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Powering Government Insights through Data

Mitzi Higashidani
Strategic Account Advisor for Oracle Public Sector

Most public sector organizations want to focus on their core mission rather than perform routine IT maintenance activities. They want to be proactive, not reactive. They want to make data-driven decisions, not anecdotal ones.

To get there, public sector agencies need to stop being data rich and information poor. How? They can instead become information rich by analyzing and understanding what the enormous amount of data collected from the systems built over the past few decades is actually telling them. 

Understanding their data will allow government leaders to make sound business decisions. It does not matter to them what disparate sources that data comes from (on- premise legacy systems, SaaS, the Internet, sensors) as long as they can securely combine and consolidate it any time it is needed. San Joaquin County in California is such an example.

Program users want timely access to all this consolidated data to analyze their operations from every angle and gain insights that drive results. They want to be able to perform analytic analyses themselves without relying on IT for every scenario they imagine. Users want to leverage their data to understand the conditions of their community, the impact of current programs, and the opportunities to improve their service delivery process. For example:

  • Health and human services agencies use analytics to detect fraud and eliminate duplicate benefits.
  • Transportation departments use analytics to evaluate the age and safety of bridges and overpasses and to recommend retrofitting or replacement.
  • Colleges and universities use analytics to improve demographic student services to increase enrollment and predict graduation success

When data is presented clearly, governments can attain transparency, improve operations, and ultimately provide better service to their constituents – including both citizens and businesses.


How does government get started? It all begins with a highly secure, enterprise-grade cloud platform that can handle the processor-intensive analytical requirements of terabytes of data. Oracle Cloud Infrastructure  can help them get there.  This Generation 2 cloud enables organizations to employ artificial intelligence, machine learning, automated analytics and autonomous capabilities into their approach. And, the need to hire data scientists to perform analytical work is essentially eliminated.  A program manager or line of business owner can use the built-in Oracle tools for forecasting, predictive analytics and trend analysis.  This drives decisions on when, where and how to apply resources.


You can outpace change with a modern data and analytics solution that features autonomous capabilities with built-in artificial intelligence and machine learning. These modern tools allow governments to focus on the core mission with additional functionality to serve constituents and drive outcomes.

You, too, can achieve proactive, data-driven decisions. Invest in autonomous technologies – the right choice for government.


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