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Oracle R Enterprise Upgrade Steps

We've recently announced that Oracle R Enterprise 1.4 is available on all platforms. To upgrade Oracle R Enterprise to the latest version:

  1. *Install the version of R that is required for the new version of Oracle R Enterprise.
         See the Oracle R Enterprise supported platforms matrix for the latest requirements.
  2. Update Oracle R Enterprise Server on the database server by running the install.sh script
         and follow the prompts for the upgrade path.
  3. Update the Oracle R Enterprise Supporting packages on the database server.
  4. Update the Oracle R Enterprise Client and Supporting packages on the client.

For RAC/Exadata installations, upgrade items 1, 2 and 3 must be performed on all compute notes. 

*If you've changed the R installation directory between releases, manually update the location of the R_HOME directory in the Oracle R Enterprise configuration table.  The sys.rqconfigset procedure edits settings in a configuration table called sys.rq_config. Use of this function requires the sys privilege. You can view the contents of this table to verify various environment settings for Oracle R Enterprise. Among the settings stored in sys.rq_config is the R installation directory, or R_HOME. The following query shows sample values stored in sys.rq_config for a Linux server:

SQL> select * from sys.rq_config;
R_HOME       /usr/lib64/R
R_LIBS_USER  /u01/app/oracle/product/12.0.1/dbhome_1/R/library
VERSION      1.4

7 rows selected.

To point to the correct R_HOME:

SQL > sys.rqconfigset('R_HOME', '<path to current R installation directory>')

All Oracle R Enterprise downloads are available on the Oracle Technology Network. Refer to the instructions in section 8.3 of the Oracle R Enterprise Installations Guide for detailed steps on upgrading Oracle R Enterprise, and don't hesitate to post questions to the Oracle R forum.

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