The Perfect Host

by Alison Weiss

MICROS Systems helps the hospitality industry meet travelers’ expectations.

Oracle PartnerNetwork Specialized Partner MICROS Systems supplies enterprise applications for the hospitality industry, an increasingly global and customer-driven sector. MICROS executives know that, to be competitive, its clients must provide efficient, standardized services while minimizing IT costs. After all, in today’s world, a hotel, a sales agent, and a booking guest may be on three separate continents.

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To help restaurant, hotel, and retail clients respond to this changing environment, the Columbia, Maryland–based company is developing and releasing new modules of its market-leading OPERA application suite, OPERA9, based on Oracle Fusion Middleware 11g technologies and Oracle Database 11g.

This is not the first time MICROS has worked with Oracle. “Back in 1995, when we started the product suite, we entered into a strategic partnership with Oracle and built the application suite on top of the Oracle technology stack. Since then, we’ve kept evolving it,” explains Boro Petrovic, chief technology officer at MICROS. “Now we have selected Oracle Fusion Middleware, with its entire stack, to build our next-generation product set.”

Petrovic says he believes that Oracle Fusion Middleware technologies are the best option for creating a platform that supports customers managing global, distributed operations. “We’re using Oracle Fusion Middleware 11g to extend our products’ capabilities, particularly in the arena of cloud computing, because MICROS’s global hosting business is growing at a pace of more than 30 percent annually,” says Petrovic. “This will preserve our leadership position in the market.”

In OPERA9, MICROS offers service-oriented architecture–based products with a rich, multichannel user interface (UI) based on Oracle Fusion Middleware technologies. OPERA9 modules are loosely coupled so they can evolve independently, greatly improving the system’s agility while reducing the cost of change management. MICROS customers can adopt new OPERA9 modules gradually, because modules can coexist and add value to existing OPERA v5 products.

Our strong partnership with Oracle. . . was a major factor in our success.”

Longtime customer Delta Hotels was the first to adopt an OPERA9 module for its mission-critical room reservations services. Delta, based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, operates 43 full-service city center and airport hotels, as well as resorts, across Canada and began using the OPERA products suite in 2005.

Delta depends on the system to support hotel business operations end to end—from taking room reservations on all distribution channels (Website, call center, and many online travel agents) to checking guests in and out. According to Tim Aubrey, CIO of Delta Hotels, executives anticipate that OPERA9’s easy-to-learn UI—available on desktop and mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones—will reduce training costs.

Aubrey says MICROS solutions have also benefited the bottom line in other ways. “We’ve been able to gain efficiencies in sales and hotel operations using MICROS solutions, while at the same time we’ve reduced the total cost of ownership by outsourcing the hosting of those solutions to MICROS data centers,” he says.

MICROS’s leaders are proud of the company’s ability to meet customers’ evolving needs. “We are a market leader with successful products built with Oracle technology,” says Petrovic. “Our strong partnership with Oracle and Oracle’s ability to support independent software vendors such as MICROS Systems was a major factor in our success.”

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