Special Report: Top Trends for 2016

January 2016

In 2016, technologies such as the Internet of Things and Cloud Computing will continue to create big opportunities for smart business leaders. At the same time, an increased emphasis on diversity and work/life balance are also quickly changing the way work gets done. How will all of these trends impact you?



Each January, we ask experts to make predictions about the top technology trends for the next 12 months. “This year’s articles prove that 2016 will be a exciting year,” says Profit editor-in-chief Aaron Lazenby. “For one, it’s clear from these pieces that many the technologies driving digital transformation are becoming more mainstream. That will mean many businesses will be making big leaps this year in what they are able to achieve.”

Here, learn more about what experts say you should be watching for in 2016.

Business Will Drive Digital Transformation
“The movement to digital is the most important trend impacting business in the last few years,” says Subramanian Iyer, Oracle Insight and Customer Strategy. What 5 things must every leader keep in mind?

Industrial Adoption of the Internet of Things
“To capture the value of IoT, companies should keep in mind that IoT data analytics is not big data analytics,” says Harshad Khatri, Oracle Insight.

The IT Industry Will Start to Become More Diverse
“Companies with diverse leadership have significantly higher earnings and return on equity,” says Jennifer Adams, Cloud Customer Experience sales consultant at Oracle.

IT Governance Will Determine the Success of Cloud Projects
“Cloud allows you to add new capabilities to your IT landscape much faster, but it also amplifies any weaknesses in your security and other internal processes,” says Oracle ACE Director Sten Vesterli.

Digital Transformation and New Technologies
Oracle Insight experts share their views on digital transformation and new technologies shaping the business landscape in 2016, and what enterprises can do to prepare.

The Enterprise Cloud
How can businesses reap business benefits from cloud solutions while maintaining high levels of security and keeping their systems integrated? Profit’s experts share their views on where enterprise cloud computing is heading in 2016.

Top Trends in Data and Business Analytics
How can companies achieve actionable business insights from structured and unstructured data they have been amassing? Get advice from Oracle Insight experts.

Five Ideas: Modern Business
New technologies like the cloud and the Internet of Things are changing industries, revolutionizing how we live, and offering limitless opportunities for business leaders to create value at their companies.

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