Monday Jan 11, 2010

Java EE 6 Resources on the Community Main Page

Just a quick reminder that there are two newer Java EE 6 resources on the GlassFish Community Main page:

Introduction to the Java EE 6 Platform

The above paper highlights the new features of Java EE 6 platform and provides an overview of each of the areas in the platform like EJB, Servlet 3.0, JPA, JSF, and others.  It also talks about the evolution of the Java EE standard, the advancements in ease-of-development features that increase developer productivity. Download the white paper to quickly come up to speed on Java EE 6 and the power it brings to you

The second resource is a webinar:

What's New with Java EE 6

This webinar highlights the new features of Java EE 6 and demonstrates the advancements in ease-of-development features that increase developer productivity and makes Java EE 6 the ideal platforms for developers. This webinar replay will get you developing with Java EE 6 today and will cover:

  • Java EE evolution
  • Java EE 6 features overview
  • GlassFish v3 features
  • Getting started with Java EE 6

Monday Apr 13, 2009

Registration for C1 Unconferences Now Open - GlassFish and OpenSSO Day

The registration for our CommunityOne Unconferences is now open. There will be topics related to the application server, (GlassFish/Open)ESB, Hudson, Portal (WebSpace), WebStack, and more. There will also be a related OpenSSO Day. See the MeetUp and Topics page for more info.

Meeting Details

\*Sunday May 31th 2009, 1pm-7pm \*
Moscone Center (Unconference space, Hall A)

Free Event 

Notes and Instructions
  • If you are planning to attend, please add your name and information to the table on the CommunityOne Unconferences page.
  • To edit you follow the "Log In" link on the top right. After that you should see an Edit tab on top of the text.
  • To login you need an SDN account. If you don't have one, follow the "Sign In" link on the top right.


Monday Nov 17, 2008

Call for Participation Is Now Open: CommunityOne East and West

Share your knowledge. Speak at CommunityOne 2009 in New York and/or San Francisco. Submit your session, panel or lightning talk by December 11.

CommunityOne is a conference sponsored by Sun Microsystems focused on open source innovation and implementation. It brings together developers, technologists and students for technical education and exchange.

In 2009, CommunityOne will focus on the free and open platforms, tools and services that can be found powering the Internet, running enterprises, and enabling high-performance computing. We're open to all your ideas but are specifically looking for sessions on cloud computing and virtualization, dynamic languages and scripting (PHP, Ajax, Python, Ruby, JavaScript), databases (MySQL, postgreSQL), web and application servers (GlassFish, Apache), operating systems (OpenSolaris, Linux), mobile development (Java ME, Android, Symbian), and tools (NetBeans, Eclipse, Sun Studio).

CommunityOne Is Defined by Your Participation
It’s your conference. Help define this year's event by submitting a 50-minute technical session, a 50-minute community panel, or a 5-to-10-minute lightning talk on:
  1. Next-Generation Platforms - Development and deployment in the cloud; virtualization.
  2. Social and Collaborative Platforms - Social networks and Web 2.0 trends.
  3. RIAs and Scripting - Rich Internet Applications, scripting and tools.
  4. Web Platforms - Dynamic languages, databases, and web and application servers.
  5. Mobile Development - Mobile platforms, devices, tools and application development.
  6. Native Development - HPC, chip multithreading, code base development, customization and contribution.
  7. Open - Any and all subjects are fair game.
How to Submit
Get details and submit via:

Questions or Comments?
Learn more about the conference at:

Post to our wiki, or email the conference team with general questions at:

Thursday Nov 06, 2008

Sun GlassFish Enterprise Server Subscriptions

Are you deploying the Sun GlassFish Enterprise Server v3 Prelude in a production environment and need enterprise-quality support? See the Sun GlassFish Enterprise Server Subscriptions for details.

GlassFish Enterprise Server V3 Prelude Released

The GlassFish Enterprise Server V3 Prelude has been released today. Check out this Sun Splash announcement. Highlights on this release include:

  • Java EE 6 Preview Features - Offers access to the latest functionality in the upcoming Java EE 6 platform, such as: EJB 3.1 Lite and Java Server Faces 2.0. In addition, JAX-RS 1.0 is fully supported for building RESTful Web Services. Users can receive add-ons when new features become available.

  • Production Support for Lightweight Web Tier - Provides a lightweight Web-tier deployment platform with full production support. In addition, users can match GlassFish Enterprise Server v3 Prelude in the Web tier with GlassFish Enterprise Server v2 in the application tier for an enterprise-wide architecture.

