Tuesday Sep 08, 2009

Sailfin hits Hard Code Freeze

The Hard Code Freeze for Sailfin v2.0  development has been reached. What this means is that we stop adding code and fix issues which are a must-fix . Most issues that fall into this category are those which result from Stress test issues and regressions in functionality and boo-boos ( end of the day we are all humans :-) )

The last 6 weeks has seen some hectic activity in testing as well bug fixes. Here is a list of issues that have been fixed and integrated since Soft Code Freeze.  In addition the Application Server has also been subjected to Stress Tests lasting upto 169 hours. These tests include tests for testing the behaviour of a clustered setup with Session Replication enabled in the event of a failure.

You can download the Hard Code Freeze build of Sailfin here .

Monday Apr 21, 2008

SailFin @ Milestone4 moves towards Beta !

Sailfin hit MS4 early in April ! We could have called it the "Spring Milestone" after the last milestone was released in "Winter" around Christmas. We called it MS4 instead following the convention.

Yes its been a while since we put up a milestone, however there is a reason for that happening that way !

The main additions in this Milestone can be found here

In terms of features, this milestone was more of a top-up . However there has been a significant value add in terms of testing, both functional as well as system testing. While the product has still not undergone all the stress that we expect to subject it to , its looking better than ever before on that front.

We had planned for a beta , around this time frame , however while we were planning for the beta , the JSR 289 Specification was in the Public Release stage and there were couple of open issues that the EG was trying to sort out in the spec.  Of course the EG has made
rapid strides in the last four weeks and now the spec. is in the PFD2 stage.

Given that and some quaility issues that we saw in the product, it made a lot of sense to put out a milestone release now and have a beta later on.We are now planning for a beta in Summer and we will keep the community posted !

Looking forward to the testing , feedback and inputs from the community!

SailFin blogs has had quite a few entries around CLB, Application Router and DNS .

SailFin also features at Java One this year
- there is a HandOn Lab that showcase how a converged application can be developed using NetBeans and SailFin and there is a technical session that talks about the architecture of SailFin. There is also another HandsOn Lab that
talks about performance tuning !

Sunday Dec 23, 2007

Project Sailfin crosses Milestone 3

Project Sailfin is expected to deliver its first release of the Communications Application Server , in June of 2008. The schedule is based on a milestone model wherein, each milestone corresponds to a set of features added. This helps dividing up the dependencies to be satisfied first in the earlier milestone, and also helps in planning of resources.

We hit Milestone 3 on Dec 10th 2007, and a certified binary corresponding to the Milestone 3 features has been made available since Dec 22nd.

So what does a certified binary mean ?
Typically a certified binary has has series of regression tests, sanity tests run. These tests validate the basic container level features such as that of the SIP Container, EJB Container, Web Container. In addition that the Java EE TCKs are run to make sure that the Application Server remains compliant to the  Java EE spec. In case of the Milestone builds of Sailfin, key functional tests corresponding to the new features are also used to certify the builds. This helps us isolate the known issues in these new features and also to propose workarounds.

What's new in MS3 ?
The main features that got delivered in this Milestone are in the areas of Deployment, Administration and Monitoring of the SIP Container, CLB (Converged Load Balancer), Security .There were also features in Session replication that are available now, but the plan is that Session Replication is expected to be completed only by Jan 21st 2007. Here is a list of features with some details.

Support for Annotations in JSR289
Annotations like SipSessionListener, SipApplicationKey, SipApplication, SipSessionAttributeListener, SipServletListener,

Administration for SIP Container
Support in the CLI for creating trust entities, managing sip-service elements
Support in the GUI for creating trust entities, managing sip-service elements
Support in the CLI and GUI for creating loadbalancer configuration

Monitoring of the SIP Container
The monitored parameters are mentioned here
CLI support for manipulating the monitoring levels

Support for Run-As functionality for SIP Servlets
Support for providing p-asserted identity as a method authentication
Trusted domains can be configured in the central repository and can be configured via the CLI

Converged LoadBalancer
Support for ConsistentHash Algorithm for HTTP and SIP requests
Support for round robin algorithm for HTTP requests.

Session replication
Replication of the following SIP artifacts
SipApplicationSessions, SipSessions, ServletTimers, DialogFragments
In addition to this HTTP Session and SFSB replication is also supported.

What's next ?
Our next milestone is on Jan 21st 2008 which is the feature freeze date for all modules including Session Replication and JSR289 based SIP Container. There is a small caveat as far as JSR289 based container goes, since the spec. has not gone final yet, one can never say that the code has been frozen till the spec is final. Hence the plan for JSR289 based container is to get the code as close to the JSR289 PR draft as possible.

The feature freeze on January 21st would be the freeze for the beta release of Sailfin, due in March of 2008. We are looking to stabilize the features that have come in , between now and Jan 21st. Any and every feedback that comes would contribute towards the quality of the product. The detailed schedule is available here

Getting the binary
The Milestone3 binary can be obtained from here.
One can also navigate through the download link on the Sailfin site to the download page, where
Nightly Builds ( unstable , built every night )
Promoted Builds ( stable , built every week )
Milestone Builds ( stable and certified )
can be downloaded.
Bugs are expected and we welcome them and they can be filed at IssueTracker

Monday Dec 10, 2007

Presence of Sailfin @ IMSAA 2007

I attended a conference ( IMSAA 2007 ) on IMS Architectures and Applications in Bangalore last week. Here is a brief trip report !

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