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Unleashing the Intelligent Enterprise

See How Accenture and Oracle Can Accelerate Your Digital Journey

An Interview with Terri Strauss, Senior Managing Director, Oracle Business Group, Accenture

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Exciting changes are taking shape all around us. Disruptive technology advances such as the cloud, artificial intelligence (AI), blockchain, and the Internet of Things (IoT) are redefining the way we work and live. Accenture and Oracle have been at the forefront of these technology advances for decades. Together we’re helping our customers drive their digital transformation forward quickly and efficiently—to become intelligent enterprises.

Q: Why does Accenture focus on elucidating the trends that define the future—and how is Oracle technology at the heart of these trends?

Terri Strauss, Senior Managing Director,Oracle Business Group, Accenture

Terri Strauss, Senior Managing Director, Oracle Business Group, Accenture

A: Accenture’s clients expect us to do more than simply implement systems. They expect us to guide them on their transformational journey. As technology evolves faster and faster, it’s more important than ever to show our clients what lies ahead so that they can incorporate it into their strategies. Oracle has been consistently front and center among these trends, and we help our clients realize the benefits of the latest Oracle technologies.

Q: How do Accenture and Oracle help their clients shift to cloudfirst models and unleash the intelligent enterprise?

A: We lead with advisory services and focus on transformation. Whether it’s transforming financial systems, workforce management, customer experience, or other areas, we bring a deep understanding of the innovation, industries, and technologies that drive digital businesses. We then map out a customized journey to the cloud, leveraging the full suite of Oracle technologies. With our deep capabilities— nearly 54,000 Accenture Oracle practitioners—we rigorously build and execute a plan to drive the cloud journey. Ultimately, we help businesses use Oracle technologies to make the move to cloud-first strategies quickly and efficiently.

Q: What are the five emerging trends shaping the way technology increases business impact across society?

A: To help our clients understand what’s around the corner, we consider the latest technology trends and overlay them with Oracle solutions. The first of the trends is Citizen AI, with a focus on leveraging AI to benefit business and society. Second, we concentrate on Extended Reality (XR), which is about removing the distance between people, information, and experiences. Data Veracity, the third trend, emphasizes the importance of trust and delivering better data for better insights and decisions. Fourth, Frictionless Business focuses on helping businesses establish partnerships quickly with third parties and at scale. Finally, the Internet of Thinking trend is about the opportunity that distributed systems—think wearables—can create for a variety of business applications.

Accenture’s clients expect us to do more than simply implement systems. They expect us to guide them on their transformational journey.”–Terri Strauss, Senior Managing Director, Oracle Business Group, Accenture

Q: How are Oracle’s database resources and continued investment in digital technology a catalyst for your clients to be at the heart of proactive change?

A: Virtually all of our enterprise clients employ Oracle’s databases, and Oracle continues to innovate at the center of advancing technologies. With enhancements like I mentioned before—blockchain, AI, and the autonomous database—our clients can ride Oracle technology and stay at the forefront of those trends. They don’t have to switch to stay ahead of competitors; they can simply continue to adopt Oracle’s leading technologies as they evolve.

Q: What is the Accenture Cloud Suite, and how does it deliver the full range of Oracle cloud-based solutions for customers?

A: Accenture Cloud Suite for Oracle is a delivery platform that allows us to customize solutions, reduce implementation time, and lower the risk of each client’s journey to the cloud with a combination of innovative delivery assets and accelerators. Cloud Suite is organized into four quadrants: architecting, accelerating, automating, and delivering. Implementing each quadrant as part of a customized journey to the cloud, we help our customers develop the best solutions to drive the intelligent enterprise.

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This advertorial was originally published in Profit, Summer 2018.