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Where Is Your Company on the Path to Digital Transformation?

Fall 2016

Take our 11-question online assessment to find out—and learn why digital transformation is so important. Here’s a sample of what you’ll find online.


What is the primary way your company/organization is increasing its agility as part of its digital transformation? (Choose one)

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  • We’ve adopted more iterative product development techniques to shorten the product lifecycle.
  • We’ve created digital feedback loops so that we can monitor customer usage of our products/services and their preferences, and we are using that data to respond more quickly with new features and/or products.
  • We’ve revamped or replaced internal processes or systems that couldn’t keep pace with our digital strategy.
  • We haven’t significantly improved our business agility.

To what extent is your company/organization using cloud software, infrastructure, and/or platform services? (Choose one)

  • Minimally: Industry regulations and/or our management philosophy discourage us from using cloud services.
  • Case by case: We’re implementing cloud services in niche areas and/or to support specific projects.
  • Broadly and strategically: We’re moving a variety of our applications, application development, databases, infrastructure, and other IT assets to the cloud.
  • Cloud first: Everything that can go to the cloud is going to the cloud unless there’s a compelling reason not to do so.

To what extent are your company’s digital investments transforming your business model—changing the types of products/services you sell, how you go to market, the customers you serve, etc.? (Choose one)

Action Items
  • Negligibly: Our business model, products, and customer base remain largely unchanged in this digital era.
  • Marginally: We’re just starting to see results from our digital investments, but we’re confident they will have a material impact on our business a year or two down the road.
  • Substantially: Our digital investments are bringing in new customers and increasing the loyalty of existing ones, while also having a materially positive impact on growth and profit margins.
  • Absolutely: New digital features, functionality, products, and channels have transformed almost every aspect of our business, turning us from reactive responders to aggressive innovators and disruptors.

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