Tuesday Jan 13, 2009

Weekend Session on Solaris 10

A weekend session on Solaris 10 covering a Virtualization feature, SMF, Least Privilege model, ZFS and DTrace concluded in Bangalore last evening.

For those who haven't got hold of a copy of OpenSolaris 2008.11 Live CD, it's probably the time to do so. Click here and get one.

Saturday Nov 15, 2008

Sun Portal Server Training at Chennai

I just got back to Bangalore last night, after concluding a training session on Sun Java System Portal Server at Chennai. Though we do have a standard five day course on Sun Portal Server, based on an old version, the customer had an urgent need to gear up their skill sets on newer version of the product, prompting us to customize our standard program by introducing an approximate two day content on Portal Server 7.2, the most recent Sun Portal Server version, developed based on OpenPortal project.

For me, it was engaging to first discuss the fundamentals of Portal Server using the standard course materials and then use a handout, prepared locally, to discuss the installation and configuration of Portal Server 7.2 on Glassfish v2, introduce the audience to the OpenPortlet Portlet Container project as well as the PortletPack used as plugins in Nebeans 6.1 IDE and finally concluding the discussion by installing WebSynergy Milestone 3 the next generation Portal Server from Sun, released on 31st October 2008. I sincerely hope that the discussions help all folks in picture below to go out and execute their project with minimal roadblocks.

Preparing the hand out for this session was tiring, time consuming, but was enriching. I express my heart-felt gratitude to all the bloggers on Portal technology, whose blog posts came in very handy for me in completing the process just in time. I know there must be someone out there who would be wanting to get a text book installation of Portal Server 7.2 done on Glassfish and might be wandering around the world of Internet trying to fetch detailed note on the installation procedure. For all of such souls, I have uploaded an extract from my handout that details on the installation and configuration procedure of Portal 7.2 on Glassfish. If interested, download it from here.

Sunday Nov 02, 2008

Solaris 10 10/08

If you haven't read about Solaris 10 10/08, this is the place to go. What's the big deal about this new release? Well, the big deal is:

"ZFS File System Enhancements: The ZFS file system has been enhanced with recent work from the OpenSolaris community, providing ease of data management with no additional cost for acquisition or support. The new version of Solaris ZFS file system offers increased data integrity and fully integrated disaster recovery capabilities. ZFS file system can be used as the sole file system for any class of system, with support for booting and/or for use as a root file system."

To learn about all new features/enhancements in Solaris 10 10/08, watch a video here

In case someone asks you for a copy of the same, please guide them to the Solaris 10 download location.

Sunday Oct 12, 2008

On A Marathon...

Today was the concluding day of a three day session on Solaris 10, featuring SMF, Least Privilege, Zones, DTrace and ZFS. Below you would see the folks who participated in the discussion (one of 'em is missing from the snap). We also had a quick demonstration of OpenSolaris LiveCD and its 3D Desktop features using Compiz. If you haven't got your copy of OpenSolaris yet, it's time you get it from here.

Tomorrow early morning I'm flying to Delhi for a session on Solaris Cluster 3.2 and very clearly I don't think I have sufficient energy to write an essay at this stage. I have started to get a feel of how a marathon is like.

Good week ahead to all of you.

Wednesday Jun 04, 2008

Three Days at TI

I'm feeling slightly tired. But as always, it feels good to have done a job assigned satisfactorily. Three days of sessions on Solaris 10 for the folks at TI had me gasping for breath at times, but would offer me a tight sleep tonight for sure. Let me take a moment to thank each of them in the picture above: one, for attending an ILT from Sun and two, for stepping out of TI campus to capture this moment.

I'm certain, Sun's Eco Responsibility VP, Dave Douglas would be more than happy to see the snap above, for it sends across a signal, very clearly, on one of Sun's many serious initiatives viz. Go Green.

Wednesday Feb 06, 2008

Interested in a Solaris 10 New Features Workshop?

Should you find yourself interested in attending a hands on session on Solaris 10 New Features, visit us @ Sun Tech Days '08. To know more on this workshop, click here.

On the other hand, if you are a Web 2.0 enthusiast, you might want to attend a session by Stacy Thurston, Community Advocate with Sun Learning Services. To know more on what is covered by Stacy and what you can take back, visit here.

To find more details about Sun Tech Days 2008 at Hyderabad, India, browse this page.

You all have a great day

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