Case Studies

Working Together

By Tony Kontzer

November 2009

The tight relationship EMC has with Oracle support and engineering has been nearly as important. The two companies have worked in tandem to solve any issues that arise and to provide a valuable, real-world feedback loop to Oracle’s development teams. Whether it has encountered software bugs or feature gaps, EMC has been in direct contact with Oracle. The two have also worked together to combine the flexibility of Oracle technology with EMC’s information protection capabilities in order to proactively monitor both the database and application tiers, allowing EMC to ensure that its applications are performing at the right service levels.

The combination of Oracle’s technology, EMC’s measured approach to IT transformation, and a spirit of teamwork between the two companies has resulted in such a fine-tuned environment that Oracle made EMC the focus of a Customer Showcase event in July, held at EMC’s corporate headquarters in Hopkinton, Massachusetts. Some 40 Oracle customers gathered to learn more about the best practices EMC has established for getting the most out of its Oracle stack, and the demos they witnessed provided compelling evidence of what’s possible.

For example, EMC showed how it has configured its Oracle Fusion Middleware and Oracle E-Business Suite 11i environments to automatically respond to issues with live customer deployments, enabling it to dispatch repair technicians before the customer is even aware there’s a problem.

“When you show customers a demo, there’s always a healthy and valid skepticism as to whether the technology really works,” says David O’Neill, vice president, Enterprise Solutions Group, at Oracle. “When you show them a live system that’s running a business, that’s the real deal.”

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