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The New Social Landscape

Oracle Marketing Cloud helps create more-personalized and more-profitable customer connections.

By Alison Weiss

Summer 2018

Oracle Marketing Cloud now features Oracle Infinity and Oracle CX Audience, providing real-time insights into customer behavior and improved audience segmentation capabilities. Here, Shashi Seth, senior vice president of Oracle Marketing Cloud, discusses how the new solutions help marketers create more-personalized and more-profitable customer connections.

Profit: Why is achieving a real-time perspective with customer data analytics so critical?

Seth: Today, it’s a new social landscape with new and existing customers interacting with companies in real time. Marketers need tools that give them the data and insights in real time to be able to make the right decisions, to touch customers with the right content at the right time. Until now, it’s been difficult to do, but we believe it’s required to have the greatest chance of success converting leads into real customers.

Profit: What are the payoffs of quickly creating and publishing audience segments at scale?

Seth: Rather than taking months to prepare a campaign locked into targeting a particular audience segment, marketers can quickly identify a new audience segment and make it available. So, any digital marketing campaign that is running can immediately take advantage of the segment and use it as a targeting capability.

Profit: How do the solutions help enable outstanding customer experience management?

Seth: Sales tools and marketing tools are coming together. With all customer data available through Oracle Marketing Cloud, when a company has an interaction with a customer, they can bring thoughtfulness into the conversation and make sure every touchpoint is seamless.

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Learn more about Oracle Infinity and download your copy of the eBook Create Irresistible Customer Experiences with Oracle Infinity.

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