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    July 30, 2013

Oracle R Distribution for R-3.0.1 released

We're pleased to announce that the Oracle R Distribution 3.0.1 Linux RPMs are now available on Oracle's public yum. R-3.0.1, code-named "Good Sport", is the second release in the R-3.0.x series. This new series in R doesn't announce new features, but indicates that the code base has developed to a new level of maturity.

However, there are some significant improvements in the 3.0 series worth mentioning.  R-3.0.0 introduces the use of large vectors in R, and eliminates some restrictions in the core R engine by
allowing R to use the memory available on 64-bit systems more efficiently. Prior to this release, objects had a hard-coded limit of 2^31-1 elements, or roughly 2.1 billion elements.  Objects exceeding this limit were treated as missing (NA) and R sometimes returned a warning,
regardless of available memory on the system. Starting in R-3.0.0, objects can exceed this limit, which is a significant improvement. Here's the relevant statement from the R-devel NEWS file:

 There is a subtle change in behaviour for numeric index 
values 2^31 and larger. These never used to be legitimate
and so were treated as NA, sometimes with a warning. They
are now legal for long vectors so there is no longer a

warning, and x[2^31] <- y will now extend the vector on a
64-bit platform and give an error on a 32-bit one.

R-3.0.1 adds to these updates by improving serialization for big objects and fixing a variety of bugs.

Older open source R packages will need to be re-installed after upgrading from ORD 2.15.x to ORD 3.0.1, which is
accomplished by running:

R> update.packages(checkBuilt = TRUE) 

This command upgrades open source packages if a more recent version exists on CRAN or if the installed package was build with an older version of R.

Oracle R Distribution 3.0.1 will be compatible with future versions of Oracle R Enterprise.  As of this posting, we recommend using ORD 2.15.3 with Oracle R Enterprise 1.3.1.  When installing ORD for use with ORE 1.3.1, be sure to use the command yum install R- 2.15.3, otherwise R-3.0.1 will be installed by default.

ORD 3.0.1 binaries for AIX, Solaris x86, and Solaris SPARC platforms will be available from
Oracle's free and Open Source portal soon. Please check back for updates.

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