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    August 15, 2016

Cloud Marketplace

At OpenWorld 2013, Oracle announced the Cloud Marketplace. This is a place where customers can download or purchase solutions that are not stock out of the box images to boot from. For example, if you want a LAMP stack (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP) you could boot a Linux image, install the three other components as well as update the operating system with the latest patches. Alternatively you could search for LAMP in the Marketplace and get an image in a few minutes rather than building one.

The logic behind the Marketplace is that you have an account that is authorized to create a Compute Instance and give the account permission to upload bootable images from the Marketplace.

You also have to go into the Preferences menu and check the box that allows you to use this account to upload images.

Once you have the user that has permissions to create compute instances and a user that has permission to upload images, you can select an image and upload it to a cloud account. This is done easily by searching for an image. There are free images and images that you pay for. The pay images are typically bundled solutions that consist of one or more service with production quality software to solve a specific business problem. Oracle has many partners that provide both pay and free services for customers to use.

If, for example, we wanted to run a LAMP image, we would search for LAMP in the Marketplace.

We have the option of selecting a variety of Linux implementations (Oracle Linux, Ubuntu, etc) and loading this selection as a boot image. We will select an Oracle Linux implementation as an example.

When we select Get App it asks us to agree to legal terms and select the instance that we want the app to run in. It is important to note that the instance will default drop into the first zone available in your list. If you account has multiple zones associated with it, the bootable image will be dropped into the first zone and might or might not be available in the other zones. This is a known bug with the Marketplace that should be fixed if it has not already been fixes at the time of this posting.

Once you are done uploading the bootable disk you get a link to launch the compute console.

We can either continue with the provisioning of the instance by following the wizard or exiting out and launching a new instance. It is important to note that the new boot image will be listed as a private image since we uploaded it from the Marketplace. This allows us to load public or private images from a public or private Marketplace.

In June the Marketplace was changed to take advantage of Orchestrations. We talked about how these work two weeks ago and went through the configuration files. This week we will just accept the fast that these files will spin up our instance with an Apache Web Server, MySQL, and PHP. The entire process took just a few minutes and we have a running server. We can spin up new instances by copying the json Orchestration files and launch as many instances that we would like.

In summary, we used the Cloud Marketplace to load a pre-configure instance and launch it through either a compute wizard or by launching a new instance. You can learn more about the Marketplace in the online Cloud Marketplace documentation. Tomorrow we will talk about how to register as a partner to create images that you can sell or use as marketing tools to promote the name of your company.

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