Special Report: Trends to Watch in 2015

What’s topping your to-do list in 2015?

January 2015

“Executives know they need to pay attention to today’s technology trends, such as big data, cloud computing, and gamification,” says Profit Editor-in-Chief Aaron Lazenby. “But they may still feel concerned about the best way to transform these concepts into smart initiatives that drive their business forward.”


That’s why Profit asked a range of experts both inside and outside of Oracle to help break down the top trends of 2015. Read what they have to say about how you can build an IT strategy to help your company become more agile and innovative—and effectively engage your workforce.

Trends in IT: How to Spark Innovation in the IT Organization
“With so many companies focusing on innovation as a strategic survival initiative, why aren’t we seeing more commitment from the IT department?” asks Ron de Jong, a senior director on the Insight & IT Strategy team at Oracle.

Trends in IT: How to Simplify Increasingly Complex IT Infrastructures
“If you follow the steps to simplification, you will find your IT organization buoyant, responsive, and ready to go with speed and agility to whatever destination the business needs,” says Sten Vesterli, an Oracle ACE Director and senior principal consultant with Scott/Tiger.

Trends in Data Management: Unlock the True Value Proposition of Big Data
“Looking at 2015 and beyond, organizations will continue to institute big data strategies as they get more comfortable with the collection, aggregation, and analysis of different sources of data,” says Ron Batra, an Oracle ACE Director and senior director of technology at Equinix.

Trends in Cloud Computing: Rise of the Hybrid Cloud
“When exploring strategies for the cloud, it is vital for executives to review relevant medium- to long-term trends and other factors that will affect the decision-making process,” says Nitin Manoharan, a senior manager on the Insight & IT Strategy team at Oracle.

Trends in the Public Sector: The Third Wave of IoT is Revolutionizing Cities
“It’s best to begin [preparing for the Internet of Things] by prioritizing the initiatives based on the perceived value to the citizen, ease of implementation, and maturity of technology,” says Khaled AlSaleh, a senior director on the Insight & IT Strategy team at Oracle.

Trends in Security: Five Developments to Expect in 2015
“New connectivity uses will continue to make Jane Doe’s life on the internet even more fun and convenient. However, in order to prepare for the coming trends affecting security and privacy on the internet, she, along with organizations operating online, will have to proactively prepare,” says Amitava Ghosh, a principal business analyst with the Oracle Insight team.

Trends in the Workplace: Gamification in the Enterprise
Gamification, the use of game elements and psychology in a nongame context, is getting people engaged and energized about a product or service,” says Susan Poser, a senior director on the Insight & Customer Strategy team at Oracle. “So, if it can work with companies and their customers, why couldn’t it work for employers and employees?”

Trends in Tech Careers: Prepare for and Manage Disruption
“Given the continuing disruption in the industry, how can workers in the technology sector manage their careers in 2015?” asks Karen Armon, an executive-level career coach and Profit’s career expert.

Trends in the Public Sector: E-Governance Enables Better, More Transparent Services
“Governments across the world are realizing the positive impact of empowering citizens by leveraging technology to provide more efficient and more transparent services,” says Subramanian Iyer, a senior director on the Insight & Customer Strategy team at Oracle.

Trends in IT: The Next-Generation Internet of Things
The convergence of three trends—computing at the edge, networks of devices, and cloud-scale big data analytics—is enabling IoT-based transformation in every industry,” says Yashpaul Singh Dogra, a senior director on the Insight & IT Strategy team at Oracle.

Trends in Cloud Computing: The Rise of SaaS and PaaS
“I predict that, in 2015 and beyond, PaaS for SaaS will emerge as the de-facto way to extend Oracle Applications in a safe, manageable, and cost-effective way,” says Debra Lilley, an Oracle ACE Director and vice president of Certus Cloud Services at Certus-Solutions.

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