Tuesday Jun 30, 2015

“We are explorers, Rom”

After over a decade, I’ve come to a bend in the road, which while I’m super excited to take and move along, makes me leave behind all familiar scenes of classrooms full of learning and fun. That I’ve only fond memories of most part of my teaching profession at Sun and then at Oracle is with no tinge of exaggeration. And sure enough, I wouldn’t be willing to trade the bygone decade of my life for anything.

“We are explorers, Rom,” says Cooper, an astronaut in legendary Christopher Nolan’s epic movie Interstellar. Starting the 01st of July 2015, I’m setting out to explore a novel territory in my Professional life, bidding farewell to a passionate job that I’ve been actively engaged in for around a dozen years now.

And at a juncture as important as this one the most prominent of feelings emerging from within, beyond doubt, is that of gratitude. Grateful, in many ways, to the wonderful human beings whom I’ve chanced upon in the Sun/Oracle classrooms for discussions on broad spectrum of technologies. Barring a handful of events, every single episode that I can think of has only given me good friends, pleasant memories, profound learning & great inspiration. If life is an accumulation of many moments, I’d say, I’ll remain eternally grateful to all who stopped by my class for filling in an important slice of my life with many a sweet moment.

But for all of the above to have happened, someone had to hire me first. I’ll never get tired of being thankful to the person who kindly offered me a grand opportunity at Sun and to have given me the freedom, all the way, to do the job my way. Cannot also forget ever, the support and guidance of my superiors at Oracle, who bestowed in me an unwavering confidence, leading me to expand my knowledge base well beyond my comfort zone.

I can't of course make the mistake of forgetting to mention here the kindness of leaders from various other business units within Sun/Oracle in extending to me fabulous opportunities for participation in activities not directly related to my work, yet those that turned so crucial in aiding me produce consistent quality output. I've had the fortune of working with some of the brilliant minds in the Industry whose undying positive attitude has always been and shall remain a source of inspiration.

I've an immaculate faith in the force that has bound us all, therefore to draw curtain to a chapter as grandeur as this one without reflecting on its grace may not be an act of wisdom.

Of late I've been quite struggling with my basic French lessons. A weak vocabulary and with a pronunciation that probably sounds awful, I really can't say much in French; but I've equipped myself with a phrase that might just fit in as a closing statement to his note of gratitude. Toute les bonnes choses ont une fin.

Gratefully yours,

--R Rajesh

Monday Jun 29, 2015

Solaris Cluster Administration Session in Hyderabad

Last week I concluded an Oracle University program on Solaris Cluster Administration in Hyderabad.
For more details on the product, go here

Friday Jun 19, 2015

Transition to Solaris 11 Training in Hyderabad

Concluded another 'Transition to Solaris 11' program in Hyderabad this evening. Here's the batch photograph:

Saturday Jun 13, 2015

Solaris & MySQL Courses

In the last few weeks, I had the opportunity to take a couple of customized courses on Solaris & MySQL. Here, meet my friends:

A customized four day program on Transition to Solaris 11 based on Solaris 11.2 from 09/Jun - 12/Jun 2015 in Bangalore

A five day program on Solaris 11 Network Administration at Hyderabad during the last week of May 2015.

A five day customized program on MySQL for Database Administrators & MySQL for Developers at a client location in Bangalore from May 11 - 15 2015.

For details around the Solaris certification, click here. For information on MySQL certification, go here.

Sunday May 10, 2015

Exadata Database Machine Install and Maintenance Session in Singapore

Had flown to Singapore last week for a five day long discussion on Exadata Database Machine Install & Maintenance with a couple of our Partner Engineers from Bangladesh & Sri Lanka. I must also thank my colleague Serchay for joining us for a photograph:

Saturday May 02, 2015

Solaris 11 Advanced Administration Session in Bangalore

Meet my colleagues who showed up for an OU course on Solaris 11 Advanced Administration at our office in Bangalore.

Sunday Apr 26, 2015

Solaris 11 Zones & ZFS Sessions in Hyderabad

My last week's engagement on OU programs around Solaris 11 zones and Solaris 11 ZFS at Hyderabad concluded on Saturday. Thanks to each of the training delegates in the picture below for active participation and co-operation during the program.

Last but not least, heart felt gratitude to them for throwing a surprise advance birthday bash!

Friday Apr 17, 2015

Oracle VM Trainings in Hyderabad

This evening, I completed a back to back OU classroom training program on Oracle VM for x86 and Oracle VM for SPARC in Hyderabad.

