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Integrating custom algorithms with Oracle Advanced Analytics with R

Data scientists and other users of machine learning and predictive analytics technology often have their favorite algorithm for solving particular problems. If they are using a tool like Oracle Advanced Analytics -- with Oracle R Enterprise and Oracle Data Mining -- there's a desire to use these algorithms within that tool's framework. Using ORE's embedded R execution, users can already use 3rd party R packages in combination with Oracle  Database for execution at the...

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Contrasting Oracle R Distribution and Oracle R Enterprise

What is the distinction between Oracle R Distribution and Oracle R Enterprise? Oracle R Distribution (ORD) is Oracle's redistribution of open source R, with enhancements for dynamically loading high performance libraries like Intel's Math Kernel Library (MKL) and setting R memory limits on database server-side R engine execution. Oracle provides support for ORD to customers of the Oracle Advanced Analytics option (which includes Oracle R Enterprise and Oracle Data Mining),...

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R Package Installation with Oracle R Enterprise

Programming languages give developers the opportunity to write reusable functions and to bundle those functions into logical deployable entities. In R, these are called packages. R has thousands of such packages provided by an almost equally large group of third-party contributors. To allow others to benefit from these packages, users can share packages on the CRAN system for use by the vast R development community worldwide. R's package system along with the CRAN framework...

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FAQ: Oracle R Enterprise and External Procedures

Oracle R Enterprise uses external procedures in Oracle Database to support embedded R execution. An external procedure, or extproc, is a procedure stored in a shared library that is called to perform special-purpose processing.  When ORE invokes an external procedure, Oracle Database starts an extproc agent and passes instructions to the agent for executing the procedure. The agent loads an ORE shared library or DLL, runs the external procedure in the database, and passes...

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ORE graphics using Remote Desktop Protocol

Oracle R Enterprise graphics are returned as raster, or bitmap graphics. Raster images consist of tiny squares of color information referred to as pixels that form points of color to create a complete image. Plots that contain raster images render quickly in R and create small, high-quality exported image files in a wide variety of formats. However, it is a known issue that the rendering of raster images can be problematic whencreating graphics using a Remote...

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Accessing Data from Multiple Schemas using Oracle R Enterprise

The most common Oracle R Enterprise configuration is to connect directly to a database schema that contains tables you wish to analyze. However, users may occasionally need to access tables that exist in other schemas. Oracle R Enterprise allows several options when accessing tables from another schema is desired. Database tables and views are currently supported, and these form the basis for our recommendations. Named Schema Access If you have SELECT TABLE or SELECT ANY TABLE pri...

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