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    September 29, 2016

links to Corente tutorials and workshops

Rather than go through a full install of the Corente VPN configuration I thought I would post references to where I pulled tutorials. The obvious place to start is Corente Documentation. I would not start with this but would start with tutorials and workshops. The documentation is confusing and could lead you to locking your account and getting frustrated (trust me). Yesterday we talked about starting the install process. Normally we would go through a full install but rather than doing that I am going to reverence three documents that I found internal to Oracle.

My favorite of the three is the Workshop because it goes through pictures on how to install and configure with step by step instructions. It starts out by installing Linux in the Oracle Cloud and configuring it to be the App Manager console then gets the Orchestration up and running to start the gateway in the cloud. The single change that I would make with this configuration is to configure the on premise system using a Linux image in VirtualBox locally rather than doing it from Firefox on your desktop. If you follow the same steps that you did to spin up a Linux image and install the packages in the cloud, you can do the same steps in VirtualBox. This deviation starts on page 26 with an install of Linux on a local VirtualBox and goes back to the Workshop without skipping a beat. I was able to follow the 52 page Workshop easier than the 76 page Cookbook. On the flip side, I do like the focus on network configuration in the Cookbook document for the cloud Linux instance.

The net of all this discussion is that there are various ways to configure Corente. It is a time consuming project and you can't just click a button and make it work. If you want to integrate your Cisco of Juniper router in your data center there are online instructions on configuring your router. We will not go through this because we don't have access to hardware to configure and play with.

In summary, this should be the last posting on Corente. It is a very powerful tool that allows you to create a virtual private network between computers in your home, office, or data center and computers in the cloud. It allows you to configure a typical two tier configuration in the Oracle Cloud and hide the database from the public internet while giving your DBAs and developers direct connection to the database. It also allows you to replicate your production systems that are running in your data center and create a high availability site in the Oracle Cloud. This can be done using NFS or SMB file shares and rsync to keep files synchronized or DataGuard to replicate database data between a two servers. Corente VPN allows you to create a trusted and secure communication link with your data center and the Oracle Cloud.

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