate from my mind for long.

Friday May 30, 2008

Open High Availability Cluster

"The Solaris Cluster team today contributed over 2 million lines of source code to the open source community, completing the promise made almost one year ago to open source the complete Solaris Cluster product under the name, 'Open High Availability Cluster.'" Visit here for more information.

Sunday May 11, 2008

Back to IDM Lessons

After two weeks of back to back training on Solaris Cluster, I'm starting a training on Identity Manager tomorrow at our office here in Bangalore. But before that, as always, let me put up the batch photograph of my ES 345 class in here:

Good week ahead to all of you.

Friday May 02, 2008

In-House Training on HA

This week I completed an in-house training on Solaris Cluster at my office here in Bangalore. For quite some time, I had kept myself away from Sun Cluster courses until recently, when I handled a cluster batch for one of our prime customers. Like I said before, the concepts of cluster are too interesting to be away from it for long. And as usual, I enjoyed five lively days of my life with the folks whom you would see in the picture below:

There was an interesting observation on day 02 of this training program. I am mentioning it here, firmly believing that it would be one useful piece of information to someone wandering around in the blogosphere. During the process of Cluster Installation, while the second node in a two node-cluster was being configured using the scinstall command, precisely at a point when the cluster name was specified, the configuration kept failing. Upon running the snoop command specifying the hostnames of both the nodes, the following error was spotted:

sunc6 -> sunc5 PORTMAP C GETPORT prog=100145 (?) VERS=1 proto=TC
sunc5 ->sunc6 RPC R (#140) x10=1209249015 can't authenticate (unknown cause)

Thanks to the internal edition of sunsolve, we figured out that we could eliminate this error, magically, by changing the property config/local_only of the Solaris 10 Service rpcbind (FMRI: svc:/network/rpc/bind) to false.

# svccfg
svc:> select network/rpc/bind
svc:/network/rpc/bin> setprop config/local_only=false
svc:/network/rpc/bind> quit
# svcadm refresh network/rpc/bind:default
# svcprop network/rpc/bind:default | grep local_only

Things worked and I was happy about that. But then, how did this property (config/local_only) changed to true, allowing only local connections, in turn resulting in the configuration error during cluster installation? On the same day, at night I reviewed the Security By Default Design in Solaris Operating System and very soon realized that all such properties - like the one mentioned above in this paragraph - are set to true if one chooses NOT to enable network services for remote connections, a question that is asked while the installation of Solaris 10 Operating System. All was very clear. Let me leave you with an additional information revolving on the topic above: When one chooses to disable network services for remote clients in Solaris OS, the profile named generic.xml would be a symbolic link to generic_limited_net.xml found under /var/svc/profile, whereas if it is enabled, then generic.xml would be a symbolic link to generic_open.xml profile in the same directory. To know more about it, click here.

I'm taking the same course next week. Unlike the 99.999 % uptime expected from a Solaris Cluster set up, my job permits me a 'downtime' during the weekend and I really hope to have a peaceful and productive weekend. Wishing you all the same.

Monday Oct 08, 2007

I still bear a fat pocket. Thank you CEC!

By this time, it is known to my readers that the CEC is at Las Vegas, a place well-known for its casinos. There's gambling even at the Vegas airport! May be, there are some who turn rich in the process. Easy money! But elders say, refrain from gambling. And I wouldn't want to close my ears to their advice. So, no gambling.

Some say Sun Certification Exams aren't all that cheap. Should I disagree? May be, may be not. Each Sun exam could cost you USD 150. By Indian standards, that's some amount to be spent. At the same time, that's certainly not awfully high. And if you wish to pass two such exams, then it of course calls for some planning and more importantly savings.

At CEC, Sun Learning Services (SLS) offers free certification exams to its attendees. All the attendees can appear for most of the Sun Certification Exams, absolutely free of cost. I would call this a jackpot. So my dear friends, get out of the Casinos, step into the Testing center at the venues and try out your luck. But yeah, be prepared.

Well, in a matter of 120 minutes, I managed to get through two certification exams, the significant one being Sun Cluster 3.2 Administration exam. But $250 odd is still in my wallet . Thank you SLS. Thanks CEC.


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