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  • July 19, 2006

calendar and Motorola Q

The Motorola Q is one of the latest phone/pda combinations that runs Windows Mobile 5.0. Unfortunately it currently isn't supported through the Oracle Collab Suite

so I can't sync up email, calendar, and contacts. Fortunately, there is

a sync package that works for calendar, contacts, and tasks available

from Synthesis AG that appears to work.

The setting that I had to use are

 - Settings

    Contacts - Sync Mode: normal

    Events - Sync Mode: normal

    Events: Only Between - unchecked

    Tasks - Sync Mode: normal

    SyncML Server - http://collabsuite-syncml.oracle.com/syncml

    User name: my email address

    Password: my SSO email password

    Contacts: DB Path: ./Contacts

    Events: DB Path: ./Calendar/Events

    Tasks: DB Path: ./Calendar/Tasks

- Connection

    Preferred Connection when mobile: Internet

    Preferred Connection when in cradle: Internet

The version of the software is the SyncML Engine V2.5.0.64 for SmartPhone2003

Once I had this configured everything worked. The biggest complaints

that I have about this solution is that it does not auto connect and

sync everything. The sync connection requires that I manually sync the

data and pull new tasks, events, and contacts from the server. When I

was at Rice Unviersity we used the calendar server to schedule meetings

and everything was done with a push. If someone wanted a meeting, it

went into your calendar inbox and you either accepted or rejected the

meeting. My group at Oracle dosen't appear to use this feature very

much but uses cell phones and email as the primary communication

mechanism for scheduling. Other groups in the office use collab suite

more the way that I have used it in the past.

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Comments ( 3 )
  • Fred Schoonewille Friday, July 21, 2006
    Did you tried also to sync outside the default Synthesis SyncML client sync range?
    ./Calendar?/dr(-7,14): Synchronizes events and tasks seven days in the past to 14 days in the future.
    ./Calendar/Events?/dr(-30,60): Synchronizes events 30 days in the past to 60 days in the future.
    ./Calendar/Tasks?/dr(0,7): Synchronizes tasks from today to seven days in the future.
    Best Regards,
    Fred Schoonewille
  • Pat Shuff Friday, July 21, 2006
    I was not using the sync range. The only options I see with the Synthesis client is to sync "Events: Only between" and the rang is limited to signle digits for days before to and single digits for after today. I did check the checkbox for this item.
  • Matt Augustson Monday, August 7, 2006
    I also have recently purchased a Q and was able to get Oracle's Push Mail and Data Sync installed and working. Make sure you register your phone on the collabsuite Wireless page after that the download sent via SMS messaging worked like a champ.
    Good luck.
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