Tuesday Jul 11, 2006

Gone to the Great Gig In The Sky

Syd Barrett of Pink Floyd, Dead at the age of 60.


Monday Jun 13, 2005

Pigs On The Wing!

Time to get out a bigger umbrella. Pigs apparently can fly!

Roger Waters is re-joining Pink Floyd to play the Live 8 concert on July 2nd at Hyde Park in the UK.

Or as a friend of mine aptly quoted:

"Pink is NOW well, he's come back from the hotel
don't need to send along, a surrogate band
you fans are going to get  just a one night stand!"

I saw Pink Floyd in concert back when they were doing the Division Bell tour. I saw them in Minneapolis and at Soldier Field. The Soldier Field concert was awesome. It was raining but the rain fit in so well in two places.

It was a nice slow drizzle during "Wish You Were Here". The rain hitting the laser show made it look like it was raining diamonds. Very neat.

The coolest part of the rain during that show was during "One of These Days". I remember that it was more than a drizzle during most of that song. However, when all hell breaks loose during that track they opened up two rather large pig-like things on either side of the stage that had spotlights for eyes. At that same exact moment, it started to pour! Screaming Guitar! Screaming Fans! Pouring Rain! It was a life defining moment I can go so far as calling it that.

Oh, how I wish I could be there. Bummer that I'm working that week and I'm OnCall too! I guess that I'll just have to annoy my wife by putting on some Floyd really loud.

Tuesday Jul 20, 2004

License to Chill (part 2)

Okay, as I mentioned before, I would come back to Jimmy Buffett's Licese to Chill album with what I think about it.

This one is a hit to. Well, its a hit if you are a Parrothead. Of course its got more than a few Country singers. Or are they Western singers? Anyways...

The first track, "Hey Good Looking" is a bit of annoying. Not that its a bad track, I just don't like the vocals switching from one person to another every verse.

My favorite tracks have to be "Piece of Work" with Toby Kieth. This is probably because I like Kieth's attitude. Also along with that "Boats to Build" with Alan Jackson is another good one. "Boats to Build" suits me just because it says, "You do your thing, I'll do mine." At least that's what it means to me.

"Scarlet Begonia's" for some reason sitcks in my head too. Its just got a good beat to it.

"Simply Complicated" is pretty funny if you listen to it. I get a kick out of the line that you mom tells you that "you and your wife of ten years might just be related." Life isn't hard, its just simply complicated.

This album will be on the playlist for quite a while.

Thursday Jul 15, 2004

License to Chill

Picked up a new CD today. Jimmy Buffett's new album. Its called License to Chill.

My first impression, stemming from the big FBI warning on the back and the "FBI Anti-Piracy Warning: Unauthorized copying is punishable under federal law" written on the CD itself in nice big letter was "Gee, the RIAA has been busy" and "Is this going to rip corrected to iTunes." and "Why don't we just assume that everyone is a criminal to start out with?" (I should be note that I don't download music. I just buy CD's, rip them to mp3 and play them on my RioVolt or via iTunes)

My second impression was that there are a lot of people playing on this Album with Jimmy. I wonder if this has anything to do with the success of "Its Five O'Clock Somewhere" with Alan Jackson? Anyways, He's got Toby Kieth, Clint Black, Alan Jackson, George Strait, Martina McBride, Bill Withers and Nanci Griffith contributing. Jimmy's comment in the liner is that cowboys and country singers seem to be spending more time at the beach lately. Why not?

Seems like a pretty good album one time through (though I kept on getting interrupted while listening to it.) It'll take me a couple of days to form a good opinion.

Wednesday Jun 30, 2004


On the way back home from work yesterday (still driving the rental car as mine is STILL in the shop) I stopped into Best Buy to take a look and to get the new Rush album.

Or is it just a CD now?

Or an MP3?

Maybe its just a random bunch of bits on some kind of semi-permanent media. Anyways, I picked up Feedback. Sure, the album is a bunch of covers from 30+ years ago, but it still rocks. Price was right too (Only $7.99).

So I took the CD, ripped it iTunes and after reading the liner notes, put it in with my collection.

ITunes is wonderful. Really the only reason I keep my Win2k box running. I'd use my wife's Powerbook, but she's using it and I haven't ponied up the cash to buy a nice G5 box or a SunBlade 2500 with a SunPCi card in it. With all of the viruses going around, I'd want to keep the infection local to a little card rather than my whole system.


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