Monday Nov 10, 2008

Milestone 6 and JSR 289 TCK.

Raison d'etre for Milestone 6 ...

SailFin 1.0 reached another milestone when we passed the JSR289 TCK with build 59. This build is available as the Milestone 6 build and can be downloaded here .

In addition to passing the JSR 289 TCK, there have been additional fixes in the following areas :
• Sip Session Replication
• Converged Load Balancer
• Administration
• Sip Container
• Annotation support

We fixed around 141 issues between Oct 6th and Nov10. Thats quite a number and a big reason why you should try out this Milestone.

In case you want to test Sailfin in a pre-production scenario, this would be a good time, since we have fixed issues that cropped up during longevity runs.

Monday Oct 13, 2008

We just crossed Milestone 5

Wikipedia defines Milestone as not only a sign a of distance traveled but also as an indication of the direction being taken.

So , what's the point ?
Sailfin is headed for a General Availability release around 15th of December, and as a step in the direction we have completed adding the additional features needed by JSR289 which were not present in Sailfin 1.0 Alpha.

The API now refers to the Final Release of the JSR 289 . The additional work includes support for
• IWR ( Invalidate when Ready) mechanism for Sip Sessions
• Support for RFC 3891 and RFC 3911
• Support for Application Router Provider mechanism.
• Support for annotations defined by JSR289 ( @SipApplication, @SipApplicationKey, @SipServlet and @SipListener)
• Support for RFC 4474 as defined in the JSR289.
&bull and more ...

Apart from the updates on the JSR289 what's now new and improved is :
• an access log for SIP Messages is now available, which can be configured from the domain.xml (under sip-service)
• SIP and HTTP Session replication , which now moves to a beta quality state, from an alpha quality that it was in August and CLB ( Converged Load Balancer)
• support for a 6 instance cluster using a 32 bit JVM. New improved Shoal bits.

Where can one get all these and more ?
Milestone 5 !!
Sailfin 1.0 b54 is the build that signifies that we have reached another Milestone and that would be Milestone 5 following our numbering convention so far ...

Download MS5
Try it
Find Issues ? File Issues !!
Questions and Feedback ? is the address to direct all of these.

Wednesday Aug 13, 2008

SailFin 1.0 Alpha is here !!

We are releasing SailFin 1.0 Alpha today !
Why Alpha and why now ?
They say that an open source project is in a perpetual beta. Agreed ! Sailfin crossed MS4 early this year in April, where most of the features that we expect to support in 1.0 was in. However there was a need to start testing the Application Server more thoroughly , so that users/developers could use it more reliably to prototype their applications and evaluate the capabilities of Sailfin. The last few months have been spent on testing and stabilizing Sailfin in a cluster setup and also fixing key issues across all modules . Hence this may be a good time to expose this tested binary to all the developers for evaluation and feedback.

What constitutes this Alpha release ?
This release has all the features that were there in the MS4. These features have been tested functionally and key issues have been fixed. In addition tests have been run on Sailfin in a multi-instance cluster setup for a 7 days in a row and issues uncovered were fixed.

In short, modules like
• Administration
• Deployment
SIP Network Manager
• SIP Container

are more robust and stable now. The focus on the SIP Network Manager has been on the TCP side.

JSR 289 was approved a month ago and we are working on making the SIP Servlet Container compliant with JSR289. Its still work in progress and the work is happening as I type !

Other features which are available but are of an Alpha quality are
High Availability ( SIP and HTTP Session Replication )
Converged Load Balancer
Application Router ( With a facility to deploy a custom Application Router)
OverLoadProtection for SIP Container

It would be good to have your feedback and / or issues on all these features and Sailfin in general. BTW, we have a new look for the download page as well !

Sunday Dec 23, 2007

Project Sailfin crosses Milestone 3

Project Sailfin is expected to deliver its first release of the Communications Application Server , in June of 2008. The schedule is based on a milestone model wherein, each milestone corresponds to a set of features added. This helps dividing up the dependencies to be satisfied first in the earlier milestone, and also helps in planning of resources.

We hit Milestone 3 on Dec 10th 2007, and a certified binary corresponding to the Milestone 3 features has been made available since Dec 22nd.

So what does a certified binary mean ?
Typically a certified binary has has series of regression tests, sanity tests run. These tests validate the basic container level features such as that of the SIP Container, EJB Container, Web Container. In addition that the Java EE TCKs are run to make sure that the Application Server remains compliant to the  Java EE spec. In case of the Milestone builds of Sailfin, key functional tests corresponding to the new features are also used to certify the builds. This helps us isolate the known issues in these new features and also to propose workarounds.

What's new in MS3 ?
The main features that got delivered in this Milestone are in the areas of Deployment, Administration and Monitoring of the SIP Container, CLB (Converged Load Balancer), Security .There were also features in Session replication that are available now, but the plan is that Session Replication is expected to be completed only by Jan 21st 2007. Here is a list of features with some details.

Support for Annotations in JSR289
Annotations like SipSessionListener, SipApplicationKey, SipApplication, SipSessionAttributeListener, SipServletListener,

Administration for SIP Container
Support in the CLI for creating trust entities, managing sip-service elements
Support in the GUI for creating trust entities, managing sip-service elements
Support in the CLI and GUI for creating loadbalancer configuration

Monitoring of the SIP Container
The monitored parameters are mentioned here
CLI support for manipulating the monitoring levels

Support for Run-As functionality for SIP Servlets
Support for providing p-asserted identity as a method authentication
Trusted domains can be configured in the central repository and can be configured via the CLI

Converged LoadBalancer
Support for ConsistentHash Algorithm for HTTP and SIP requests
Support for round robin algorithm for HTTP requests.

Session replication
Replication of the following SIP artifacts
SipApplicationSessions, SipSessions, ServletTimers, DialogFragments
In addition to this HTTP Session and SFSB replication is also supported.

What's next ?
Our next milestone is on Jan 21st 2008 which is the feature freeze date for all modules including Session Replication and JSR289 based SIP Container. There is a small caveat as far as JSR289 based container goes, since the spec. has not gone final yet, one can never say that the code has been frozen till the spec is final. Hence the plan for JSR289 based container is to get the code as close to the JSR289 PR draft as possible.

The feature freeze on January 21st would be the freeze for the beta release of Sailfin, due in March of 2008. We are looking to stabilize the features that have come in , between now and Jan 21st. Any and every feedback that comes would contribute towards the quality of the product. The detailed schedule is available here

Getting the binary
The Milestone3 binary can be obtained from here.
One can also navigate through the download link on the Sailfin site to the download page, where
Nightly Builds ( unstable , built every night )
Promoted Builds ( stable , built every week )
Milestone Builds ( stable and certified )
can be downloaded.
Bugs are expected and we welcome them and they can be filed at IssueTracker




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