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ROracle 1.2-1 released

Mark Hornick
Senior Director, Data Science and Machine Learning
We are pleased to announce the latest update of the open source ROracle package, version 1.2-1, with enhancements and bug fixes. ROracle provides high performance and scalable interaction between R and Oracle Database. In addition to availability on CRAN, ROracle binaries specific to Windows and other platforms can be downloaded from the Oracle Technology Network. Users of ROracle, please take our brief survey. Your feedback is important and we want to hear from you!
Latest enhancements in version 1.2-1 include:
• Support for NATIVE, UTF8 and LATIN1 encoded data in query and results
• enhancement 20603162 - CLOB/BLOB enhancement, see man page on attributes ore.type, ora.encoding, ora.maxlength, and ora.fractional_seconds_precision.
• bug 15937661 – mapping of dbWriteTable BLOB, CLOB, NCLOB, NCHAR AND NVARCHAR columns. Data frame mapping to Oracle Database type is provided.
• bug 16017358 – proper handling of NULL extproc context when passed to in ORE embedded R execution
• bug 16907374 - ROracle creates time stamp column for R Date with dbWriteTable
• ROracle now displays NCHAR, NVARCHAR2 and NCLOB data types defined for
columns in the server using dbColumnInfo and dbGetInfo

In addition, enhancements in the previous release of ROracle, version 1.1-12, include:

• Add bulk_write parameter to specify number of rows to bind at a time to improve performance for dbWriteTable and DML operations
• Date, Timestamp, Timestamp with time zone and Timestamp with local time zone data are maintained in R and Oracle's session time zone. Oracle session time zone environment variable ORA_SDTZ and R's environment variable TZ must be the same for this to work else an error is reported when operating on any of these column types
• bug 16198839 - Allow selecting data from time stamp with time zone and time stamp with local time zone without reporting error 1805
• bug 18316008 - increases the bind limit from 4000 to 2GB for inserting data into BLOB, CLOB and 32K VARCHAR and RAW data types. Changes describe lengths to NA for all types except for CHAR, VARCHAR2, and RAW
• and other performance improvements and bug fixes
See the ROracle NEWS for the complete list of updates.
We encourage ROracle users to post questions and provide feedback on the Oracle R Technology Forum and the ROracle survey.
ROralce is not only a high performance interface to Oracle Database from R for direct use, ROracle supports database access for Oracle R Enterprise from the Oracle Advanced Analytics option to Oracle Database.

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