To know more details about the Oracle University offerings around Oracle VM, click here. Official documentation on Oracle VM can be found here.

Saturday Apr 11, 2015

Oracle Linux Administration Training in Bangalore

Yesterday I concluded a five day training program on Oracle Linux in Bangalore. Oracle University offering around Oracle Linux can be found here. Meet my new friends:

If you are already an expert on Oracle Linux, consider validating your skill by attempting OU Certification Programs.

Sunday Mar 29, 2015

Oracle FS1 Flash Storage Training in Bangalore

Just last week, I met up with some of my colleagues from the field to have a five day long discussion on Oracle FS1 Flash Storage.

I have to mention here how grateful we are to Bhava Sinkandar for offering us great support throughout the program. Glad he joined us for the following picture.

Oracle partners and internals can get more details about the Oracle University program around FS1-2 storage here.

Sunday Mar 22, 2015

Transition to Solaris 11 Session at Hyderabad

With a number of networking features introduced and enhanced in the Solaris 11.2 release, it was quite an engaging session last week on 'Transition to Solaris 11'.

Find more details about Solaris 11 here.

Before I forget, let me mention here that those who take up Instructor Led Training Programs or Live Virtual Classes from Oracle University is eligible for a free trail on Oracle Learning Streams. Details about it can be found here

Sunday Mar 15, 2015

Solaris 11 Advanced Administration Session at Hyderabad

Concluded a training program on 'Transition to Solaris 11' at Hyderabad just this last week.

Visit Solaris home page here

Friday Feb 20, 2015

MySQL for DBA Training in Bangalore

My new friends from the MySQL for DBA training in Bangalore that concluded on 20th Feb 2015.

To know more about the MySQL DBA certification program, click here.

Friday Jan 23, 2015

Sun ZFS Storage 7000 Appliance Administration training in Bangkok

Just yesterday, I concluded a training on ZFS Appliance for a rather small batch in Bangkok.

Check this out for more details about ZFS Appliance.

Wednesday Dec 31, 2014

Wishing A Grand Year 2015

In essence, this is a Thank You note! Just that to do so, I'm leveraging strategic part of the Calendar Year. Like the previous years, I say again that I don't nurture any expectation to see my life going down a new road full of roses & only roses just coz starting tomorrow I'd have a new calendar to look at. Most of us know life incessantly offers varying flavours of experience, be it the first month of an Year or the last one; it hardly makes a difference. I hesitate to believe that we ought to wait to flip through a dozen months on our calendar to adminster a positive change in life. As they say it can be "Here and Now" not necessarily post a New Year Party hangover.

Well, then that begs an explanation of why I'm doing what I'm doing now: (i) historically, I've shown up at this time of the year, every year, to reinforce our connection and I continue to love doing that (ii) all of us tend to be in a reflective mood around this period, taking stock of all moments in the last twelve months that would have made our Mom feel proud, some otherwise, as well to beg forgiveness for the mistakes committed, also to thank God for giving strength to accept life's event with a sense of equanimity. As much as I wish to express my heartfelt gratitude to you on a daily basis, it might seem a rather weird act, so it's perhaps best done at a juncture as this one, when we all seem to stay in such thoughtful mood.

So, thank you to have chosen to connect with me one way or the other, more so for maintaining it. Thank God for making that happen. I want you to know that I've been hugely benefitted by the company you offered, by the kind help rendered on occasions innumerable. Packaged alongside this expression of gratitude is also my best wishes to you for a grand Year 2015, add to it my prayers for a balanced life.

Rock the Year 2014 Farewell party, and have a marvelous Year 2015!

Wednesday Dec 24, 2014

Oracle VM Administration: Oracle VM for x86 training at Thiruvananthapuram

On a Christmas eve, parted with the folks in the picture below after concluding a three day Oracle University program on Oracle VM Server for x86 at their company location in Thiruvanthapuram.

For those interested in knowing the details of three day program on Oracle VM Server for x86, please find it here.

Merry Christmas to all!

Sunday Dec 21, 2014

A 12 day marathon

Just this Friday, I concluded a 12 day continous program for two batches from one of the Oracle Customers on two different Oracle University Courses around Solaris 11 and Oracle VM for SPARC.

Batch I: 08 - 13 December 2014

Batch II : 14 - 19 December 2014
If you are interested in the details of course that they attended from 08 Dec to 19 Dec 2014, you can find it here and here.

Saturday Nov 29, 2014

MySQL Performance Tuning Session in Bangalore

Here's a couple of friends I made during the MySQL Performance Tuning session in Bangalore.

