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update on computer count

Ok, yesterday's exercise got me to thinking about how to minimize the number of machines/computers that I use. My first corrective action was to redefine a machine or computer and reduce the number. Today I won't count light switches or toilet flushes, just machines that have batteries or electricity other than things like lights, heater, air conditioner, and door bell (yes that would have counted yesterday but it wasn't used). Today the count is substantially less

1) clock
2) alarm
3) fridge
4) coffee grinder
5) coffee maker
6) second coffee maker (I was experimenting on grinding my own for a Senseo machine I got for Christmas. It was a real failure)
7) griddle for tortillias and eggs
8) cell phone
9-11) computer, network hub, internet modem
12) car (it was parked in the driveway)
13-14) iPod and FM transmitter
15) cell phone charger
16) credit card processing machine
17) golden tee video game
18-19) laptop, wireless hub
20) tv, my kids turned it on after school
21) second car
22) garage door opener (this car does stay in the garage)
23) home phone
24) ice maker

not bad. almost half of yesterday and I don't expect to use much more tonight. Let's see if I can reduce it to less than 10 tomorrow. It will be difficult.

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