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Five Ideas: Value Chain

January 2015

In January, Oracle will host the Oracle Value Chain Summit, which brings together the best and brightest professionals—thought leaders, technology experts, and peers from across industries and across the value chain. The summit will feature more than 150 conference sessions and 100 exhibitors, who will demonstrate the latest supply chain solutions.


Here, find out how to register for the summit. Plus, hear about new Oracle solutions that can help executives gain extra visibility into their business and streamline how work gets done.

“This year’s overall theme is ‘Enabling Agents of Change,’ and for us, change agents are supply chain professionals who are passionate about enhancing their businesses. We want to show them why they can rely on Oracle solutions to do that successfully.” —Oracle Senior Director for Value Chain Management John Murphy

“The new Oracle Product Value Chain Cloud solutions provide a connected approach that enables organizations to innovate, develop, and commercialize—translating the best ideas into profitable products. With these new services, organizations can improve top-line and bottom-line results.”—Oracle Group Vice President, Product Value Chain Applications Jon Chorley

“The Oracle solution for Project-Driven Supply Chain [provides] visibility into project data that enables project management and supply chain planning teams to closely collaborate throughout the lifecycle of the project.” —Oracle Vice President, Value Chain Planning Applications Development Roger Goossens

“Our objective was to seamlessly connect front office, execution, and back office. By making relevant data available in a timely manner, we make execution simpler, safer, and easier for our drivers.” —Schneider Executive Vice President and CIO Judy Lemke

“…We invite specific suppliers that we want to work with rather than opening the doors to anyone. Before we had the Oracle SLM solution in place, that process could be really confusing to suppliers, and often it seemed to them like they were doing the same paperwork multiple times. But now, onboarding is streamlined from their perspective, and I think that helps them, too.” —Ameren Manager of Supply, Services, Process and Systems Chris Nelms

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