Special Report: Top Trends for 2014

Profit brought together thought leaders – both within and outside of Oracle – to provide insights about the biggest trends in areas including security, cloud computing, communications, and human resources.

January 2014

What was the biggest theme tying together the top trends for 2014? Disruptive innovation. “The experts we spoke to understand how new technologies and business strategies are fundamentally shaking up old markets and creating new opportunities,” says Profit's Editor in Chief Aaron Lazenby. “And they know how business leaders can capitalize on them to create competitive advantages.”


Read our special report to learn how to use disruptive innovation – from the Internet of Things to SaaS deployment models for big data -- to shape your business strategy for the coming year, and beyond.

Trends in Security: The Transparent World–When Nothing Is Secret
“The speed of change that technology brings means that every organization will face unprecedented transparency within the next few years,” says Sten Vesterli, an Oracle Applications User Experience Advocate and an Oracle ACE Director.

Trends in Tech Careers: Three Micro-Trends to Watch
“The need for businesses to have well-rounded professionals who can ‘be in the room’ when talk about new products and services that customers want and desire is paramount,” says Karen Armon, executive-level career coach and author of the book, Market Your Potential, Not Your Past.

Trends in IT Services: Redefining the Economics of Technology
“Three main area of focus—accelerating scope of services, extracting value of data, and innovating business models—are top of mind for leading companies,” says Yashpaul Dogra, senior director of Oracle Insight for Data Center Technologies.

Trends in Infrastructure: The Internet of Things
“The first applications of the Internet of Things will be in business processes such as the remote maintenance of industrial machinery, supply-chain optimization and security, and infrastructure management,” says Sunil Maulik, who runs workshops on problem-solving using design and innovation thinking, behavior change, and habit formation.

Trends in Cloud Computing: Big Data's New Home
“Analyzing the data where it resides—either in internal or public clouds—makes big data in the cloud more appealing in terms of cost and gaining faster insights,” says Satyendra Kumar Pasalapudi, practice manager in the Infrastructure Managed Services Team at Apps Associates and an Oracle ACE.

Trends in Customer Experience: Data-Driven Customer Strategy
“A successful, data-driven customer strategy includes three critical elements: a modern data platform, customer information discovery, and rapid operational integration,” says Mark A. Stevens, vice president of Oracle Insight and Customer Strategy, where he leads the team’s Customer Experience global strategy practice.

Trends in Data Management: Choosing the Right Data Strategy
“The advent of big data is leading to more complex architecture deployments, increasing spend and making data retrieval a gargantuan task,” says Subramanian Iyer, senior director of Oracle Insight for Data Center Technologies.

Trends in Enterprise IT: Convergence
“Fluid and flexible business models and technology architectures with a high degree of interoperability will differentiate businesses that can realize the full potential of big data, cloud computing and IoT,” says Ron Batra, a director of Cloud Product Development at AT&T and an Oracle ACE Director.

Trends in Cloud Computing: The Delivery of Oracle Fusion Applications in the Oracle Cloud
“For companies looking to leverage the power of Oracle Fusion applications while gaining flexibility and ease of management, 2014 could be an important year,” says Debra Lilley, independent consultant, director and past chairman of UKOUG, and an Oracle ACE Director.

Trends in Communication: The Rise of Web Real Time Communication
“Improved agility, ease of innovation, increased reach, and improved customer experience are the key benefit levers that impact the top line and provide competitive differentiation for the early adopters,” say Karthic Loganathan, principal sales consultant at Oracle, and Ramanjit Singh, director of Oracle Insight and Customer Strategy.

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