Tuesday Oct 13, 2009

Kenai.com Site Maintenance Scheduled

Please note:

For approximately 30 minutes on Tuesday, October 13th between 9:00 and 9:30PM Pacific Standard Time, kenai.com/jira will not be accessible while we make upgrades.

We apologize for any inconveniences this may cause users.

If you encounter any issues after 9:30PM please inform us by sending e-mail to kenai-admin<at>sun<dot>com.

- The Project Kenai Team

Tuesday Aug 18, 2009

Routine Kenai.com Maintenance Scheduled on 8/18

We're making improvements to Kenai.com tonight and JIRA may experience access issues from 9:30-10pm PT.

We apologize in advance for any inconveniences.

 The Project Kenai Team

Friday Aug 07, 2009

Some background Maintenance on Kenai.com

We've just been informed that the registration service that we rely on is going through maintenance on its service hardware starting on Friday, August 7th at 8:00PM and ending on Saturday, August 8th at 10PM Pacific time.  During this time, you will not be able to create new accounts on the Kenai.com site, nor will you be able to update your existing profile data or password.

The rest of the site should continue to function normally.  All Kenai specific services, such as SCM, Issue Tracking, etc. will not be effected.

As usual, if you experience anything, other then what is stated above, during this period, please send an email to kenai-admin<at>sun.com.

Sorry for the inconvenience.  We are working with this dependency to try and remove these continued interruptions.

The Project Kenai Team 

Monday Jun 29, 2009

NetBeans 6.7 Ships!


The NetBeans Team is proud to announce the availability of NetBeans IDE 6.7!

Download NetBeans 6.7 Now

The focus of NetBeans IDE 6.7 is connectivity—helping developers to connect to the latest technologies and to each other. New features include integration with Project Kenai, a collaborative environment for developers to host their open-source projects; native Maven support, and Hudson integration.

Building on the success of previous releases, NetBeans IDE 6.7 offers enhancements for Java, PHP, Ruby, JavaScript, Groovy and C/C++, and more. Additional highlights include a self-diagnostic Profiler, and support for SVG Rich Components, remote debugging in Ruby, and the latest version of GlassFish. The release also provides plug-in support for Zembly, a single registry and repository for popular Web APIs.

Providing superior support for multiple languages and innovative team support through Project Kenai, the NetBeans IDE 6.7 is the ideal tool for developers to stay connected to their teams and to the latest technologies!

NetBeans IDE 6.7 is available in English, Brazilian Portuguese, Japanese and Simplified Chinese. There are several community-contributed localization efforts underway to support additional languages. Join the efforts today.

 More information about NetBeans IDE 6.7:

The NetBeans Team welcomes and encourages feedback about your experience using the IDE. Share your thoughts on the NetBeans mailing lists and forums. If you blog about NetBeans add your blog to Planet NetBeans. Follow NetBeans on Twitter for updates about NetBeans news and development. 

Monday May 11, 2009

Help Us Improve Project Kenai!

 Your Opinion Matters!

Please take our 5 minute Project Kenai Survey and share your thoughts.  Your input will help us deliver a better experience to you!

Take The Survey 


Monday Apr 27, 2009

What is Your Project on Kenai.com?

So many amazing projects now live at Kenai.com! From JRuby, to TwitterFX, to Alice, and more.  The community is building out some amazing projects for developers' participation.

But what about your project? Are you getting the level of community interest and participation that you need? If not,  there's some steps YOU can take to stir interest. First and foremost, provide as many details as you can on your project page.  How do you do this? Simple, from your "MyPage" click on "Manage" for any project you're administering and fill in information.  Make sure you have a solid project description; briefly outline what you're trying to accomplish, what technologies are involved, if you want developers' participation, etc.  Also, fill out the tag field with as many terms that map to your project; this will make it easier for interested parties to find your project from the project tag cloud.

 Manage Your Project

To learn more about how to manage your project, watch this brief screencast.

