Saturday Oct 29, 2011

Transition to Solaris 11 - Batch III

With just under a fortnight left for the official launch of Oracle Solaris 11, the elite club of OU trained Solaris 11 professionals has grown by a few additional numbers.

I've no doubt that their experience on transitioning to Solaris 11 have been enriching. So don't wait anymore, come join the Solaris 11 Club!

Well, if you aren't convinced on hearing this from an insignificant soul like me, I recommend you go here and register for the Oracle Solaris Launch webcast on November 09 2011, Wednesday (9:00 a.m. – 1:30 p.m. ET) and hear it straight from the people who matter. Again, don't miss this historic event. Register NOW!.

Tuesday Oct 05, 2010

Access Manager Session in Bangalore

Below is the batch photograph taken on the concluding day of a five day session on Sun Java System Access Manager at Bangalore, which began on 27 August 2010. Thanks again to David Goldsmith for the wonderful course that he developed around this product, my job was rather easy and we had good fun and great learning (I hope so).

On the last day of the program, on my request, we had a thorough revision of the whole program, in the form of a good solid 'teach back' from each of the participant. May be, that was the highlight of the whole session and I thank each of them for putting in so much of effort to help me feel satisfied and proud.

For those who are looking for details about the evolved version of the above product, I suggest going here.

Thursday Aug 12, 2010

Sun SPARC MX000 Server Administration Training

Meet my new friends who came in for a MX000 Server Administration session at Bangalore.

Sunday Aug 08, 2010

Solaris Cluster 3.2 11/09 Training at Bangalore

It was quite some time since I took up a training program on HA platform for Solaris. Last week, I happened to take it up again in Bangalore. In spite of a gap, I could go through one of my favourite courses on Solaris Cluster rather easily. Thanks to all in the picture below for dropping in to our classroom session for a five day program on Solaris Cluster 3.2 11/09 release. I enjoyed every bit of it I hope they all had their share of fun and some serious learning during the program that concluded on first Saturday of August 2010. Wishing them good luck for their assignments ahead.

For a quick look at the interesting new features of Solaris Cluster 3.2, this blog is a good one. Also to remind all interested parties of a Certification Program that exists on Solaris Cluster 3.2 for which the details are right here.

Thursday May 13, 2010

Solaris Containers Session

This evening, at Sun office in Bangalore, I parted with guys on the photo below after concluding a three day session on Solaris Containers. If you are interested in knowing about various Virtualization Solutions available, this is the place to go.

Saturday May 08, 2010

Sun IDM 8.x Deployment Training in Bangalore

I would wish to offer my sincere thanks to the folks in the snap, who in spite of an exhaustive five day session on Sun IDM Deployment training managed to produce a smile for this moment.

For all Sun IDM enthusiasts out there, here is a reminder about existence of Sun IDM Integrator Certification Exam that you may want to consider taking up.

Monday Mar 08, 2010

MX000 Server Administration Training at Sun, Bangalore

After a short gap from hardware training, last week I was assigned the task of going through a training on Sun SPARC MX000 Server Administration course at our office in Bangalore. A welcome change for me after a series of Software Training Programs.

Monday Dec 21, 2009

This Day, That Year

Exactly two years back, on this date, I expressed my excitement about the arrival of Season of Joy on this very same blogs and boy, haven't several things changed dramatically since then! The most significant - at least in my professional life - is perhaps this, that approximately two years ago Sun announced its intent to acquire the World's most popular OpenSource database company and now it is the World's largest Enterprise Database Company who turns the buyer. And even with those wild changes happening around, pushing everything else to the background and making it all look insignificant, I haven't really failed to notice some interesting patterns in my professional life. Though it may sound rather silly to the public, I felt tickled on discovering that in the Year 2008 on the date of 17th December, I walked into an organization in Bangalore (which is now a part of IBM) to conduct a four day training program on Directory Server EE Analysis & Planning, and two years forward to it, on the same date I found myself in Chennai facing another set of enthusiastic audience from an organization (which is now a part of HP) and delivered a four day program on Directory Server EE Maintenance & Operations. I know such patterns may make no difference in life, but then the discovery of it generates enough excitement to immediately mention it in a private journal or to push it to the blogosphere, just the way I am doing now. Well one another pattern is: Sun Directory Server EE solution was stronger then, it is stronger now and it will only get better.

And to the folks in the photograph below, who attended the DSEE training at Chennai, my sincere thanks for choosing Sun and more so for offering a wonderful gift.

Life will go on. And from among the very many wild variations in the series of events in life, I would continue to observe and note those little ones that will fall in some interesting pattern.

Friday Jan 09, 2009

First Batch in CY '09

I'm glad to have kicked off this New Year with one of my favourite training programs:

I'm flying back to Bangalore from Mumbai tonight for a weekend session on Solaris

Monday Jul 28, 2008

1/2 a Day Out in Kolkata

It was 9:15 A.M., when my flight took off from Bangalore in the direction of Kolkata on 26th July 2008, Saturday. I was excited because I hadn't been to Kolkata before, and I was looking forward for this journey. Flight landed in Kolkata exactly at 11:45 A.M., on the same day of course

Before I forget: my company sent me there. I had two talks to deliver: one at St.Xavier's College at Park Street and the second one at The Park Hotel, not so far from Xavier's. Both of it went well, except for an unnecessary argument with one of the Professors from a college in Kolkata during the event number two. It all concluded at around 9:30 P.M. on the very same day.

I held with me a ticket for a 2:00 P.M. flight from Kolkata to Bangalore the next day. That meant, after a sleep, I had just about half a day to wander around a city, totally new to me. It was to happen that way.

Got up very early on 27th July, picked up my friend Kapil and headed towards Kalighat. The place was fully crowded. We observed, with great interest, the various offerings of devotees to Kaali, one of the principal deities of Bengal. Much time wasn't spent there. The next destination was the famous Victoria Memorial.

No doubt, British left a number of beautiful imprints behind in India. Victoria Memorial is just one of it. Being a Sunday, it didn't open its door for us. So we strolled around the park and took some snaps, occasionally praising all the marvelous pieces of Engineering that came in sight. Figuring out the fact that my friend had a formal training in Photography, I handed over my camera, quite conveniently to him, and requested him to capture everything interesting. Some of it are right below:

From Victoria Memorial, passing through the well known Howrah Bridge we travelled to the Belur Math. Talking about Belur Math, the monastery of Ramakrishna order, there is something in even its name that brings peace and tranquility to mind. Not sure if Shakespeare would agree to it! Probably, it is more appropriate to quote another personality here, who took all the pain, along with several other monastic disciples of Ramakrishna, to construct such an ashram in memory of their beloved Guru: "“The blazing light of universal harmony that will emanate from here will flood the whole world.” I don't need to tell you how it feels to be in such a place as described above by the great Swami Vivekananda. I enjoyed, immensely, the moments spent at Belur Math facing the river Ganges. Visit to Belur Math wouldn't go out of my mind soon.

Lastly, we went to Dakshineswar Kali Temple, which is a few minutes drive from Belur Math. The place was heavily crowded and for that reason, we moved out from there in no time.

After all this, I did manage to get to the Kolkata airport one hour before departure. It was a good half a day spent at Kolkata, which I wouldn't forget for long!

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