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Digital In Action: The Oracle Accelerated Buying Experience

Fall 2016

by Chris Murphy

When Oracle set out to create a fast, simple way for companies to buy its cloud services, it did so by first focusing on the success of the customer and then transforming its internal operations to offer the best procurement experience in the cloud. Oracle’s reimagination of the cloud purchasing process is an example of how a technology company is using its own offerings to deliver the best customer experience and leapfrog its competitors.

The new Oracle Accelerated Buying Experience, introduced earlier this year to more than 20,000 Oracle salespeople worldwide, revamps the purchasing process for Oracle’s platform-, infrastructure-, and software-as-a-service cloud services. What used to take weeks or months now takes just minutes or days.

This massive acceleration was enabled by Oracle’s own technologies—Oracle Sales Cloud, Oracle Service Cloud, and Oracle Configure, Price, and Quote Cloud (Oracle CPQ Cloud). The Oracle Accelerated Buying Experience project team used Oracle Sales Cloud and Oracle CPQ Cloud to run the new cloud-buying process, with real-time, click-to-chat support throughout the process driven by Oracle Service Cloud. And now that the Oracle Accelerated Buying Experience program has been rolled out, the project team is able to quickly fine-tune and improve the purchasing process based on user feedback, because the system runs on cloud applications. Already, more than two-thirds of Oracle cloud transactions are taking advantage of this new process.

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