Also, if you want more exposure for your project, let us know! Send us an e-mail requesting us to highlight your project on Kenai.com's featured project section.  Or perhaps we can reference it on our Kenai Blog, in our Kenai Facebook community, or a mention on our Kenai Twitter voice.  Simply send your request to: kenai-admin<at>Sun<dot>com.

Furthermore, if you have the time, we can interview you on our Kenai BlogTalk Radio show! Again, just drop us a note, and we'll coordinate directly with you.

 Lastly, socialize your project at Kenai.com through your social networks! Blog a lot, blog often! Twitter about it (use #projectkenai so it shows up in our feed, as well - more exposure for you!).

 Let us help you make your code grow at Kenai.com! 

Friday Apr 24, 2009

Make Your Kenai Voice Heard!


Congratulations Kenai Community!

Project Kenai has surpassed 6,000 members and will exceed hosting 400 open source projects very soon (a matter of hours!).

With interest and use of Kenai growing every day, we'd love to hear why you enjoy using Project Kenai. Tell the world! Simply blog about using "Kenai" as a tag, or tweet about it on Twitter (make sure to use #projectkenai so it shows up in our Kenai Twitter feed).

Make your Kenai Voice Heard!

Tuesday Apr 21, 2009

Project Kenai is off to Rails Conference!


Surprise, surprise!

Project Kenai is on the road again.  This time we're at Rails Conference-Las Vegas (May 4th-May 7th).

Double down you bets, and come see the Kenai Team (we'll be there in full force!). Stop by our Sun booth to learn about our NetBeans and Kenai integration that is evolving, perhaps we'll even tease a little in terms of what's coming down the road (shhh!).  We even have a Kenai talk in the mix!

Here's a full line-up of Sun speakers, linked to their sessions:

Nick Sieger Nick Sieger (Kenai Engineering Guru)

Arun Gupta Arun Gupta (Glassfish Evangelist)

Charles Nutter Charles Nutter (jRuby Guru)

Thomas Enebo Thomas Enebo (jRuby Guru)


Stop by, learn a lot, have some fun!

Friday Apr 03, 2009

Project Kenai and NetBeans

The connected developer experience with kenai.com just got more richer! With the release of NetBeans 6.7 Milestone 3, you can now access your Kenai project from the IDE.

Click Here to learn more

Wednesday Mar 25, 2009

Hooray! Project Kenai Now Offers Support for Git!

Rejoice! You now have 3 source code management options for your projects. Subversion, Mercurial, and now Git!

Learn more on how to access a Git repository for your project at Kenai.com.

Wednesday Mar 04, 2009

Project Kenai Is On The Road Again - E-Tech 2009


Project Kenai is on the road again!

Come meet with Kenai Team Members at O'Reilly's E-Tech Conference in San Jose, CA (March 9th - 12th).  We've got new things to show, and who knows, maybe some things to give away!

Wednesday Feb 25, 2009

Help Us Improve Kenai's UI

Calling all Kenai users!

We're very interested to know your opinion regarding our Project Kenai User Interface. What do you like, hate, would like to see from a look and feel perspective?

Tell us how you really feel and make your voice heard!

Simply drop us an e-mail: Kenai-UI-Feedback[at]sun.com

Your input will make the site rock even louder!

Tuesday Feb 17, 2009

Sun Tech Days - Hyderabad

Project Kenai is on the road again! We're now in Hyderabad, India participating in Sun Tech Days.  Click here for more info

Sun Tech Days - Hyderabad

Tuesday Feb 03, 2009

Sun Tech Days - Singapore; What a ride!

All I can say is, "What a trip!"

