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Oracle Mobile Cloud Service helps steer Renault-MAIS to success.

By Alan Joch

Fall 2018

A couple years ago, business leaders at Renault-MAIS came to an important realization: To serve today’s digitally savvy customers, the automaker needed to roll out a suite of modern mobile applications designed to enhance customer experience. That led to an equally important conclusion: Although the company’s development staff was adept at creating traditional enterprise applications, it needed a new technology foundation for mobile apps.

Oracle Mobile Cloud Service became an important component in this effort. The cloud service offers a range of capabilities that enable developers to quickly create mobile apps for internal as well as external end users. These resources include a software development kit for building native apps tailored for iPhone and Android users. Other tools within the cloud service support hybrid apps that run effectively on multiple operating systems, as well as capabilities for low-code/no-code development that enable businesspeople, rather than just programmers, to build their own mobile apps.

The Renault-MAIS mobile strategy also called for integrating a variety of back-end systems, such as CRM and GPS platforms, as well as databases holding customer, dealer, and service-department records. Oracle Mobile Cloud Service ties these areas together with embedded services and APIs for creating interfaces to these back-end systems.

To help Renault-MAIS gauge how well the resulting mobile apps are enhancing customer experience, Oracle Mobile Cloud Service provides analytics that monitor end user adoption and traffic. The analytical tools show the marketing staff, for example, which communications channels are most popular with subsets of clients and identify possible roadblocks that cause prospects to cut short customer journeys.

Using this range of resources, Renault-MAIS personnel are working toward their ultimate goal: establishing the vehicle maker as the customer experience leader in the growing Turkish market.

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Photography by Ali Kabas/Studio at Getty Images for Oracle