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Oracle to talk Security and IT Modernization at 930gov: Will you join us?

Janice Haith
Vice President, Strategy and Business Development, Federal Public Sector

For many government IT leaders, topics such as cybersecurity and IT modernization are front and center these days. As one of largest multi-sponsored trade shows for government technology, 930gov will tackle these and other key themes on August 28, 2018, at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center in Washington, DC.

This year, presenters from Oracle will be on hand to deliver key insights on some of the most pressing issues surrounding government IT:

Navigating the Cyber Landscape in Government, Hayri Tarhan, Regional Vice President, Security and Management Cloud, Oracle Public Sector

In one recent study, 49 percent of technology professionals said they had slowed their cloud adoption due to lack of cybersecurity skills. The situation is especially perilous for government agencies, which often represent "ground zero" in the cyber wars; a big digital footprint with lots of potentially valuable data makes government a prime target.

As spear phishing, ransomware, hacktivism, and election tampering have become full-fledged industries, conventional security approaches can no longer be trusted to secure mission-critical agency data. This session will explore the latest tools and strategies, including cloud solutions designed to be secure at every layer.

A complete cloud solution offers global access controls for onboarding and offboarding employees, with the cloud provider continually investing in security at every level as part of its overall design. Rather than tackle security piecemeal, the cloud can deliver an optimized security approach at every level of the technology stack, leveraging a broad portfolio of data security and encryption products at the applications, infrastructure, and systems hardware layers.

IT Modernization in Government—The Right Approach at the Right Time, Aaron Cornfeld, Group Vice President Sales Engineering, Oracle Public Sector and Higher Education

A recent survey found that IT modernization remains solidly entrenched among the top priorities of senior government IT leaders, 72 percent of whom say that legacy systems still make up more than half their applications. The cost and complexity of maintaining those systems has made modernization an ever more pressing priority.

Government IT managers also are under regulatory pressure to upgrade. This spring, for instance, the White House released the President’s Management Agenda, which calls for IT modernization as well as enhanced technology around data, accountability, and transparency. The Modernizing Government Technology Act, likewise, calls for sweeping improvements to government’s aging IT infrastructure. A modern IT infrastructure is, after all, foundational to every other initiative, including cybersecurity and citizen experience.

Cloud services across SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS offer the clearest path for success—helping to reduce costs while delivering optimal security. A complete and integrated cloud services solution can help government agencies ensure compliance, while simultaneously offering a straightforward path for legacy IT systems transformation. In keeping with the regulatory call to modernize, the cloud enables government IT to fully leverage transformational technologies, such as machine learning and blockchain.

With its inherent flexibility and scalability, the cloud empowers modernization by enabling IT leaders to quickly and easily spin up new business processes. This means technology leaders have a freer hand to innovate faster with less risk, thus easing the burden on the IT workforce while accelerating time to value.

Improve Citizen Experiences—Build Trust with Modern CX Technologies, Kerry McKay, SaaS Cloud Specialist, CX, Oracle Public Sector

If citizen experience lies at the heart of government IT, it’s fair to say that many government agencies still have a long row to hoe in delivering the kind of digital encounters that inspire full confidence in constituents. According to one study, fewer than 20 percent of citizens trust the federal government to do the right thing always or most of the time.

With citizen confidence in government this low, it becomes incumbent upon IT leaders to take action. At the same time, citizens increasingly trust the technology in their personal lives to build relationships, buy homes, change goods and services, and much more. This opens a window of opportunity. Government IT leaders can leverage an outstanding citizen experience not just to deliver needed services, but also to build trust. Successful efforts like the cloud-supported app deployment by the city of San Jose help demonstrate the art of the possible.


It’s clear that cloud computing will be a common theme running through the presentations at 930gov this year. This reflects a growing interest by Federal agencies. In fact, one recent study predicts that by 2020, 50 percent of new IT spending will be on cloud implementations—a sign that many are looking to a balanced cloud approach, with an emphasis on hybrid cloud strategy. While cloud may not fix all that ails government technology, a thoughtful and thorough cloud implementation does address many of IT’s most pressing concerns.

Security: Cloud security can be tailored end to end, rather than managed piecemeal at various levels across the IT infrastructure. This unified and coherent approach can ease the pressure on talent-strapped IT operations, while simultaneously ensuring that the public trust is upheld.

Citizen experience: By making it easier to test and deploy new apps, and by allowing for the rapid scale-up of the most heavily used sites and applications, the cloud enables government to deliver a new level of citizen experience, thus helping government to regain trust and confidence.

Modernization: For government technology chiefs and agency heads eager to shed the weight and expense of legacy systems, the cloud presents a means to rapidly and affordably access new capabilities, offering a viable path for migration toward a modernized infrastructure.

Join us at 930gov: visit www.930gov.com to learn how. For more information on Oracle's secure and integrated cloud services, please visit www.oracle.com/gov.

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