Traveling to Singapore for Sun Tech Days was an experience of a lifetime!  First, a little about the host country.  Arrving in Singapore on Sunday, January, 18th, I was amazed at the raw beauty and cleanliness.  For a country only 707 square kilometers in size, it sure looked BIG!  Despite it's size, Singapore has a rich history, one that merges many cultures (Malay, Hindu, Chinese, Korean, and of course all the Brits and Australians) and is sort of at the crossroads of Asia commerce.  Even the name (Singapore), has a rich history.  "Singapore" is the English word for "Singapura", which means Lion City. This word originated when Sang Nila Utama, an Indonesian prince, set sail and discovered Singapore. He saw what he thought was a lion, which was actually a tiger on the island running at great speed, and since that was the first thing he saw on the island, he decided to name it Lion City, or Singapura.  WOW!  If you ever get the opportunity visit Singapore, take it!  And try the black pepper crabs!

 With that flavor in mind and spirit, I went on to participate in Sun Tech Days - Singapore (hoping to bring the same lion spirit of the country to the event).  It was a 2 day event filled with lots of technical sessions covering many technologies from Sun, an impressive Keynote from Jeff Jackson (Senior Vice President, Solaris Enginering), as well as a jam packed exhibitor pavilion where Sun and partners showcased some of the best emerging technologies.  My good friend, Arun Gupta (GlassFish Expert Extraordinaire) captures the event with many pictures you can see here.

On Day #2, the keynote was led by Matt Thomspon (Senior Director of Engineering).  His focus was on the "Cloud," a pretty nebulous term for many, but he put it into context regarding what Sun's approach is and will be.  Stay tuned for more!  As part of his keynote, I got a chance to showcase Project Kenai to the audience.  We walked through the site, the rich set of collaboration features, and how to get involved.  I was very grateful the audience didn't throw tomatos at me, it was my first time being part of a keynote!  Anyway, the booth traffic spiked up considerably after the keynote.  Lots of folks with questions on Kenai, how to get involved, yadda, yadda, yadda.  Again, Arun did a great job capturing Day #2 with pictures.

 On the evening of Day #2, Sun helped sponsor the first ever Cloud Camp in Singapore.  The intention here was to have an open, unconference style conversation with parties interested in the whole "Cloud Computing" ecosystem.  Unfortuntately, the reception was a lukewarm.  Most attendees perceived this event as a Sun-driven discussion versus an open discussion for all.  It was never our intention to push a Sun agenda on Cloud Camp participants.  Being the MC for the event, I tried multiple times to keep the conversation neutral.  Sun should not have MC'd the event, rather just been a voice in the audience.  Lesson learned for next time.  My apologies to attendees if you walked away with a hallow feeling.  By all means, I'm open to having an ongoing dialogue about "Cloud" with you.  Just ping me: sharat[dot]chander[at]sun[dot]com

 Finally, on Thursday, January 22nd, we got a chance to present Project Kenai to a few hundred high school and college students who attended Sun's University Day at the National Library of Singapore.  What they got to see was a collection of some of the cool technologies Sun is working on.  I think the coolest thing that really resonated with the kids (I think I'm old enough now to make that reference, although I'm a kid at heart), was Project Wonderland.  The virtual world really grokked with them.  Kenai, seemed interesting but the feedback I got from many after the event was, "You need more social networking features, NOW!"  I hear you loud and clear and I'm taking your feedback directly back to the Kenai Team.

 I enjoyed the trip overall.  Great country, amazing people, and some of the smartest developers I've had the priveledge to speak with.  Thank you Singapore for being such an amazing host country for Sun Tech Days!

Wednesday Jan 14, 2009

Project Kenai Travels to Singapore

Project Kenai will participate in the Sun Tech Days event in Singapore (Jan. 20th - 21st). 

At Tech Days, we'll be featured in the Day #2 Keynote being given by Matt Thompson (Senior Director, Engineering) and Sharat Chander (Project Marketing Manager), and have a booth in the Exibitor pavilion.

 Sharat will also give a presentation and walk-through of Project Kenai at the University World Tour event on Jan. 22nd, also in Singapore.


Sharat Chander


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