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The Next HR Technical Frontier

How AI can support our most people-centered endeavors

By Monica Mehta

Winter 2018

Artificial intelligence (AI) has major implications for a broad range of business processes—most notably the people-centered activity of human capital management (HCM).

The latest release of Oracle Human Capital Management Cloud includes several AI-based features. For example, one feature lets job seekers interact with so-called chatbots to learn more about open positions and the employer’s recruiting process or to get suggestions on other job opportunities. Another feature offers hiring managers recommendations for best-fit candidates. Another gives recruiters predictions on whether a candidate will accept a job offer.

During a session at Oracle OpenWorld 2017, Gretchen Alarcon, group vice president for Oracle’s HCM strategy, outlined a number of other scenarios in which artificial or adaptive intelligence eventually could help managers develop better connections with their employees.

Possible future Oracle HCM Cloud capabilities now in the research stage include a chatbot that helps identify appropriate candidates for internal promotion; the use of natural language processing to turn text- and screen-based performance reviews into more-interactive exercises; and even the use of facial recognition software as an advanced management tool.

In Alarcon’s video demonstration of the chatbot, it alerted a manager that the organization needed a leader for a specific project. After searching internal candidates, the system identified three potential fits, one of whom needed training. The manager approved the candidate, and the system sent a message to the woman offering her a promotion and asking her to complete an application to attend a training course. The system also asked the manager if it could send an updated project summary to the relevant team.

When people think about the concept of a connected workforce, they envision being able to access the same information and communicate easily in real time. But what if we could access an employee’s mood as well?

Facial recognition technology could eventually do that, alerting an employee’s manager about an unsuccessful meeting or the perceived level of engagement the employee has on a project. Such a tool might seem “far out there,” Alarcon said, but customers have already asked about how to gauge the effectiveness or success of meetings. “It’s not crazy-town,” she said. “We are actually thinking about this right now.”

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