Friday Oct 10, 2014

Solaris 11 Performance Management Training

Class photograph from the Solaris 11 Performance Management Course conducted at Hyderabad:

Friday Sep 19, 2014

Oracle Directory Server Enterprise Edition 11g: Maintenance & Operations Training

Just yesterday, I concluded a training program on Oracle Directory Server Enterprise Edition 11g: Maintenance & Operations training in Bangalore. Meet my new friends:

To find a list of training programs available from Oracle University around Directory Servers, please navigate to this link.Here you'll get a list of all training programs around Oracle Identity Management Products. And if you are looking for download location of Oracle Identity Management products, that's right here.

Thursday Aug 28, 2014

Solaris 11 DTrace Session at Hyderabad

I owe a special one to Brendan Gregg and Jim Mauro for their classic work on DTrace, which made my life easy at Hyderabad while delivering a three day OU course on Solaris 11 DTrace for a bunch of my friends from IBM. That they were mind blown by some of the DTrace scripts picked up from the very famous DTrace Book is gratefully acknowledged by each one of them.

Sunday Aug 24, 2014

Solaris Cluster Advanced Administration Training

Want to know how to build a custom data service agent in Solaris Cluster and also use the Geographic Edition of the product? Attend an Oracle University training program titled Solaris Cluster Advanced Administration, a lab intensive 5 day event based on the 4.x version of Solaris Cluster.

Have a look a rather huge batch who attended this program last week at Hyderabad.

Sunday Aug 17, 2014

Sun ZFS Storage 7000 Appliance Administration Training

Class photograph from last week's Sun ZFS Storage 7000 Appliance Administration training at Bangalore.

Some useful links around the ZFS Storage 7000 appliance is below:

Administration Guide [Opens a PDF]
Download the ZFS Appliance Simulator here.
Know about Sun Storage 7000 Unified Storage System Essentials Exam here.

Sunday Aug 10, 2014

Transition to Solaris 11 Training at Hyderabad - August 2014

Just last week I completed yet another Oracle University training program on 'Transition to Solaris 11'.

For those who aren't aware, Solaris 11.2 is generally available since the last week of July 2014 and can be downloaded from here.

Sunday Jul 27, 2014

Oracle VM for SPARC (formerly LDoms) & MX000 Server Administration Training at Hyderabad

Just last week, I completed back to back training programs on Oracle VM for SPARC (formerly LDoms) & MX000 Server Administration at Hyderabad.

Training details for Oracle VM for SPARC is here and for MX000 Server Administration is here

Sunday Jul 06, 2014

Solaris 20th Anniversary

Solaris 20 Years of Innovation: Read all about it here.

Tuesday Jul 01, 2014

Solaris 11 Security Administration Training at Hyderabad

Here's a class portrait from a five day Solaris 11 Security Administration Training concluded on 27.June.2014 at Hyderabad.

For details about the Solaris 11 Security Administration training, please click here. To see details about a Certification exam on Solaris Security based on version 10, check this out.

Sunday Jun 15, 2014

MySQL 5.6 for DBA Training in Bangalore

Class portrait of MySQL for DBA 5.6 class conducted at a customer site in Bangalore just last week.

For details about MySQL, visit the MySQL home page. For details about the newly released certification exam on MySQL 5.6, go here.

Sunday Jun 01, 2014

Good Bye FY'14

As we welcome Fiscal Year 2015 at Oracle, looking forward to an exciting times ahead, let me take a moment to reflect on the last few laps of the FY'14. No better way to do that putting up pictures that speaks thousand words.

A huge batch who attended back to back programs on Solaris 11 Network Administration, Solaris ZFS Administration, Solaris Zone Administration (19 - 30 May 2014) at Hyderabad.

Transition to Solaris 11 session (5-9 May 2014) at Hyderabad.

Exadata Install & Maintenance session (28 April - 2 May 2014) at Singapore.

Monday Apr 21, 2014

A Note Of Gratitude

As per the Malayalam Calendar it happened to be my birth star today, and much to my surprise I got a wonderful gift from my friends from the Big Blue who have come for a training program on Solaris Cluster. The following picture will explain it all

The following 'file photograph' from a class conducted during the second week of March 2014 on Solaris 11 has every single individual who made my day today. I'm grateful to each of them is an understatement.

Before I leave, let me introduce to you some other friends of mine, who came for two separate batches on an OU training around Oracle VM for SPARC last week, one in Bangalore and other at Hyderabad:


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