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Supporting R through the R Consortium

Oracle has supported the R Consortium since its inception in 2015 ( R Consortium Launched!). As a provider of multiple software tools and products that leverage and extend R, joining the R Consortium was a natural way for Oracle to give back to the R community and contribute to the evolution of the R ecosystem. The R Consortium provides vendors a forum within which to suggest needed projects for the R community, and to raise concerns. Through the Infrastructure Steering...

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Parallel Training of Multiple Foreign Exchange Return Models

In a variety of machine learning applications, there are often requirements for training multiple models. For example, in the internet of things (IoT) industry, a unique model needs to be built for each household with installed sensors that measure temperature, light or power consumption. Another example can be found in the online advertising industry. To serve personalized online advertisements or recommendations, a huge number of individualized models has to be built and...

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