  • Dynamic Language Support with Reliable Performance - Allows users to run development languages like Java, Groovy on Grails and JRuby on Rails at the same time without sacrificing performance. Also, JRuby applications can run without the Java technology-based servlet container, improving productivity by eliminating the need to bundle and deploy JRuby applications as Web archive.

  • Easy-to-use Administration Console - Offers a simple user interface with point-and-click configuration, application deployment and installation of additional components from the update center. Also, a feature-parity command line interface (CLI) is also available for automated tasks.

  • Rapid Deployment Technology - Simplifies the Web development cycle of Java-based applications to edit code, save and immediately refresh browser with no loss of application state. Developers can expect to be more productive when GlassFish Enterprise Server v3 Prelude is combined with the upcoming release of NetBeans Integrated Development Environment (IDE) 6.5.


Wednesday Sep 03, 2008

Seam Runs on GlassFish

There is a blog posting from Michael Yuan on how to port Seam apps to GlassFish.

Participate in MySQL-GlassFish Student Contest

There is a new GlassFish contest underway: 

Use MySQL database and GlassFish application server to develop a web application and write a review. You can win one $500 and one of five $250 prizes. See the Student Views and Reviews blog for details.

Monday Aug 11, 2008

Sun Learning Exchange and GlassFish

If you are interested in finding more educational content on GlassFish, checkout the Sun Learning Exchange (SLX). I did a query with keyword "glassfish" and got two hits.  More info on SLX:

SLX can equip you with just-in-time, just-enough content to match your learning needs and style. SLX is a secure environment available via one-click access on the open Web. You can access it in any number of ways, including mobile devices such as laptops, iPhones and iPod Touch on WiFi or 3G.

Wednesday Aug 06, 2008

Creating and configuring a MySQL DataSource in GlassFish Application Server

If you need help configuring a MySQL DataSource with GlassFish, check out today's blog post from the Some Java, J2EE and WebSphere stuffs.  It has received one 5 star rating thus far.

Save Money With GlassFish and MySQL Unlimited Support Offering

In case you missed the announcement on, the new GlassFish and MySQL Unlimited support offering can save enterprises money by supporting an unlimited number of servers across your organization for a flat fee.  

This offering includes a comprehensive set of products and services to easily and safely deploy GlassFish Servers across your entire organization. You get the following benefits:

 See the Get GlassFish & MySQL Unlimited and Save page for more details.

GlassFish Is The Platform For Zembly

There is an announcement today on about the release of a new social networking game for Facebook, allowing fans of the 2008 Beijing Summer Games to compete online, with their friends and for their country, by correctly predicting medal winners throughout this summer's events.  The is called "MyPicks Beijing 2008" and is based on zembly, a social application platform.  Here is more info from the zembly home page:

"In some ways, you can think of zembly like Wikipedia for social applications—a wiki for live, editable code that is more than just about trivial widgets, but rather about full-fledged social applications that can tap into the social graph and reach millions of users.

At zembly, you can easily and instantly...

  • author social applications using your browser
  • participate and collaborate with others around live, editable code
  • use the richness of popular web APIs to create your applications
  • publish your social applications to multiple social platforms with a single click"
zembly utilizes Sun hardware on while taking advantage of Sun's software stack the Solaris 10 Operating System, GlassFish application server and MySQL database.

Thursday Jun 05, 2008

JRuby on Rails in GlassFish Tutorial

There is a JRuby on Rails in GlassFish Tutorial available for the GlassFish v3 Technology Preview 2.

This tutorial shows you how to get started using JRuby on Rails on the GlassFish v3 Technology Preview 2 Application Server by covering the following topics:

Wednesday Jun 04, 2008

Glassfish v2 UR2 ML released

Glassfish v2 UR2 ML has been released with updated language support:

Tuesday Jun 03, 2008

OSGi Best Practices Preso

Useful preso on OSGi from BJ Hargrave and Peter Kriens from the OSGi Alliance.

Wednesday May 21, 2008

CommunityOne 2008 - GlassFish Sessions: uStream Clips Available

In case you missed the GlassFish Sessions at CommunityOne 2008 this year, there are videos available via  You can find all the videos under TheAquarium: GlassFish @ CommunityOne. The video is mediocre, but the audio is very good.

Paul Sterk


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